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Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex


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Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex

  1. 1. White PaPer Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex Eight Reasons Why Enterprise Data Centers Choose Emulex At a Glance 1 Converged networking framework to enable unified I/O (p.2) Linux users look to Emulex, a leading provider Benefit—Reduce costs with Emulex LightPulse FCoE CNAs and of Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs), for OneConnect UCNAs that support high performance offload for TCP/IP, high performance, scalable, reliable connectivity iSCSI and FCoE protocols solutions. With converged networking, Linux users now have a greater choice when deploying a Storage Area Network (SAN) with iSCSI and 2 The most advanced Linux driver architecture (p.3) Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocols. The Benefit—Enjoy a highly stable system and SAN environment with minimal Emulex OneConnect universal converged network planned and unplanned downtime adapter (UCNA) allows Linux environments of any size to invest in a single product to use for various 3 Technology leadership in storage and network connectivity (p.4) protocols and is the only product known that allows the protocol selection to change after the adapter Benefit—Take advantage of new virtualization and security technology is installed. trends for Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI and networking Products 4 Strong partnerships with Red Hat, Novell, Oracle, Citrix and the OpenSource Community (p.7) n Emulex® OneConnect™ Universal CNA Benefit—Confidence that Emulex and Linux products and support will work Emulex LightPulse® Fibre Channel HBAs well together to ensure that your data centers are operating at their best n and FCoE CNAs n Emulex OneCommand™ Manager 5.0 5 Highly efficient and scalable enterprise management (p.8) (formerly HBAnyware®) Benefit—Increase IT productivity so that you can manage larger networks without increasing administrative costs Applications n Organizations deploying SAN-based 6 “It Just Works” platform stability and interoperability (p.9) Linux servers Benefit—Lower cost of ownership n Organizations deploying converged network solutions 7 High performance (p.10) Benefit—Achieve greater user satisfaction and increased performance from your IT investment 8 Broad product offering (p.10) Benefit—Reduce training and administrative costs by standardizing on Emulex
  2. 2. White PaPer Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex Linux is gaining momentum as the operating system of choice 1. Converged Networking for many large enterprises. Similarly, SANs have become the Consolidation in the data center has typically meant improved de facto standard for corporations that have recognized the operations and reduced costs (e.g., benefits of blade servers or manageability, availability, and cost savings associated with virtualization). These same benefits are extended to I/O as data shared storage. The most prominent storage solution for Linux is centers implement a new consolidated network technology for Fibre Channel, according to the July 2007 IDC Worldwide Disk data and storage, called “converged networking.” Converged Storage (see Figure 1). As corporate data centers standardize networking combines existing Local Area Networks (LANs) and on Linux, they insist on “enterprise-class” SAN connectivity SANs into a single high performance 10Gb/s Ethernet framework solutions and supporting system software that can meet their that intelligently connects every server, network and storage reliability, scalability and manageability requirements. After careful device within the data center, thereby enabling unified I/O. evaluation, many of the world’s largest organizations are choosing Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel HBAs and Fibre FCoE CNAs as Data center administrators face a major networking challenge the foundation for their Linux-attached SANs. from the combination of high bandwidth requirements, increasing network sprawl and the need for a more adaptive networking infrastructure. Most data centers today have: n Multiple network fabrics, each dedicated to a specific iSCSI type of traffic 9% NAS n High numbers of adapters and switch port deployments 9% n Complex cabling infrastructure n Complex management of switch and adapter firmware and Fibre associated service contracts Channel 54% Converged networking solutions address these issues and DAS transition the data center to a more dynamically provisioned 28% network that is highly responsive and addresses the quality and service level requirements of business applications. Emulex offers two revolutionary converged networking options: 1. The Emulex LightPulse LP21000 is a first-generation CNA that leverages eight generations of advanced, field-proven Fibre Channel HBA technology to provide host LAN and Fibre Channel SAN connectivity over 10Gb/s Ethernet using FCoE Figure 1 Worldwide Linux external disk storage system by connection. and Enhanced Ethernet (EE). 2. The Emulex OneConnect Universal CNA is a second-generation Emulex HBAs and CNAs are the storage connectivity option of design that supports multiple protocols, allowing data center choice for enterprise data centers, and data center managers administrators to consolidate to a single high performance, high increasingly rely on Emulex for their Linux deployments. Why are bandwidth 10Gb Ethernet infrastructure. Based on a single- Linux IT departments choosing Emulex? Because Emulex offers: chip architecture, OneConnect UCNAs provide CPU offload for FCoE and iSCSI block storage, TOE and stateless offload for A leading edge converged networking framework Networking, and NFS and CIFS for file based storage. n n The most advanced Linux driver architecture The decision to deploy iSCSI or FCoE is largely based on current Technology leadership in Linux, virtualization and deployments in your environment. Enterprise data centers with n storage networking Fibre Channel SANs already in place typically choose FCoE, while n Leading quality and reliability smaller data centers with no Fibre Channel typically choose iSCSI. n Highly efficient and scalable enterprise management The flexibility offered by the OneConnect UCNA means that any size data center administrator need not make their final decision n High performance, broad product offering before purchasing and, in fact, once deployed, the protocol of choice can change. That is, the decision to use one protocol over another does not result in additional cost should the need change. 2
  3. 3. emulex Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex Emulex FCoE CNAs and UCNAs: Convergence in your data center n Deliver optimized I/O performance, enabling more virtual Converged networking creates a new economic model for machines per server the data center which we call Convergenomics. To analyze ™ converged networking solutions for your data center, download n Protect investments in existing storage infrastructure by your copy of Emulex’s Convergenomics™ - The Guide to Network leveraging existing storage management tools and processes for Convergence Solutions and go to the Convergenomics Calculator connected devices on n Enable seamless extension of Fibre Channel SANs n Are supported by the Emulex OneCommand Manager 2. Advanced Linux Driver Architecture application that provides management throughout the data Data center administrators know that a highly reliable software center from a single console for OneConnect UCNAs and architecture is critical to the foundation of an enterprise SAN. LightPulse Fibre Channel HBAs and FCoE CNAs The Emulex Linux-based software stack features: A single adapter driver model ensuring that one driver supports LightPulse FCoE CNAs n all generations of Emulex LightPulse HBAs, FCoE CNAs and The LP21000 family of Converged Network Adapters enables OneConnect UCNAs. The single driver model preserves Fibre Channel traffic to be directly carried over Ethernet alongside IT investment by taking advantage of new features and OS networking traffic. FCoE eliminates the need to have two versions delivered through new driver releases across all Emulex independent networks carrying storage and networking traffic, adapters. A single driver simplifies management and reduces thereby easing bandwidth management and offering significant operating costs by eliminating the need to maintain complex cost savings. The Emulex CNA architecture combines the driver/hardware compatibility matrices. functionality of industry-standard Network Interface Cards (NICs) Service Level Interface (SLI™) allowing new firmware releases to with Emulex’s industry leading Fibre Channel HBAs, seamlessly n be deployed on one server or throughout the network without converging the traffic over a shared lossless Ethernet network. rebooting. New firmware releases translate into new functionality Leveraging eight generations of advanced, field-proven Fibre and enhanced performance. Channel technology, the PCI Express-based LP21000 family Consistency between “In Box” native Fibre Channel drivers meets the robust interoperability and reliability requirements of n included with the Linux distributions and the driver certified by corporate data centers. The design leverages Emulex’s proven leading server and storage vendors. One driver gives end users enterprise class drivers, firmware and hardware architectures, support continuity (without finger pointing) and interoperability while delivering the sophisticated capabilities required to manage between server, storage and Linux distribution suppliers. multiple types of data flow concurrently without disrupting application performance. n Support for all leading Linux distribution including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and MRG, Novell SLES and SLERT, Oracle OneConnect UCNAs Enterprise Linux, Asianux (Red Flag, Miracle, Haansoft) and special OEM versions. The Emulex OneConnect UCNA is designed to address the key challenges of evolving data center networks and improve the n Implementation of key new Linux kernel features such as /sys overall efficiency of data center operations. It enables compact filesystem (sysfs) and Device Mapper MPIO multipathing (dm_ form factors that meet the space constraints of all server multipath). platforms, including blade servers, and lowers power usage which reduces energy and cooling costs. With the Emulex OneConnect UCNA, data center administrators can achieve lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through a simplified network infrastructure with the cost for network connections, cable and cable installation reduced by up to 85%. For virtualized servers, UCNAs will minimally reduce the number of Ethernet connections from five or more to two. 3
  4. 4. White PaPer Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex n Data Integrity Initiative (DII) leadership—Emulex, Oracle, Seagate and LSI are driving the Data Integrity Initiative, a S INGLE D technology collaboration aimed at bringing to market the EX Multi-Generation first application-to-disk data integrity solution, based on the L R American National Standards Institute (ANSI) T10 Data Integrity Field (DIF) standard. At Storage Networking World Spring Fibre Channel HBA U 2007, Emulex and Oracle demonstrated this end-to-end data IV and FCoE CNA EM integrity, highlighting an Oracle application running on a Linux ER LP9xxx, LP10xxx, LP11xxx, LPe12xxx, LP21xxx server with Emulex HBAs validating the integrity metadata (see Multi-Platform Figure 3). In late 2008, Oracle and Emulex worked together to Storage: EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, Sun, etc. do extensions to this technology, with Emulex co-leading the Server: Standard and Blade design and development in the kernel and adding adapter and Architecture: AMD, Intel, POWER, driver support. Over the next year, continue to look to Emulex SPARC, Itanium 32 and 64 bit, multi-core as an industry leader driving to improve quality and reliability of Multi-Bus Architecture enterprise class applications. PCI-X, PCI Express n MSI-X—Emulex delivered improved host CPU utilization, I/O scalability and application performance through support for Multi-OS Platform Support Y Message Signaled Interrupts eXtended (MSI-X) with Linux. Windows, Linux, VMware IN T TargetConnect™ Software Developer Kit (SDK)—Linux IT Solaris, NetWare n ER I HP-UX L storage solution developers experience intense deadline and OPERAB budget pressure to design and deliver advanced features and functionality required by networked storage applications. The Emulex TargetConnect SDK provides the flexibility to quickly develop and deploy high performance, feature-rich Linux storage Figure 2 Emulex single driver model. solutions based on Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel and FCoE target mode drivers. These solutions include sophisticated storage devices which provide advanced functionality, including 3. Technology Leadership in Linux, storage appliances, test and diagnostics, backup engine Virtualization and Network Connectivity devices, deduplication and more. Data centers deploying Linux gravitate toward and standardize on n NIC Teaming—Emulex fully supports NIC Teaming for servers suppliers who actively work to improve the Linux platform. With running Linux, allowing administrators to take advantage of a dedicated team of Linux engineers, Emulex is recognized as a network controller teaming technology with a graphical user technology leader among the Linux development community. Key interface (GUI). This improves performance and reliability with contributions include: port failover for increased fault tolerance. n Fibre Channel Transport Layer architect—Emulex architected n CPU Virtualization (or Virtualization Technology for and maintains the vendor-agnostic Fibre Channel Transport Directed I/O, input/output memory management unit Layer that is now part of the Linux kernel. Emulex’s vast [VT-d, IOMMU])—Many newer high performance servers experience in the design and development of Fibre Channel based on the latest Intel and AMD CPU chipsets provide a direct controllers, and its strong partnerships with industry leading memory access (DMA) remapping capability which provides server, storage and software suppliers, is applied to critical Linux for additional security in virtualized environments, helps enable kernel components such as the Fibre Channel Transport. Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) and can provide a n Xen/KVM Hypervisor support—Hypervisors allow the creation one-to-one mapping of a given port to a specified VM. For the of virtual machines (VMs) supporting “Guest” operating system latter capability, Emulex provides support to assign individual instances. The Emulex Linux driver has been fully tested for adapter ports to designated VMs, thus bypassing the hypervisor interoperability with the hypervisor server virtualization module and delivering I/O performance equivalent to a non-virtualized and supports N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV). (See Page 5 for environment. This direct assignment model is beneficial in more details.) workloads with very high I/O performance requirements. 4
  5. 5. emulex Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex DII Solution Overview • Create integrity metadata coincident with data creation • Validate the metadata throughout the data path • Errors are directed to the application for remediation Oracle application Emulex LightPulse Emulex LightPulse Array validates Array sends block to sends block with adapter validates adapter sends data metadata and writes back end IOC, and integrity metadata metadata block with metadata entire block to out to disk to Emulex across across FC domain RAID memory PCI bus to the Array Disk validates metadata and writes to media Storage Storage Database OS HBA Fabric Systems Disk Application Content Validation 10 DIF with LBA Lock T10 DIF with 32B CDBs Figure 3 Application-to-disk data integrity. Virtualization Leadership n Partnered with the Xen community, VMware on ESX Server and Virtualization technologies are driving corporate IT disaster Microsoft on Virtual Server to enhance support of NPIV with recovery, capital control and operating efficiency initiatives. these popular hypervisors. Emulex is providing key technologies that eliminate inhibitors to n Teamed with Cisco in the support of VSAN technology, enabling deployment of server virtualization in SAN environments. The a single adapter to connect into multiple virtual fabrics, by following are just some of the contributions: tagging each individual frame for fabric routing. n Co-developed (with IBM) N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) n Collaborated with Cisco, Brocade and other vendors to ensure technology. NPIV is a key feature of Emulex Virtual HBA seamless interoperability of NPIV implementations and provide technology, enabling each HBA or CNA port to register multiple data center administrators with greater flexibility for implementing “virtual ports” identified by Worldwide Port Name (WWPN) within server virtualization in SAN environments. the fabric. n Provided early NPIV management related sample code and n Emulex virtualization technology empowers administrators to completed test runs of the libvirt Virtual Shell Command Line deploy server virtualization, follow SAN best practices and Interface (CLI), known as “virsh,” with Emulex drivers and seamlessly leverage popular storage management applications adapters to assure compatibility with this important set of while implementing zoning and storage masking. application program interfaces (APIs) and CLIs. n Drove the designation of NPIV as the ANSI T11 standard. Emulex LightPulse adapters with NPIV are supported across all n Delivered the first NPIV-compliant driver into the Linux Linux distributions and work with Xen and KVM hypervisors. upstream kernel. 5
  6. 6. White PaPer Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex Emulex technology leadership transcends internal engineering Security Innovations accomplishments. Emulex is a key contributor to various storage Storage security has often been overlooked as an area of concern and software standards bodies and is highly engaged in the but can have significant impact given how critical data assets storage ecosystem, turning standards into interoperable solutions. are to every organization. Storage security ranks with server and network security as a top-of-mind issue for IT management. Emulex 1st to develop SAN Emulex has taken a leadership role in applying the latest in 1998 connectivity for virtualized security standards into the Emulex LightPulse and OneConnect mainframe servers product lines. n Emulex OneCommand Manager centralized management Emulex, IBM & McData begin to application addresses the security concerns for remote 2001 define the NPIV standard management of HBAs with the support of Authenticated Common Transport (Authenticated CT) protocol as defined in Fibre Channel Global Services 3 (FC-GS-3) specification. NPIV Standard is adopted by 2003 ANSI T11 Support of Authenticated CT satisfies the number one recommendation of the Storage Networking Industry Association’s (SNIA) storage security initiative calling for securing Emulex 1st to ship NPIV-ready of the management path. 2005 4Gb/s PCI-X and PCI Express n In 2007, Emulex continued to take the lead in enhanced Fibre Channel HBAs security in the SAN by supporting the Fibre Channel Security Protocol (FC-SP), a standard that is now under the American Emulex 1st to demonstrate NPIV with National Standards Institute (ANSI) International Committee Xen on SUSE SLES 10 at CeBIT for Information Technology Standard (INCITS). FC-SP is a comprehensive approach to all aspects of data security. Support 2006 of HBA authentication helps data centers protect against WWN Emulex 1st to demonstrate NPIV spoofing, host masquerading, non-malicious and administrator with Xen on Red Hat at Linux World caused outages. Emulex submits NPIV into the Linux upstream kernel 2007 Emulex adapters supported by Oracle with Oracle VM Emulex ships 8Gb/s Fibre Channel HBAs and FCoE CNAs with virtualization support 2008 Red Hat, Novell, and Oracle support Emulex HBAs with NPIV support Emulex supports KVM with 2009 OneConnect UCNAs and LightPulse HBAs and CNAs Support of DH-CHAP Authentication helps data centers protect Figure 4 Emulex NPIV and Linux timeline. against a variety of host threats such as WWN spoofing, host masquerading and administrative caused outages. Figure 5 Host threats prevention. 6
  7. 7. emulex Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex EmulexSecure™ 8Gb/s Fibre Channel HBA technology provides As a virtualization leader, Emulex contributes to Red Hat’s strong host-based encryption to protect data throughout the lead role in the open project, libvirt, for the development and enterprise, both in-flight on the SAN and at-rest on storage standardization of virtualization management tools. Libvirt is a devices. Emulex has partnered with industry leader RSA for development community and the name of the virtualization API encryption key management. RSA’s Key Manager is an easy-to- set it develops and makes available under the Lesser General use, centrally administered, enterprise key management system Public License (LGPL). A goal of the community and the API is that simplifies the deployment and ongoing use of encryption to offer access to a comprehensive set of virtualization related throughout the enterprise. EmulexSecure HBA technology management operations for use by both developers of higher-level provides data centers with maximum protection for the lowest management applications (APIs) as well as by skilled end-users cost. It off-loads encryption from the server CPU, providing (via a robust CLI provided by the libvirt program). a high performance architecture that allows administrators to Emulex has been active in providing early NPIV management encrypt once and protect everywhere. Finally, EmulexSecure HBA related sample code and in carrying out test runs of the libvirt virsh technology enables VM-level encryption to enable security across with Emulux drivers and adapters to assure compatibility with this all VMs with the ability to seamlessly support the secure transfer of important set of APIs and CLIs. a VM from one physical server to the next. Emulex is an active and influential contributor to the FC-SP Novell SUSE standard. As storage security comes of age, Emulex is committed With a relationship that predates Novell’s acquisition of SUSE, to delivering flexible and standards-based security technologies Emulex regularly provides hardware to Novell for development that will help mitigate data storage security risks and address and testing. Additionally, Emulex provides code when needed, threats in the Fibre Channel storage space. and did so recently for an NPIV management project in Novell’s system management product suite, ZENworks. Emulex and Novell 4. Strong Partnership with Linux Suppliers collaborated to deliver an integrated management solution for administrators when running VMs and HBAs. The solution offered Linux data centers rely on Emulex OneConnect and LightPulse by Emulex and Novell provides virtual ports (VPorts) via NPIV adapters for robust performance while looking to Linux suppliers technology with each Emulex LightPulse HBA. The management for in-box distribution of the Emulex driver and extensive support. of NPIV is then automated with PlateSpin Orchestrate software for Emulex, a key contributor to the open development community, efficient, unified and time saving management of all virtual assets. works closely with market leading Linux distribution suppliers to ensure the latest drivers are delivered and supported. After Emulex also qualifies its products under YES, Novell’s self- providing the Emulex drivers through in-box distribution, these certification program. Lastly, as a member of PartnerNet, Emulex key Linux partners provide frontline support with assistance from and Novell regularly share roadmaps and strategies, ensuring that Emulex as required. Linux customers continue to receive products that meet the robust needs of their enterprise environments. Emulex’s involvement with these key suppliers takes many shapes as each supplier is unique. This involvement could include Oracle providing necessary hardware, participating in partner programs, completing mutual reviews of roadmaps and participating in Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM have supported Emulex supplier’s events. Here are some examples of the relationships adapters since day one. Emulex is part of Oracle’s Unbreakable that Emulex has with these key Linux contributors: Linux Program and participates in Oracle’s Validated Configuration Program to offer best practices for Linux deployments for our joint Red Hat customers. Red Hat first delivered driver support of Emulex HBAs to Collaborating on new technology initiatives, Oracle and Emulex are Linux customers in 2004. Since then, the two companies working together on a number of joint projects including the Data have collaborated on many technological advances. Through Integrity Initiative, NPIV management in an Oracle VM environment regular meetings, Red Hat and Emulex collaborate on for Linux enterprises and joint collaboration for a major data upcoming technology, such as converged networking for Linux warehousing project with Oracle’s Executive Technology Centers. environments, as well as day-to-day program level issues. Emulex Listed in Oracle’s Solutions catalog, Emulex, through its strong delivers HBAs and CNAs to key partners, such as Red Hat, for partnership with Oracle, ensures that Linux end users have a fully integration testing with their products. This includes providing the supported, robust Fibre Channel SAN. CNAs for Red Hat to complete FCoE testing. As part of Oracle Partner Network, Emulex participates in Oracle’s largest event, Oracle OpenWorld. 7
  8. 8. White PaPer Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex Citrix Emulex and Citrix developed a strong relationship through Citrix’s acquisition of XenSource, a partner of Emulex’s since 2006. Emulex is part of the Citrix Ready Program, ensuring reliable and interoperable solutions. Currently, all Emulex 2 and 4 Gb/s products are featured on Citrix’s Hardware Compatibility List, with the Emulex 8Gb/s products to follow in line with the next release of XenServer. Citrix delivers the Emulex LightPulse HBA driver with all the XenServer versions (Enterprise, Express, and Standard). To ensure future solutions meet the needs of Linux enterprise environments, Citrix and Emulex collaborate on technology roadmaps, resulting in a recent OneCommand Manager application enhancement that now makes iSCSI configuring much simpler. 5. Efficient Scalable Enterprise Management In any data center, manageability is critical and is one of the reasons that Linux data centers standardize on Emulex. Emulex “...Our test concluded that Emulex’s HBAnyware was an easier, OneCommand Manager application and HBAnyware HBA and more intuitive management application, lending itself to large CNA management software are designed for efficient, scalable SAN environments.” administration of enterprise-class SANs and for converged —Dennis Martin, President of Demartek Testing Laboratory network solutions. OneCommand Manager 5.0 now provides a multi-protocol management stack for the storage (Fibre Channel Figure 6 HBAnyware centralized HBA and CNA management. and iSCSI) and network connectivity solutions through a graphical (GUI) or scriptable CLI. The OneCommand Manager application provides comprehensive OneCommand Manager is the only management application control of Emulex OneConnect UCNAs and LightPulse HBAs and that delivers integrated iSCSI deployment and administration CNAs within a centralized, cross-platform framework, combining capabilities from a central console, eliminating the need to use flexible remote-management options with secure access control. tools within the BIOS or OS platform to configure the iSCSI OneCommand Manager delivers: adapter and then use a separate application for management. n State-of-the-art, powerful management capabilities, no matter Efficient Management where the HBAs or CNAs are located, what platform they are running on, or how they can be accessed—whether in-band Emulex OneCommand Manager application and HBAnyware (over the Fibre Channel link, an exclusive feature of Emulex) or are designed for efficient, scalable administration of enterprise- out-of-band (over the local area network). class SANs. Independent studies have found that HBAnyware is more intuitive, more scalable and offers greater functionality than n Automation of key management tasks for unparalleled HBA and competitive HBA and CNA management solutions. CNA configuration and management efficiency. Driver profiles, which contain the driver’s parameter settings, can be replicated and efficiently applied to other HBAs in a single step. n Batch mode propagation of driver profiles and firmware versions effortlessly across the SAN. n Scriptable CLI giving storage administrators the flexibility to tailor or automate their HBA management actions using customized scripts. n Tools for offline, online and different protocols for OneConnect- enabled servers (using either a OneConnect UCNA or a OneConnect LAN on Motherboard (LOM)) n Export of HBA/CNA data using an open, flexible XML format, which IT administrators can import into commonly used data analysis tools, such as Excel, to create custom reports. n Discovery and management of VPorts residing on Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs and FCoE CNAs (see Figure 7). 8
  9. 9. emulex Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex n Streamlined replacement avoids configuration errors. Emulex LightPulse adapters store port parameters on the host, so that when an adapter is replaced, the parameters associated with the previous port are not automatically applied to the replacement adapter without user involvement. 6. Guaranteed Quality and Reliability Emulex provides “It Just Works” quality—delivering reliability, data integrity and interoperability to large enterprise SANs. Emulex customers depend on Emulex for reliability and data integrity: n Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel HBAs have achieved an unparalleled 10 million hours mean time between failure (MTBF) based on the reliability data collected from shipments of the LP10000, LP110000, and LPe11000 families of LightPulse Fibre Channel HBAs. Figure 7 The OneCommand Manager application n Since 1996, Emulex has used a combination of parity, CRC provides discovery and management of vPorts. (cyclic redundancy check), ECC (error correcting code) and other advanced error-checking algorithms to verify that the data blocks being passed from the host interface through the LightPulse Integration with Leading Management Software adapter are protected from data corruption. Emulex was a principal in the definition of the Storage Management n As a member of the Data Integrity Initiative, Emulex was the Initiative Specification (SMI-S) and was the first Fibre Channel first HBA vendor to demonstrate true “application-to-disk” data adapter vendor to deliver an SMI-S provider. Emulex offers open, integrity by implementing the T10 DIF standard in an Oracle- standards-based interfaces and components, enabling integration aware implementation. with enterprise storage or server management solutions. Emulex has established one of the industry’s most comprehensive Emulex offers pre-boot utilities for integrated blade installation and interoperability labs. A vast collection of servers, storage provisioning with solutions such as: subsystems and test equipment continuously test and re-test n IBM Remote Deployment Manager Software (RDM)— OneConnect and LightPulse adapters to ensure interoperability Automates the provisioning of Emulex OneConnect and in real-world environments and common customer configurations LightPulse adapters in IBM servers. (see Figure 8 for a view of Emulex’s compatibility database accessible from the web). n HP Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) software—Supports seamless OneConnect and LightPulse adapter installation and deployment. Expedites SAN Troubleshooting Emulex OneConnect and LightPulse adapters are designed to assist with troubleshooting and to minimize the impact of field upgrades. n HBA and CNA beaconing facilitates physical identification of an adapter within a server by distinctive flashing of the adapter’s LEDs. n OneCommand Manager application features robust online diagnostic functions (such as various loopback tests), warm Power-On Self-Tests, and end-to-end diagnostic functions to validate connectivity across the fabric. n Critical state information can be captured and saved in a file, either automatically or on demand. This information can be used when troubleshooting or as backup information when engaging technical support. Figure 8 Emulex interoperability database provides compatibility information: 9
  10. 10. White PaPer Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex 7. High Performance Fibre Channel Solution 8. Choice for Enterprise Linux SANs Emulex OneConnect and LightPulse adapters deliver excellent Emulex is the recognized Fibre Channel HBA, FCoE CNA and performance across a wide range of application environments UCNA leader for large enterprise customers. More than 95 of the with varying server workloads. Emulex integrated processors and Fortune 100, as well as large corporations worldwide, use Emulex dedicated hardware engines ensure maximum I/O processing HBAs for their mission critical applications. speeds in transaction processing environments, while enabling Emulex offers a broad family of HBAs and CNAs supporting sustained high bandwidth and CPU efficiency that maximizes all major bus architectures with single, dual and even twenty application performance. Key technology innovations include: channel I/O connectivity. Emulex has partnered with major system n Dynamic interrupt coalescing optimizes I/O interrupt suppliers, such as IBM, HP, Sun, Fujitsu Siemens and Dell, management for both heavy and light traffic. providing Fibre Channel connectivity for leading blade solutions. n Frame-level Multiplexing continuously determines the optimum use Emulex LightPulse adapters are supported by leading server, of the Fibre Channel network to ensure maximum link utilization. storage and Linux distribution suppliers, allowing data center administrators to standardize on Emulex LightPulse adapters n Out-of-order Frame Reassembly reorders data frames in the knowing they will have the support and accompanying products proper sequence, minimizing retransmissions and enhancing from their preferred vendor. overall network performance. Emulex is the HBA and CNA vendor of choice for Linux enterprise n Compared to the leading competitor, Emulex offers 20-times solutions. Companies who have already standardized on Emulex more Buffer Credits providing uninterrupted link-rate for their Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, VMware or AIX solutions are performance during periods of high server I/O bus activity. now achieving the same scalability, performance, manageability n Support for multiple concurrent DMA reads accelerates I/O and investment protection with open-source Linux Fibre Channel performance for highly transactional applications. HBA, FCoE CNA and UCNA solutions from Emulex. 10
  11. 11. emulex Why Linux Data Centers Choose Emulex ightPulse Ad xL ® ap le Emu ters Figure 9 Emulex HBAs and CNAs are fully supported throughout the SAN. 11
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