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  1. 1. LAN Solutions Maintenance & Network Support How much network downtime can your business afford? The answer, of course, is as little as possible. But the growing demands placed on your network mean increasing pressure on you and your support staff to maintain its availability. Whether your network was installed by us or someone else, ntl:Telewest Business can provide a single point of contact for network support, from a simple break-fix solution to complex system management, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Why we are the right choice ntl:Telewest Business has an established track record in the design, implementation, maintenance and support of Local Area Networks (LANs). We offer a range of service options tailored to your needs, budget, size and the complexity of your solution, from support staff at the end of the phone during office hours all the way up to customised Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and dedicated technical and engineering teams. • We supply both LAN and Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructures, from single site solutions to complex multi-site networks. • We’re a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, with a number of specialist accreditations in Virtual Private Network (VPN) security, Internet Protocol (IP) communications and wireless LAN deployment. • Our converged Network Solutions address the key considerations of availability, scalability and manageability and remove the risks from IP migration. • We’re the UK’s second largest fixed-line Key facts communications company with a 21st century • We support multi-vendor systems as a single point of contact, network that’s capable of providing services to any even if you bought your network from someone else UK organisation. • Our outsourced services can be tailored to complement your • We can support solutions incorporating LAN in-house capabilities helping to ensure the optimum level of and WAN to ensure optimum end-to-end support for your network performance. • Our advanced hardware replacement and on-site support • We have over 15 years’ experience in delivering packages provide a range of flexible cover from business hours communications solutions in the private and public only through to 24x365 support, as well as options for different sectors. days or hours of cover for different equipment or locations • We’re a national company with a local presence, • Our flexible approach enables different service levels to be with sales and support teams in more than 40 mixed within the same contract to strike the right balance locations across the UK. between cost and network availability • We don’t just offer corrective action – we can proactively manage your network and its performance to optimise resources and deal with issues before they affect your business
  2. 2. LAN Solutions Maintenance & Network Support Why do I need Maintenance Proactive management & Network Support? We’re not just skilled in providing corrective action It’s likely that you’re under mounting pressure to – we can also provide a range of network management ensure high availability of your organisation’s network services that ease the burden on your internal resources. Unscheduled outages or performance resources: shortfalls impact on staff productivity and • Proactive monitoring of all network devices to help customer service. you respond to problems before they impact your But what is the true cost of maintaining your network business operations in-house? It’s not just the time your staff spend • Performance management of all network devices looking after your LAN – there’s the cost of buying and links, including data on availability, utilisation, and managing your own spares and the administrative throughput and errors, packaged as a graphical report overheads of managing multiple manufacturers’ which you can view online warranties, too. Not to mention the impact caused by disruption to business critical services - even a few • Trend analysis and forecasting, with configuration minutes offline during peak demand can have serious management option. repercussions for your organisation’s profitability. By entrusting us with the health of your network, you can focus on running your business. The flexibility of our support packages means you can choose the level of service you need to suit your business requirements and your budget, from preliminary trouble-shooting to 24 hour engineering support. Responsive maintenance Our highly trained technical and engineering teams provide flexible maintenance services to reduce the complexity of managing your LAN and to help minimise downtime. Response and fix times can be tailored to suit your needs, especially at key locations such as data centres, call centres and major offices, to help you strike the right balance between cost and network performance. Our services are only ever a phone call away, including: • Over-the-phone guidance to recover operations • A skilled data network engineer on site within four hours with replacement spares • Advanced hardware replacement option to avoid the cost of holding spares in-house • Asset tracking and management service. To find out more call 0800 052 0845 or visit Part of the Virgin Media Group. ntl:Telewest Business endeavours to ensure that the information in this document is correct and fairly stated, but does not accept liability for any error or omission. The development of ntl:Telewest Business' products and services is continuous and published information may not be up to date. It is important to check the current position with your local ntl:Telewest Business office. This document is not part of a contract or licence save insofar as may be expressly agreed in writing. ntl:Telewest Business, Media House, Bartley Wood Business Park, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9UP. DX0005DS0807