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WN BJ Hub Support GE Corp. Annual Campus

  1. 1. WN BJ Hub Support GE Corp. Annual Campus Editorial Team Recruiting Effort Heather Wang WN Asia Leader Spring is not only the time for farmers to sow the seeds Li Liu of a harvest, but also for GE to make the campus WN China/Korea Leader recruiting effort to draw new blood to further grow the Sydney Lai business. In late April, with the strong support by GE WN Asia CMNs Leader Women's Network (WN) Beijing Hub, GE China HR team Louisa Zhu successfully conducted its annual corporate campus Chief Editor/WN China CMNs Leader recruiting promotions in Beihang University and Beijing Fen Yan Jiaotong University respectively… Editorial Coordinator Yinming Guo For full story, please click HERE Editorial Coordinator Xiaojin Shen Distribution Coordinator What Happened Julia Zhu Communicator, WN Shanghai Hub Shanghai Hub Daisy Zhao Lunch sharing with Diana Tang & Michael Barrett Communicator, WN Beijing Hub Judith Stein's Coaching Roundtable Lili Xu Communicator, WN Wuxi Hub Beijing Hub Connie Ye Communicator, WN South China Hub Dialogue on China's Economy Rise with Professor Frolic Ping Alison Phiong Vogue at GE Communicator, WN Hong Kong Hub Financial Freedom Seminar Jennifer Cheng Communicator, WN Taiwan Hub "Key Learnings in My Career" - Experience-sharing Roundtable Wuxi Hub What's Coming Shanghai Hub Tying Pink Ribbon - Breast Cancer Awareness Session Luncheon sharing in Aug South China Hub BD section in Sept Rod Roberts' Lecture on Female Employees' Career Development at GE Beijing Hub Hong Kong Hub Round-table with engineers Roundtable with Helen He, Head of Organization Development & Staffing, GE CECOR training Asia Pacific "What's your personal brand in Commercial world" Taiwan Hub Tips sharing: Career e-resource Roundtable with VP & CFO of Pegatron Corp. outside GE through email Wuxi Hub Who's Who Sharing with Senior Leader on Career Development Yommei Yanagiba Yoga for Pressure Relief Leasing Business Leader, GE Commercial Finance Greater China Community Day Sharing with female scientist about Something Interesting female engineers' career Summer Escape development Hong Kong Hub Job Shadowing Day Partnering with Junior Achievement Contact us Taiwan Hub Charity Concert - Music in Harmony
  2. 2. Feature Story What Happened Who's who Something Interesting WN BJ Hub Support GE Corp. Annual Campus Recruiting Effort Spring is not only the time for farmers to sow the seeds of a harvest, but also for GE to make the campus recruiting effort to draw new blood to further grow the business. In late April, with the strong support by GE Women's Network (WN) Beijing Hub, GE China HR team successfully conducted its annual corporate campus recruiting promotions in Beihang University and Beijing Jiaotong University respectively. Aligned with corporate and business HR professionals, members of WN BJ Hub promoted the strong and diverse GE culture among the young talents, with an attention given to those female students. Ms. Bo Hu, a senior quality manager at GE Health Care, and also the Image Initiative Leader at WN BJ Hub, started her speech on GE and its culture with an introduction on GE Women's Network, its mission and the organization. She provided an extensive view on the reality that female talents have been facing fierce competition with their male colleagues with the same engineering background in terms of career development in a performance driven working environment today. Sharing with the audience the diversified initiatives and events led by GE Women's Network, Bo effectively presented GE's value and commitment to driving a fair working environment in any workplace of GE, and demonstrated how GE Women's network has supported the female employees' career advancement in GE under a vary initiatives. After Bo's presentation, the university's alumni now with GE were also invited to share their experience along their career path after landing GE. Those two interactive sessions were effective and efficient, and very well received by the audience. "Those alumni's personal experience enabled those undergraduates to better understand that what kind of employees GE has been seeking, and how GE can help the young talents grow to pursuit their success, and live their dreams." Said Ms. Nancy Peng, GE Corporate Campus Recruiting Manager. "WN BJ Hub remains committed to supporting GE's corporate campus recruiting program with our continuous efforts in promoting GE's corporate image and GE values", said Betty Wang, Co-leader of GE Women's Network Beijing Hub, "I hope every female professional feels satisfied with working at GE, and has a successful career with GE with support from the WN."
  3. 3. Feature Story What Happened Who's who Something Interesting Shanghai Hub — Women in Commercial - Lunch Sharing with Diana Tang & Michael Barrett As more and more female employees grew up to business or function leaders in GE, how to be a good and successful leader has always been a popular topic for new female leaders especially when they also need to keep the work/life balance as mothers and wives at home. On June 16, 2008, 20 female colleagues from WN SH Hub sat down with Diana Tang, GM of Performance Technologies of GE Healthcare, and Michael Barrett, President & CEO of GE Money China, had a lunch sharing session to discuss about growing to a good business leader and how WN can help a business grow in the Chinese market. Diana joined GE Healthcare's Technology Leadership Program in 1991 and had several job rotations in service, sales and marketing functions. With the expansion of her leadership roles and her responsibilities over the years, Diana moved to many different places around the world with her family. Diana believes the support from her family is the key to her success today, and in return, she's made great effort in keep a work/life balance and spend as much quality time with her family as possible. Diana is also a supporter of "authentic leadership", and encourages her fellow female colleagues to "be yourself", and be a genuine and fair leader. "You don't need to look for the next opportunity," Diana told the audience, "as long as you work hard and do your job, the opportunities will go after you". Running a business in which almost half of the employees in China are female, Michael believes that women in the workplace bring a different perspective and a diverse array of ideas to the company. Therefore besides sharing with the audience his successful career development experience, he also took the lunch sharing opportunity to introduce GE Money to WN members and seek ideas on "enterprise selling" from those female leaders on how other GE businesses can help GE Money to grow our business in China. All the attendees were so impressed by Diana and Michael's energy, passion and positive attitude towards helping their employees grow the leadership and grow the business. They had a relaxed lunch, an interactive one-and-half- hour dialogue with the GE leaders, and a very happy networking time. Women in Technology - Judith Stein's Coaching Roundtable On April 18, more than 20 female employees from Energy, Transportation, Consumer & Industrial, Money, Global Research and Sabic Innovative Plastics attended the Women in Technology Coaching session. Judith Stein, a 25-year GE veteran and now the Chief Technologist for Polymer & Chemical Technologies, GE Global Research, shared her career experience in the technology field and conducted the coaching on making good first impression. Judith provided good tips on how to prepare an elevator speech and leave good impression to senior leaders and peers. Female colleagues attending the session first gave a self-introduction to peers, and then practiced the tips according to the "must and optional flow process" provided by Judith. After the practice session Judith answered an array of questions regarding career development in technology functions in GE. The one-hour coaching session went by before everyone even noticed it. All the female technologists enjoyed this relaxing and interactive coaching by Judith. Beijing Hub — Dialogue on China's Economy Rise with Professor Frolic China today is visible everywhere - in the news, on the blueprints of every big MNC, in the workplace and in very trip to the store. On April 24, GE Women's Network Beijing Hub invited Prof. Bernie Frolic, currently holds a teaching position at York University and a senior researcher at Munk Center for International Studies, University of Toronto to share with GE employee his perspective on China's rise based on his accumulated academic researches and studies. More than 30 GE employees from different business units and functions participated in the dialogue with Prof. Frolic at GE's Kerry Center office. Prof. Frolic explained how the profound shift in the global economic order has occurred in past years, and how China's rapid economic growth has affected the global capitalism. He also answered questions from GE participants how China's culture revolution have impacted China's development, what China's rise means to a business, as well as what the political civilization is and how it affects a business, say GE Healthcare. "The purpose of organizing this dialogue with a professor is to enhance the strategic thinking in day-to-day business or personal life," said Ivy Lu, Women- in-Commercial Initiative Leader at WN Beijing Hub "We believe it's a rewarding experience for all the professionals to keep up with today's dramatic marketplace for building advanced Knowledge which benefits both business and personal advance". Vogue at GE Vogue, a world renowned fashion magazine, has always been proud of their influential and creative editors, writers and photographers who present a leading concept of fashion to their readers worldwide. On May 20, Vogue's team came to GE CBD and Yizhuang offices to share with our female professionals the secrets of beauty. More than 80 GE female employees registered and participated in the session. It was a lecture-style event, along with presentations on the trend of "dressed up at work" - what "smart casual" means in an office environment, and what is an professional while stylish way of dressing up, etc. The fashion advisor also puts on the different clothes to show to audience what the best and the worst dress-up are alike. "I think it important for female professionals to gain the knowledge of what the appropriate dress-up is when working in office or meeting external customers," said Carrie Lin, Co-leader of WN Beijing Hub, "Your image does send the non- verbal messages and represents your value, you profession and the image of the company you work for." Financial Freedom Seminar On April 28, GE Women's Network Beijing Hub invited Mr. Wu Xiaoping from China International Capital Corporate to give a seminar tailored to introduce how to manage personal investment in today's volatile market. This seminar targets both female and male employees who are interested in financial planning and investment management. The agenda of seminar lined up with '07 Chinese stock market review, intensive global economy shift, and investment strategies against high inflation and other hot topics relevant to personal investment today. "I am a professional working for GE Money, and I have a chance working in partnership with some financial planning associations, "said Kathy Wang, a core member of GE Women's Beijing Hub, who organized this event, "Meanwhile, I understand that people working around me in GE are also interested in getting professional advise on personal investment to ensure personal financial security. I hope this seminar addresses my colleague's needs." This two-hour informative seminar was run at both Hanwei and Yizhuang offices respectively, with more than 60 employees attending the event. The seminar was very well welcomed and gained positive feedback from the participants. "It is a practical educational and information sharing workshop," said a participant after seminar, "now, I feel more confident in choosing right products for investment." "Key Learnings in My Career" - Experience-sharing Roundtable On April 15, WN Beijing Hub held a roundtable session on the topic of "Key Learnings in My Career". Renuka Uppaluri, who has a professional career in GE X-Ray since 1999 was invited to share with the audience her experiences along her career path in GE, including how to create diversity and how to balance work and life, which impressed all the meeting participants. Wuxi Hub — Tying the Pink Ribbon - Breast Cancer Awareness Session "Pink Ribbon" is the symbol of the global campaign on the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, as it represented female's breast in Ancient Egypt. Pink is not the brightest color companied with other colors, but it best highlights the unique characteristic of women. Pink not only presents softness and grace, but also demonstrates perseverance and self-confidence. Now the Pink Ribbon strongly calls for the public, especially women, to join the battle against breast cancer. With the accelerated pace of modern life, breast cancer has become a major killer who has severely threatened women's lives. Not giving birth to a child or not breastfeeding, or being stressful can all be dangerous factors leading to breast cancer. Career women usually have been living fast-paced lives under pressure, and have a higher exposure to the risks of having the breast cancer than ordinary people do. Therefore, they are in more urgent needs to be knowledgeable of self- prevention and early treatment of breast cancer. In view of this situation, on May 15th, GE Women's Network Wuxi Hub invited Director Lu, from Wuxi MCH (Maternal and Child Health Centre), to GE Healthcare's Wuxi factory to share her professional knowledge with over 50 female employees on early prevention and treatment of breast cancer. It is the first time we took a serious look at how important the breast cancer awareness can be. After the lecture, lots of female employees continued to consult with Ms. Lu on other personal concerns. In the future, the Hub will cooperate with Wuxi MCH again to arrange a free medical check event called "Early Treatment and Women Healthcare", caring for women employees in high risks of breast diseases, and make it an annual physical examination for GE female employees. South China Hub — Rod Roberts' Lecture on Female Employees' Career Development at GE On May 16, GE Women's Network South China Hub held the Lecture on Female Employees' Career Development at GE, with over 20 WN members attending the event. The lecturer, Rod Roberts, a graduate of GE's HR Leadership Program, is now the HR Director of GE Healthcare China with about 10-year experience working in the HR function at GE. Before coming to China, Rod stayed in Korea for many years where he gained rich experience from both global and local perspectives. Meeting participants had good time listening to Rod sharing many insightful thoughts on career development for female employees at GE. Hong Kong Hub — Roundtable with Helen He, Head of Organization Development & Staffing, GE Asia Pacific Time flies. It has been a year Helen came to Hong Kong for a roundtable with us. Last year, she shared her views on "women's common pitfalls and ways to overcome them" which had aroused our self-awareness of being a female professional who wears so many different hats at the same time. This year, again, GE Women's Network Hong Kong Hub was very pleased to invite Helen for a sharing with 16 GE ladies on April 17, 2008. Instead of having the roundtable in the office conference room as in the past, we reserved a closet room in a Café nearby for teatime. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everybody was very attentive and participative during the 2-hour session. Helen had prepared several topics to share, namely "Working with males colleagues"; "Working with foreigners"; "Managing difficult situation" and "Managing upward". Upon consensus among the audiences, we picked the most interesting one as our main discussion – "how to work with male colleagues". We had a strong debate on whether there is inequality between men and women. We got 50/50 vote in this topic. For example, one of the participants who is a Salesperson mentioned that it is a disadvantage of being a female whenever her customers propose going to Karaoke or for a drink. However, some disagreed with her point because for them, a woman can also be a strong drinker / sociable person, even doing better than men on the sales front. As opposed to the norm that female is unfairly treated, some would say men are the ones who are discriminated. They are empathetic to men because men are required to be strong, not allowed to cry freely to release stress,and are assumed to be the main financial support to the family … During the discussion, we also realized that the inequality argument is also based on the culture difference. For example, one of the participants is from Australia and she does not have any inequality concern between male and female. But for some who grew up in Mainland China, they have a strong sense of inequality, starting from the father- and-daughter relationship. In short, our key takeaway is that to understand the difference between male and female could help foster a harmonious work environment. Men and women should be complement to each other at work, not a competitor. Taiwan Hub — Women in Commercial – Roundtable with VP & CFO of Pegatron Corp. For investors and company owners, 2008 is a year full of changes and challenges. GE Women's Network Taiwan is honored to invite Ms. Sharon Su from Pegatron Corporation. Ms. Su is former Chief Financial Officer of ASUSTek Computer Inc. And recently joined Pegatron Corp. as Vice President and CFO. She shared with the audience her know-how on evaluating the financial structures of a company and critical factors for making the assessment. Starting as industrial analyst, Ms. Su is pragmatic and humble on her success. In her spare time, she spends time with her family and enjoys non-work related readings. She pointed out that diversifying reading lists help to gain external focus and refresh herself with different perspectives. This presentation inspired all the participants, especially those in the finance related functions.
  4. 4. Feature Story What Happened Who's who Something Interesting Yommei Yanagiba Leasing Business Leader, GE Commercial Finance Greater China As the Business Leader for GE Commercial Finance's leasing business in Greater China, Yommei is responsible for building and growing Commercial Finance's promising leasing business by providing financing solutions to middle market and large corporate customers in Greater China. Prior to this role, Yommei helped started up GE Equipment Services business in China as Commercial Leader. Before moving to Shanghai in 2006, Yommei spent 5 years with GE Capital in US and GE Commercial Finance in Tokyo as senior risk manager covering large transactions, emerging market /country entry and new product development across Asia Pacific region. Prior to her GE career, Yommei helped a US company build and grow its business in multiple industry sectors in China. She has a BS in engineering, and a MBA from Boston College. Q1: As the business leader for Commercial Finance's to reach and leverage that resource. The WN offers a perfect leasing business, we understand you have a passion for start- access for all of us. Is there a better way to learn about the up, could you share with us your story? business or function you want to get into from a senior leader in that business at a women's network outing? If you are a senior A : Yes, I love start-up, every aspect of it. What wakes me up and leader, is there a better way to get to know a potential talent than makes me get up in the morning is the desire of painting my own working side by side organizing a women's network event? The "canvas". Over the years, I realized it's also my sweet spot, I trill in a answers are obvious. non-structured environment filled with changes and new variables. The bueaty of working for a company like GE is that I Q4: You talked a lot about the "Authentic Leadership" from can always find my "Start-Up". the recent leadership class? Can you elaborate? Q2: Leading a financial service business with a strong A : Many of us have tried hard to search the ideal leadership style. focus in business development and sales, does your engineering I did that too. I observed many senior leaders and tried to find the background play for your advantage or disadvantage in any best style that fits me. I was at lost until one day I met Debbie Reif, way? my first manager at GE. I know I connected with her when we talk, she was 100% there for me during that moment. She trusted me A : I think becoming an engineer was the best decision I ever on things I did not realize that I can do. I wasn't the only one felt made. I learned how to build something that works and useful. that way. I did not understand how she did it until a few years There is no difference from building a customer relationship, a passed - She is just being herself. Being an authentic leader is team or a new business. Overtime I learned I enjoy building the being your true self, sounds easy, but it takes courage and intangible more than the tangible. confidence to get there. Q3: As the Co-leader of GE Women's Network Shanghai Q5: Can you share with us something interesting about Hub, in what way do you think our female employees can yourself that most of us don't know? benefit from the Network from a career development perspective? A : My 9-year old son is my real "boss" in life. I had some great leadership lessons from being a mother. My team often laugh A : The greatest asset GE offers is rich resource - people, about my "mothering" leadership style. It's true, my way of knowledge and learning. Informal network is an efficient way "mothering" is "seeing a light within each child and striving to make sure it shines ever brighter" - seeing everyone's genius.
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