IP Network in the manufacturing floor


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  • The technologies allows manufacturing plants to collect the data during production processes for quality and control processes. This allows to follow processes and was the best way to collect datas form the production process and store them in a file for ISO certification processes and customer complain follow up.
    In the early 90’s these technologies such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems has been implemented trough a lot of manufacturing processes integrates the control point of view with real
  • Ethernet is a real standard while IEE 802.3 is just a description of what should be the physical layout and the data link, out of all 7 layers of a network
    Ethernet as a solution as proven being the most reliable solution on offices,
    Ethernet is an open system which allow interchange ability, and better interoperability between component and devices. As a lot of open systems it is also a good basement fornew technology deployment,
    In the last 10 years networking component prices have decreased by more than 20% in average. The high extension and competitiveness of this market have contributed as well as production technologies.
    Everybody is dreaming about having one network for all activities, easy to linked together and easy to be a complete part of an ERP solution. This is a step forward to the complete “automation” of a business.
    Ethernet enables technologies such as VoIP, Intelligent physical layout management, security or simply intelligent plug and play network.
  • The nest slides are example of topologies, this is not integrating the network classical topologies such as simple, crossed, star… These topologies are just a part of the entire Ethernet network at the shop floor. By just slights modification these designs can be used for other protocols than Ethernet.
  • We went from the HAL syndrome (2001, the space odyssey) to an intelligent network. A lot of computer put together in an intelligent network are far less expensive and quite reliable compare to a big computer
  • IP Network in the manufacturing floor

    1. 1. IP Network in the manufacturing floor
    2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • From data collection to device control • Migration to industrial Ethernet • The value added services of Industrial Ethernet • About Cisco and PANDUIT
    3. 3. Introduction © PANDUIT 2004
    4. 4. Introduction: history • In the early 80’s, the first industrial network was created for data collection, • In the 90’s, control (automation) networks start to emerge, • Nowadays, new networks are implemented for intelligent devices including wireless, remote access, direct link to a bundle of ERP software.
    5. 5. Introduction: deployment • According to ARC, “the worldwide market for industrial Ethernet devices is expected to grow by 84.1% over the next five years” • Today, with 1 million nodes, Industrial Ethernet represents approximatly 6% of the total actual potential. In 2007, Industrial Ethernet will represents nearly 40% of the potential. Moreover, the potential is increasing as well due to the easier access to production automation. • Europe and USA are representing the majority of this market
    6. 6. Introduction: Reasons • Ethernet is a international standard, • Ethernet has been used in office networks for decades, • Ethernet is an open system, • Ethernet has the lowest installed cost, • Ethernet is common from office to shop floor, • Ethernet is enabling technology and is ready for intelligent networking.
    7. 7. Example of topologies • Network topologies is the arrangement of elements (physical, logic, virtual) of a network. – Data collection – Control device
    8. 8. Data collection Central PLC Switch Central Plant Control Cabinet I/O Bulkhead Connectors Uplink DAS : Data Acquisition System
    9. 9. Device control Central PLC Central Plant Control Cabinet I/O Bulkhead Connectors Uplink DAS : Data Acquisition System Output load device Switch within an IP- rated enclosure Hardened Patch Panel Switch Other Input/Output IP devices: IP Cameras, Card Readers, HVAC Controls … Wireless Nodes Local PLC
    10. 10. Value • Total consolidated Network • Value for convergence © PANDUIT 2004
    11. 11. The futureSuppliersystemsSuppliersystemsSuppliersystemsSuppliersystems ProductionProductionProductionProduction CRMCRM Marketing and SalesMarketing and Sales CRMCRM Marketing and SalesMarketing and Sales LogisticsLogisticsLogisticsLogistics CustomersSystemCustomersSystemCustomersSystemCustomersSystem FinanceFinanceFinanceFinance Consolidated NetworkConsolidated NetworkConsolidated NetworkConsolidated Network
    12. 12. Value of Industrial Ethernet • The convergence of all networks: – Reduces CaPEX. – Reduces maintenance cost – Lowers overall operation costs • By developing an intelligent network which enable innovative applications including VoIP, video, remote control, security and safety control…
    13. 13. Cisco-Panduit Partnership DeploymentPartners Automation Control Management & Administrative Infrastructure Network Infrastructure Cabling Infrastructure Power Services Infrastructure Unified Structure PACT™ Technology Partner Solutions
    14. 14. Industrial TX5eTM Connectors and Patch Cords INDUSTRIALNET Enclosures FIBERRUNNER® Cable Routing System Racks and Cable Management J-MODTM Cable Support System Waterfall Accessories Stackable Cable Rack Spacers Wiring Accessories Power Connectors Wiring Duct Lock-out Tag-out Identification Systems 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 9
    15. 15. Who is Panduit? • US private own company created in 1955 • Two Business Units: – Network connectivity • The network cabling management solutions includes with connectivity, racks, patch panels, cable management and trunking, intelligent physical layout management system. – Electrical Group • The electrical cabling solutions includes fixing, accessories, terminals, power connectors, grounding, identification and safety for electrical activities from installation to mass production.
    16. 16. Specialised in • Enterprise back office – Finance, Education, Service Providers, Healthcare, Government • Industrial – Oil & gas, chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, Mass Transportation, Shipbuilding, Automotive, Telecom GSM-UMTS
    17. 17. Activity • Expertise: – Product development with/for customers – Application survey on customer production processes and integration – Lower installation cost & Return On Investment • Channel – Network of Certified installers trained and submitted the test results of their installation for warranty – Network of distributors – general and market specific that add value to the industrial market. – Network of other suppliers to bring a proven interoperability
    18. 18. Product Solution Sets • IP67 Rated Bulkhead Jack & Plug • Stainless Steel Faceplate • IP-Rated Enclosures • Industrial Patch Cords • Cat 6 Module • M12 Modules/Connectors • Hardened Patch Panels • Hardened Fiber Runner/Raceway Products • Fiber Module