Wide-Area Network


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Wide-Area Network

  1. 1. Wide-Area Network S O L U T I O N S G U I D E Equipment for Frame Relay, Wireless, Digital, T1, ISDN, Analog, Dial Up, Switched Digital Solutions for Remote Access, Frame Relay, Multiplexers, Voice/Data, Wireless, T1 Access, Internet, LANs, Terminal Servers, Service ( 8 0 0 ) 4 D C B N E T ( 8 0 0 ) 4 3 2 - 2 6 3 8 http://www.dcbnet.com
  2. 2. Data Comm for Business s A full line of proven solutions s Professional, competent support s Reliable, easy to set up, easy to use products s Products with helpful diagnostic features s The convenience of a single source Our Customers Say… “Not always is the least expensive solution “Your remarkable knowledge of UNIX and the best, but in this case I was very satisfied asynchronous communications coupled with with the outcome.” your thorough understanding of our network configuration proved invaluable throughout “When I installed them [multiplexers], they the planning process. That the network worked immediately. I had never configured worked properly right out of the chute, ports on a stat mux before and I had absolutely without any testing period, is a tribute to no trouble.” both your attention to detail and the quality of the hardware … It is indeed a pleasure “Russ, I’ve been in this business since 1964 to work with such an outstanding team of and have installed more equipment than I professionals. I look forward to a continuing care to remember. Never before have I expe- successful partnership with DCB.” rienced this level of support and dedication.” “Thanks for the extra effort on your part. “During the problem determination and Without your support in our emergency, resolution process the best technical support our… operation would have been seriously we received was from Rob at DCB customer affected… without you leaving your dinner service.” engagement and providing the spare unit, their [the customer’s] efforts would have “You have a good staff to work with.” been wasted.” If you borrowed this brochure, call for your own free copy! Data Comm for Business, Inc. 807 Pioneer email: info@dcbnet.com Champaign, IL 61820 web: http://www.dcbnet.com 217.352.3207 800.432.2638 FAX 217.352.0350
  3. 3. INSIDE THIS ISSUE SOLVE DATA Frame Relay Solutions ......................... 2 An Overview Point-to-Multipoint COMM PROBLEMS! Point-to-Point Multihost Data Comm Configurations ................ 4 SAVE MONEY ! An Overview Point-to-Point Multidrop Hubbing FRAME RELAY ! Wireless Solutions ................................ 5 Remote Office 10 Mbps Remote Office 1.5Mbps Roving/Portable Users Service, Service, Service… It bears repeating! At DCB, we know you have real life business problems to solve. Data communications has to Multiplexing Solutions ........................ 6 be a no-hassle issue. (Remember DCB stands for Data Comm for Business). Point-to-Point We’re committed to providing quality service that you can count on. Our Multi-Drop Single Host customer service is second to none and sets us apart from those “box mover” Multi-Drop Multiple Host LAN Connectivity Solutions ............... 8 companies. Just call us and ask a question. Both pre-sale and post-sales support is not only priceless, its free! Chassis Based Routers Latest Technologies… Frame Relay! Our SRX multiplexer and Sync Routers DSUs take advantage of Frame Relay to solve your multiple site problems Async Routers where conventional multi-drop doesn’t quite fit. Our LAN based product family continues to grow. Our product line has evolved for over 15 years by RS-232 Access Solutions ................... 10 incorporating the latest proven technology. SNMP And Out-of-Band Management Network Management Save Money… Over and over again. Frame Relay is the newest money- ISP or Data Centers saver in the communications world. If your network uses long distance Remote Offices leased circuits, you can probably save money by converting to our SRX line of Frame Relay compatible products. Frame Relay tarrifs are especially Internet Connectivity Solutions ........ 12 helpful on circuits that cross local telephone company boundaries. Frame Internet Connections Relay is a dream come true for organizations with multiple sites. Firewall Wireless Connections… From distances of a few hundred feet to Internet Servers Terminal Server Solutions ................ 13 over 20 miles; wireless equipment can now connect your LANs, PCs, or terminals. DCB wireless modems operate at speeds from 56 Kbps to full UNImux Server 10 Mbps Ethernet. ISDN .............................................. 13 Voice/Data Integration Solutions ...... 14 Dear Network Users, Voice/Data Integration You will find this network solutions guide valuable. This publication features solutions for frame relay, multiplexing, LAN and Internet T1 Access Multiplexer Solutions ........ 14 connectivity, voice/data solutions and wide area network maintenance. Channel Banks DCB sells business solutions, backed up by products that work and by DCB employees who know we succeed only when the customer succeeds. High Speed Fiber Optic Solutions ..... 15 We invite you to call DCB, where a live person (sometimes even the company president) answers the phone. We offer you personal service that DCB Services .................................. 15 starts with your first phone call and continues as we help you evaluate system requirements, work through installation, and help with any Installation Example ........................ 16 Product Details ................................ 18 subsequent support and maintenance. Take a close look at DCB frame relay solutions. Frame relay provides Frame Relay Voice-Data cost effective networking for point to point, point to multipoint and Digital Service Units Access meshed networks. In many instances, frame relay saves enough on line Multiplexers LAN Routers costs to justify changing from private line analog or digital circuits to a Modems LAN Hubs frame relay network. Terminal Servers Ethernet We have many more solutions in addition to frame relay. Browse Adapters Wireless the catalog and see for yourself. Then give us a call! Find out why so T1 many customers have said “We couldn’t have done this without DCB”. 800.432.2638 1
  4. 4. FRAME RELAY SOLUTIONS An Overview Frame Relay is the data communications technology many of And second, since it is a mesh type network (truly a switching us have been anticipating. This technology is now offered by fabric instead of dedicated fixed circuits), it’s more reliable. all long distance telephone companies and most local carriers. With these two advantages, Frame Relay makes the price of a Frame Relay brings two major advantages to both the user and network almost independent of the distance between the sites! the telephone company. First, it better utilizes telephone com- This technology also has advantages that really shine with bursty pany equipment and lines so rates are lower than leased lines. traffic such as LAN-to-LAN or terminal communications. How It Works Your data enters the telco system through a new device, a Frame Relay has another advantage, It’s great for “bursty” Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler called a FRAD. The traffic.Telephone companies priced it with the ability to carry FRAD formats your data stream for the telco network. It also more data at any given time period than the customer “commits” adds addressing information to the data; and most importantly, to and pays for. That is, they will let you connect at a higher breaks the stream into small packets of data. The telco system speed than the billing rate. You can “over speed” the connection can handle these packets efficiently and at high speed. Although from time-to-time to allow bursts of high speed data traffic. the system is almost error free, all error detection and correction For example, you may have an average throughput of 32 kbps is done by the customer’s equipment, letting the telco trans- with bursts to 56 kbps. You might get a “committed information mission system operate even faster. Since each packet of data rate” (or CIR) of 32 kbps instead of the full 56 kbps. This is has an address attached to it, you can send different packets to especially handy for LAN traffic. Some carriers even let you different locations… multi-drop type operation without the commit to different rates for each direction. If the host site sends pain of multi-drop troubleshooting! large printed reports or database updates to the remotes, and Your data packets are merged with other packets within the remotes only send keystrokes to the host; you can get 56 the telco system and flow through a mesh type network. Since kbps in one direction and only pay for 2.4 kbps in the other. each packet has address information, if any path in the mesh Frame Relay networks are great replacements for old multi- is down or congested, the system can automatically reroute drop networks. Since the telephone company filters packets through another path. This makes reliability much greater for you, troubleshooting is easier than with older multi-drop than the old leased circuits at lower cost. At the destination, circuits. Each site receives only the packets destined for it, not your packets are filtered out of the packet stream and sent all the traffic. Imagine a frame relay network with the host end only to your location. This is the same technology telephone running at 56 kbps and each of 16 sites running at 24 kbps. carriers use in their internal networks. Only now, the cost is Compare that to the older technology multi-drop network low enough for users to take advantage of it. required to support the same system! DCB’s Frame Relay Solutions DCB, premier manufacturer of statistical multiplexers with Relay while using your existing asynchronous equipment. We built in frame relay technology, also manufactures multi-port also connect LAN’s using both FRAD technology and via any asynchronous FRADs. Our SR FRADs work in both point- port of a multiplexer connected to a Frame Relay network. If to-point and point-to-multipoint Frame Relay networks. it’s long distance, Frame Relay can probably save you money! These FRAD products allow you to take advantage of Frame 2 800.432.2638
  5. 5. PCs or terminals SR Mux NEXT Frame Relay OEI INCR DSU TELCO Point-to-Point Frame Relay Any link errors are corrected by DCB Multiplexers NEXT OEI INCR DSU PCs or Terminals SR Mux Host or Server Network management HU B built into every TEST - G MULTI PLEXIN 1 VE RECEI ERROR MIT PCs or ITION TRANS COND R N POWE SR Mux IO Terminals T DCB multiplexer A C NEXT O OEI INCR L DSU Frame Relay TELCO Frame Relay MULTI PLEXIN - G TEST HU B 2 VE RECEI ERROR MIT TRANSITION COND R N POWE Point-to-Multipoint SR Mux IO T A C NEXT O OEI INCR L NEXT INCR OEI DSU DSU NEXT INCR OEI Up to 16 Remote Locations SRX Mux 32 Total Devices Host or Server PCs or Terminals PCs or Terminals B HU MULTI - G TEST 1 N PLEXIN VE RECEI ERROR MIT TRANSITION COND IO R POWE SR Mux T CA LO B NEXT HU OEI INCR DSU MULTI - G TEST 2 ON PLEXIN VE RECEI ERROR MIT TRANSITION COND R POWE I Frame Relay NEXT INCR OEI SR Mux LO C AT PCs or Terminals DSU Multiple Host Mux TELCO Point-to-Multipoint Frame Relay MULTI - G TEST HU B 3 ON PLEXIN VE RECEI ERROR MIT TRANSITION COND R POWE SR Mux I C AT SRX Mux NEXT INCR OEI NEXT INCR OEI LO B DSU DSU HU TEST - G MULTI PLEXIN VE RECEI Modem ERROR Up to 16 Remote Locations MIT TRANSITION COND R POWE Sharing Unit 64 Total Devices SRX Mux Host or Server 800.432.2638 3
  6. 6. DATA COMM CONFIGURATIONS An Overview There are several alternatives for wide area network configura- configuration is recurring line costs. In as little as 6 months in tions. Each has its advantages and limitations. Since all of DCB’s some cases, recurring line costs become the most expensive products exceed your performance and reliability expectations, portion of a wide area network. Different configurations may the overriding consideration in selecting a wide area network be used to save money on recurring line costs. Point-to-Point Remote Point-to-Point is the simplest wide area network configuration. TELCO Office Each remote office is connected to the host site with its own Services line. This network configuration is the simplest to maintain but, it is usually the most expensive in recurring line costs. When- ever recurring line costs are equivalent between the different One Local and configurations (which is very unusual), the simplest network One Remote Office configuration should be used to simplify network management. Remote Multidrop Headquarters Office Remote In a Multidrop configuration, several remote locations are con- Office nected to a single host location over the same communications channel. Each remote location can communicate to the host Remote Office location, and the host location communicates with all of the remote locations. The host equipment broadcasts messages to all remote locations and must “address” the message to identify the intended remote location. Since the remote locations must TELCO “share” the communications channel back to the host, Services remote equipment can only respond when the host has “addressed” it. This line control is done by the communications equipment. Usually, Multidrop equipment is more expensive than Point-to-Point One Local and equipment, but the extra cost is more than offset Multiple Remote Offices by the recurring line cost savings. Headquarters Hubbing The Hubbing configuration is used when multiple remote sites are close together. It is much less costly in recurring line costs to have several short lines feed into one remote site and all share a single long line to the host site. In a Remote TELCO Hubbing configuration, special Office Services equipment is needed to TELCO combine the multiple data Services streams onto the single data channel and to separate them at the other end of the line. The additional cost One Local and Several Remote Offices Remote of the Hubbing When Remote Offices Are Near Each Other Office equipment is offset by the recurring line cost savings. Headquarters 4 800.432.2638