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Portfolio Brief
Metro Ethernet Networking Solutions
Nortel’s Metro Ethernet Networking           tools that preserve stron...
Common Photonic
               OM 3500                         OM 5200                        OME 6500                    ...
shipped globally, Nortel has integrated         From publishing the first paper                precisely directed through ...
services. Nortel’s Multiservice Switch                 profitable Layer 2 services such as Frame              faults; and ...
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Metro Ethernet Networking Solutions


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Metro Ethernet Networking Solutions

  1. 1. Portfolio Brief Metro Ethernet Networking Solutions Nortel’s Metro Ethernet Networking tools that preserve strong operational fit to combined with the advanced Ethernet solutions brace metropolitan area existing networks. Nortel also co-devel- capabilities and leadership of both the networks to handle the coming explo- oped Provider Backbone Transport, Optical Networking and Multiservice sion of high-bandwidth video and data which introduces new connection- Switching portfolios, allows service applications seen in increasing demand oriented forwarding principles and providers to build end-to-end Metro today. With Nortel’s Metro Ethernet determinism to Ethernet. Coupled with Ethernet networks over a broad range solutions, service providers can now Nortel’s distinctive optical strengths of technologies. confidently use Ethernet as a means for which include solid performance, exten- delivering the most critical high-band- sive management tools and the ability to Optical Networks Portfolio width services, such as IPTV, mobile extend optical reach in both metropol- With engineering, planning and intelli- video and business connectivity services. itan and long haul applications, Nortel’s gence built into the equipment, Nortel’s Metro Ethernet solutions offer unique Adaptive All Optical Intelligent Network- Nortel is driving carrier-centric Ethernet advantages to service providers. ing solutions enable faster service turn- innovation and has been a major driving force behind the standardization Nortel delivers a complete set of solutions up with improved operational efficiency of Provider Backbone Bridges (IEEE for Metro Ethernet ranging from access and performance. Nortel’s SONET/SDH 802.1ah), the technology that brings to aggregation to core and long haul Multiservice platforms converge multiple massive service scalability to Ethernet, solutions. Nortel’s high-density, cost- service and network layers onto a single and new comprehensive Ethernet OAM effective Carrier Ethernet portfolio, Ethernet-optimized infrastructure, simplifying service providers’ business while at the same time offering unique and differentiated revenue opportunities. Nortel’s optical solutions have been successfully deployed in all customer segments including fixed, wireless, cable/MSO, financial, government and private enterprise — providing the bene- fits of Ethernet and optical convergence that leverage carrier-grade capability and enable a success-based network evolution.
  2. 2. Common Photonic OM 3500 OM 5200 OME 6500 Layer with MS DSM Optical Portfolio — associated additional amplifiers, providing continual optimal performance. A WDM Networking significant capital and operational detailed network study has shown that expense savings for service providers. eDCO/eROADM/DOC capabilities can Nortel’s WDM products deliver Adaptive result in a savings of up to 56 percent in All Optical Intelligent Networking solu- Nortel’s enhanced Reconfigurable operating costs for service providers. tions that enable service providers and Optical Add Drop Multiplexer cable operators to more rapidly and (eROADM) on the Common Photonic affordably deliver dynamic, high-band- Optical Portfolio — Layer (CPL) delivers any wavelength, width content and application-based Multiservice Convergence anywhere, anytime, without impact to services such as video on demand. the existing traffic. The implementation Nortel’s Multiservice SONET/SDH and of eROADM is modular, enabling Optical Ethernet products merge the Nortel is the global leader for seven dynamic ‘on the fly’ optical branching speed, cost and simplicity of Ethernet consecutive years in the Metro WDM to up to five different optical paths in with the reach and robustness of optical segment, and the leader for six consecu- addition to facilitating basic add/drop technologies to switch new IP-based tive years in the total WDM market of individual wavelengths. Nortel’s applications, deliver Ethernet connectivity (Dell’Oro Group, August 2006). Half of eROADM also supports both 50-GHz services and maintain efficient transport all the world’s metro wavelengths origi- and 100-GHz wavelength spacing for of legacy traffic. nate from Nortel’s Optical Metro 5000 increased spectral efficiency, cost-effec- Nortel’s innovations enable service flagship series of products which offer tively meeting metro, regional and long providers to confidently use Ethernet as strong resiliency for business-critical haul applications. the means for delivering mission-critical applications, cost efficiency through its high-density interfaces and flexibility At the heart of Nortel’s Adaptive All high-bandwidth services like IPTV, with its support for a wide spectrum of Optical Intelligent Networks on CPL mobile video and business services. services such as ESCON, D1 Video, resides the Domain Optical Controller Nortel’s SONET/SDH multiservice Gigabit Ethernet, 10GE LAN PHY, (DOC), a user-accessible end-to-end solutions support the technologies of FICON/FICON Express, Fibre Channel, intelligent provisioning and manage- Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) DV6000, TDM and Optical (1998- ment software that eliminates much of multiservice encapsulation, Virtual 2005 cumulative view, Dell’Oro Group, the manual pre-planning, engineering Concatenation (VCAT) and Link August 2006). and system maintenance costs associated Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) with traditional networks. The DOC that provide the foundation to Ethernet For long haul applications, Nortel has enables in-service insertion and deletion transport and services over SONET/SDH added unique electronic Dynamically of wavelengths, all the while maintaining networks. Compensating Optics (eDCO) to the the active network channels in an opti- Building upon the success of Resilient OME 6500, bringing with it the ability mized state. In addition, the DOC Packet Ring (RPR) technology on the to extend wavelengths over 2000 km tracks and corrects for aging and very Optical Metro (OM) 3000 product distances without costly regenerators or slow changes in operating conditions to series with over 44,000 RPR ports RAMAN amplifiers, and without disper- ensure consistent system reliability and sion compensation equipment and the 2
  3. 3. shipped globally, Nortel has integrated From publishing the first paper precisely directed through the network, next-generation RPR technology into discussing use of glass fibers to carry allowing for full control of network the Optical Multiservice Edge (OME) information in 1966, to building the resource usage and guaranteeing service 6500 that supports multiple Ethernet first 10-Gbps optical system in 1997, quality even in the face of bandwidth rings of up to 10 Gbps and the ability to breaking the physical barriers of fiber growth, service additions, topology to provision up to eight classes of service transmission with eDCO in 2005, changes, maintenance tasks, outages, on a per-customer and per-application Nortel has a long history of and etc. Through a combination of compre- basis. Nortel has incorporated additional continues to lead with technology inno- hensive on-box Ethernet OAM, the innovation in the OME 6500 through vation in optical networking. deterministic nature of Provider its Layer 2 Service Switch (L2SS), a Backbone Transport technology and future-proofed Network Processor Unit Carrier Ethernet Portfolio carrier-class operational tools, Nortel (NPU)-based module with switching Nortel’s Carrier Ethernet solution trans- delivers an Ethernet operational envi- aggregation and quality of service func- forms traditional Ethernet into a true ronment similar to the TDM infrastruc- tionality. Resilient Packet Ring and carrier-class technology, by giving Ethernet ture paradigm that carriers need. Layer 2 Service Switch alike help ensure the scale, determinism and management With its Carrier Ethernet solution, real-time traffic, like video, is prioritized capabilities required to address the Nortel offers a simple and cost-effective and enable service providers to offer growing demand for high-bandwidth, deployment alternative that is based on differentiated service level agreements to mission-critical video and multimedia existing Ethernet hardware and the their business service customers. services. Nortel’s Metro Ethernet provider’s existing operations paradigm Leveraging the innovation and cost- Routing Switch 8600 provides a rock- and knowledge base. There are no effectiveness of the DS1 Distributed solid platform with industry-leading requirements to deploy complex control Service Module (DSM), the Multiservice Ethernet port densities (30 x 1 Gbps protocols or perform expensive hard- DSM extends the solution to offer DS1, and 3 x 10 Gbps modules available via ware upgrades. DS3 and Ethernet in a modular, chassis- 6- and 10-slot chassis options) that based implementation. Eliminating keeps capex to a minimum. Add to this Multiservice Switching individual access headend multiplexers, the Metro Ethernet Services Units which Portfolio MS DSMs increase port density without allow aggregation of customer traffic via With over 40 percent market share compromising the shelf ’s capacity for Ethernet rings or point-to-point topolo- (Synergy Group, August 2006) Nortel’s other services. Integrated with the host gies and port scaling issues are solved. Multiservice Switch (MSS) portfolio is element from a management perspective, More importantly, in a network the worldwide market leader in deliv- the MS DSM provides a simple and oriented to service creation, Nortel’s ering high-density, reliable, feature-rich cost-effective distribution solution for Carrier Ethernet solutions support multiple services and interfaces, for massive scalability with Provider either central office-based or remote Backbone Bridges (IEEE 802.1ah) technology, with which millions of MESU 1800 applications. service instances are possible, as The Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) compared to just over 4,000 with MESU 1850 standard, also known as IEEE 802.3ah, traditional Ethernet. which is featured on both the OME 1000 series and OME 6500, extends Nortel’s Carrier Ethernet solution the Ethernet service demarcation to the delivers deterministic services with hard customer premise and provides tools QoS by means of an innovative technology that allow service providers to proactively called Provider Backbone Transport operate and manage their networks. which, for the first time, delivers connec- The OME 1000 series increases revenue tion management characteristics (traffic opportunities for service providers by engineering, bandwidth reservation, bringing benefits previously experienced hard QoS and 50 ms recovery) to tradi- only by large businesses and carriers to tionally connectionless Ethernet. In this the individual enterprise user. new paradigm, Ethernet “circuits” can be MERS 8600 3
  4. 4. services. Nortel’s Multiservice Switch profitable Layer 2 services such as Frame faults; and measure network perform- portfolio delivers a broad range of Layer Relay and ATM, while allowing newer ance — all within a common security 2 and Layer 3 services today that Ethernet E-Line, E-LAN and IP-VPN infrastructure. generate revenue and promote prof- services to be easily added. With Additionally, differentiated applications itability while offering flexible evolution continued investment in both new within Nortel’s MESOS deliver provi- options to newer MPLS and Ethernet- hardware and software features, Nortel’s sioning simplicity, rapid customer/service based infrastructures. MSS portfolio provides tremendous impact and fault isolation, quick service investment protection, and supports On a single platform, each Multiservice restoration, and full troubleshooting inter-working with both the Carrier Switch simultaneously supports several abilities across layers. MESOS also inte- Ethernet and Optical portfolios, enabling networking technologies such as ATM, grates advancements in Ethernet OAM a smoother evolution. Frame Relay, IP/MPLS, Ethernet and standards, including IEEE 802.1ag for packet voice — enabling enterprises and fault management which is key for 50ms Tying it all Together service providers to meet needs at both resiliency, and ITU-T Y1731 for service the network edge and core. To complement the full Metro Ethernet and performance (SLA) monitoring. Networks portfolio of Optical, Carrier As Metro Ethernet networks continue to Ethernet and Multiservice Switch solu- MESOS combines the best of circuit- evolve and grow, Nortel’s Multiservice tions, Nortel also provides a complete based and packet-based worlds together Switching portfolio serves a crucial role network and service operational solution. in a single operations solution spanning in providing a bridge between a host of Nortel’s Metro Ethernet Networks port- Nortel’s Metro Ethernet Service Opera- folio. Nortel preserves the operational Nortel Multiservice tions System (MESOS) is designed to values of circuit-based networks and Switch Portfolio simplify the operational model and enables the same processes and proce- enhance network and service reliability dures used today to be applied to Metro — driving ease of operations that result in Ethernet networks. bottom line savings for service providers. MSS 7460 MESOS delivers a comprehensive and Enabling a Truly Native robust element management platform Ethernet Metro for the MEN portfolio. With full OAM With Nortel Metro Ethernet Networks, and service management capabilities for service providers can deploy Ethernet the optical transport as well as the as the universal transport layer for any Ethernet layer of the network, MESOS service they wish to offer, including gives operators the tools they need to next-generation services such as triple MSS 7480 view the topology from nodal as well as and quadruple play, wireless video and MSS 15000/ MSS 15000 service perspectives; efficiently provision data, and Ethernet business connectivity. services; monitor, isolate and troubleshoot Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities that enhance the human experience, In the United States: Nortel, 35 Davis Drive ignite and power global commerce, and secure and protect the world’s most critical information. Our next- Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA generation technologies, for both service providers and enterprises, span access and core networks, support In Canada: multimedia and business-critical applications, and help eliminate today’s barriers to efficiency, speed and Nortel, 8200 Dixie Road, Suite 100 performance by simplifying networks and connecting people with information. Nortel does business in more Brampton, Ontario L6T 5P6 Canada than 150 countries. For more information, visit Nortel on the Web at In Caribbean and Latin America: For more information, contact your Nortel representative, or call 1-800-4 NORTEL or 1-800-466-7835 from Nortel, 1500 Concorde Terrace anywhere in North America. Sunrise, FL 33323 USA In Europe: Nortel, the Nortel logo, Nortel Business Made Simple and the Globemark are trademarks of Nortel Networks. Nortel All other trademarks are the property of their owners. Maidenhead Office Park, Westacott Way Copyright © 2006 Nortel Networks. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject to change Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 3QH UK without notice. Nortel assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document. In Asia Pacific: Nortel Nortel Networks Centre, 1 Innovation Drive N N 1 1 8 9 4 0 - 1 0 1 1 0 6 Macquarie University Research Park Macquarie Park NSW 2109 Australia In Greater China: Nortel, Sun Dong An Plaza > BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE 138 Wang Fu Jing Street Beijing 100006, China