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Link Building For Great Results


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SEO 101: Get Found in the Search Engines Randy Windsor has more than 25 years of experience presenting educational programs to public audiences as a professional speaker. His background in communications and technology has led him to become a top performer in technology sales and presentations. He began work with Monster Commerce in March of 2005 which was later acquired by Network Solutions to serve as their e-commerce service division. Randy was a Senior Level Sales Representative and Manager in the e-commerce sales office until becoming Manager of Search Marketing Education for Network Solutions in October of 2007. During his time in this position, Randy has trained thousands of businesses and professional organizations on how to use the Internet to further their business goals.

In 2008 and 2009 Randy played a key role in developing the Network Solutions Search Marketing Webinar Series, a supplemental educational program, which covers various topics on Internet Marketing. Such topics include Pay-Per-Click advertising, search engine optimization, link building strategies and e-commerce marketing. These presentations are available to the public on the Network Solutions Education Center web site. He is also working on expanding the seminar program to cover additional topics that are vital to the success of an online business. The programs will cover the basics of building an online business and continue through to marketing strategies. These live seminars and live and prerecorded webinars will be available resources to help online business owners strategize for success

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Link Building For Great Results

  1. 1. Beyond the Basics of Search Engine Optimization Link Building for Great Results
  2. 2. Agenda Understanding “Link Value” Review of the Basics Know What You Are Up Against! Thinking of Linking Questions & Answers
  3. 3. Fundamentals: How Search Engines Work Text Links Are Best !! links to Crawls a link to Crawls Relevant Link Tallies Words/Phrases
  4. 4. The Secret to Natural Rank – Links! DID YOU KNOW… 7 out of the Top 10 factors impacting natural search rankings have to do with links – THINK LINKS! © Copyright 2010 Network Solutions. All rights reserved. Link from a Directory Link from a Blog Link from another Web Site Your Web Site Link from an Article Each link has testimonial value, just like a citation in a written work
  5. 5. Link Checking – Tools and Tips Tools are Available That are Both Free and Paid Tools available on the web: Go Straight to the “Horses Mouth” This is also a great way to learn what you are up against !!! * Avoid Total Reciprocity if Possible – One Way Links Have More Value SEOQuake for Mozilla Firefox Linkdomain: Yahoo as an example:
  6. 6. A Little Advanced Advice… © Copyright 2010 Network Solutions. All rights reserved. Prequalify Your Link Resources Why do the work if you can’t get the payoff? Do they relate to your business? Do they give links? Do they require a link to give a link? What is their preferred method of communication? Do they have time to discuss it with you?
  7. 7. Where do Links Come From? Ask for Them Directories Press Releases Web 2.0 Articles 1 © Copyright 2010 Network Solutions. All rights reserved. 2 3 4 5
  8. 8. # 1 – Asking for Links © Copyright 2010 Network Solutions. All rights reserved. To Who It May Concern, Build Upon Relationships – Businesses & People You Work With Forge Relationships to Gain Link Resources : BIG MISTAKE! Request Keyword Rich Anchor Text for the Link Ask for Them 1
  9. 9. # 2 - Search for Directories © Copyright 2010 Network Solutions. All rights reserved. Paid Directories – Example: Yahoo Directories Free Directories – Example: DMOZ Directory – Example: Organizational Directories Directory Searches - Search Using Your Industry Terms 2 Directories
  10. 10. # 3 - Write Press Releases © Copyright 2010 Network Solutions. All rights reserved. Press Releases Can Be Written About Any Newsworthy Event Distribute Through a Professional Service Attempt at Least One Press Release Per Quarter 3 Press Releases
  11. 11. # 4 – Submit Articles © Copyright 2010 Network Solutions. All rights reserved. Write Articles That May Interest Your Potential Visitors Pay Attention to the Optimization of the Content Review Your Reach and Learn From Each Endeavor 4 Articles
  12. 12. # 5 – Become Involved © Copyright 2010 Network Solutions. All rights reserved. Social Media Requires Involvement and Resources Understand the Commitment and Requirements Serve the Collective and Not Yourself 5 Web 2.0
  13. 13. Monitor Links Remember: The Internet is Based on the Give and Take Principal Inbound and Outbound Linking Will Make You Stronger You MUST Monitor and Repair or Delete Broken Links
  14. 14. Remember Who You Are Up Against! Competitive analysis is a MUST for success Main Take-A-Ways for Today? Pre-qualify Link Resources Why do the work if you can’t get the payoff? Build Relationships to Build Links Forge relationships for mutual benefit
  15. 15. Tools and Resources Link Checking Tools Search Engines, paid and free tools Educational Webinars from Network Solutions
  16. 16. Establishing Your Website Footprint For more information regarding the presentation you have just seen or any additional products of services offered by Network Solutions ® , Please feel free to call us at: 888-642-0299 All trademarks, service marks and logos (the "Trademarks") used are registered and unregistered Trademarks of Network Solutions LLC or their respective owners.