IBM Network Integration Services forWide Area Networks


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IBM Network Integration Services forWide Area Networks

  1. 1. Improving the performance of applications and networks delivered across a WAN IBM Network Integration Services for wide area networks – application and network performance optimization The resulting pressure on expanding ANPO= Application and network networks and applications can be Branch office Regional office performance optimzation intense. Organizations must find ways IT IT WAN= Wide area network ANPO appliance ANPO appliance to reduce application latency — the lag in activity or performance that can Backup Backup occur while an application works Data Data IT across distance. This is a key concern since latency can hinder user produc- Remote office tivity; disrupt business processes; IT ANPO jeopardize data integrity; and damage appliance WAN business relationships, revenue Backup Backup Data streams and supply chains. Data At the same time, many organiza- Figure 1 tions are realizing that the traditional WANs are popular ways to connect branch and remote locations with a central location, but performance of centrally located hosted applications can suffer across distance. approach that attempts to improve application and network performance Supporting the network performance simply by adding bandwidth is no Highlights needs of branch locations longer viable. Not only is bandwidth The demand for anywhere, anytime expensive, it also does not solve issues  Addresses latency issues with- access to information is a fact of life of latency and packet loss that plague out requiring more bandwidth for business today. Less certain for many applications over distance. Appli- many organizations, however, is how cations designed and developed on a  Enhances network performance to connect the far-flung locations high-speed local area network (LAN) for WAN refresh, server or where remote and mobile people often suffer from “chatty” or noisy pro- data center consolidation, work—including branch offices—so tocols that can reduce performance on and application performance that everyone achieves the applica- a wide area network (WAN) no matter improvement initiatives tion and data performance they need. how much bandwidth is available.  Enables infrastructure consolidation to help meet growth challenges
  2. 2. Addressing latency issues that bandwidth In addition to enhancing the end-user Enhancing performance in a variety of alone can’t solve experience, these appliances and soft- WAN scenarios IBM Network Integration Services for ware assist with lowering expenses by Application and network performance wide area networks – application and helping to reduce fixed server costs, optimization services can enable network performance optimization is a server operation costs and the need to improvements for three key scenarios: powerful alternative to simply adding purchase bandwidth. In the traditional bandwidth in response to application approach, many companies have found • WAN refreshes—assists with upgrad- and data needs. Designed to enhance that they buy more bandwidth than they ing technology and routers and with the user experience by reducing appli- need — and then don’t make optimum managing bandwidth costs cation latency, this solution deploys use of the bandwidth they have. The • Server or data center consolidation— appliances and software from leading Cisco, Juniper and Riverbed solutions assists with improving file/print, manufacturers Cisco, Juniper Networks not only can move data more effectively e-mail and backup performance and or Riverbed Technology at branch and so applications can run faster, they also application and software distribution, central locations. These solutions use help you achieve greater IT efficiencies and provides support for compliance compression and caching to reduce through consolidation of servers, storage initiatives the overall volume of WAN traffic. They and data centers. • Solving issues of slow application analyze data as it moves back and forth performance—assists with centraliz- between sites, determining what has ing applications as well as exchange changed since the last transmission and and Web servers, with file sharing, sending only new or changed data. and with software distribution; enhances new application rollout. LAN switch WAN router WAN router LAN switch Internet Protocol (IP) network Client workstation Firewall Firewall Network attached storage ANPO edge appliance ANPO core appliance Figure 2 IBM locates appliances and software from Cisco, Juniper or Riverbed at the organization’s central and remote locations to help optimize applications and net- work performance. 2
  3. 3. In each of these scenarios, enhancing Consolidating infrastructures to help over- By contrast, server consolidation enabled application and network performance come the difficulties of growth by the Cisco, Juniper and Riverbed helps you provide LAN-like response — Application and network performance solutions can enhance application per- with reduced latency — for enhanced optimization services can address a formance as it reduces the number of branch access to centrally hosted appli- number of issues that are driving server servers located in branches, helps lower cations, servers and storage. You can consolidation. Principal among these is the costs incurred at remote locations improve linkages across data centers growth — in the number of branch offices and leverages current investments in and with branch locations while help- and in the amount of data that is trans- centralized applications and facilities. ing to reduce disruption to business mitted to and from these offices. The Consolidation can maintain LAN-like ser- processes and avoid loss of end-user distributed computing model requires vice for remote users, help integrate the productivity. Application and network servers at an ever-increasing number of data center with branch infrastructures — performance optimization services help remote offices. As a result, data crossing including multivendor environments—and you significantly reduce your branch networks to and from these offices is reduce the need to increase expenditures IT expenditure for hardware systems, experiencing a rapidly increasing com- on WAN bandwidth. software licenses and support resources pound annual growth rate. located at branches. Consolidation and centralization also Additionally, the cost of staff for managing can create staff efficiencies in network Application and network performance distributed servers and the expense of oversight and application support. That’s optimization from IBM also helps meet refresh programs for distributed software because consolidation supports central- the need for backup and restore. As and hardware are growing. So is the dif- ized and comprehensive management, companies grow, many discover that daily ficulty of meeting security and compliance including central configuration; device mirroring of their data can take more than requirements for data located on servers groupings; bandwidth utilization by 24 hours — so it never can be completed. outside of managed data centers. applications; and enhanced monitoring, An incomplete backup can have devastat- statistics and alerts. Setup is automated, ing consequences if and when the need Combining multiple data centers into only with devices automatically discovering for data restoration arises. The Cisco, a few, or moving servers from branches one another and negotiating optimization Juniper and Riverbed solutions provided to a central location, typically aims to sim- capabilities. through this service, however, facilitate plify infrastructure and maintenance, save efficient and full data backup because money, and enhance security and compli- Intuitive, graphical command line they transmit only new data and data ance. While servers move, however, end interfaces, together with role-based that has changed. They can enable daily users remain in dispersed locations, and administration designed to minimize mirroring processes and recovery capa- they can suffer performance and produc- unauthorized changes and reduce bilities that are significantly improved. tivity losses if their applications and data human error support an architecture experience latency. that can scale to thousands of nodes and provide redundancy and recovery in addition to performance enhancements. 3
  4. 4. Why IBM? ness and technical goals. You get © Copyright IBM Corporation 2008 If you depend on a WAN, you have industry-leading knowledge and intel- IBM Global Services Route 100 remote locations. If you have remote lectual capital — so you can focus Somers, NY 10589 locations, you need an IT partner on your core competencies while U.S.A. that can serve you wherever you are. IBM designs and implements the Produced in the United States of America 01-08 IBM’s global reach can deliver the solution. You get outstanding service All Rights Reserved application and networking perfor- and support and IBM’s expertise in IBM and the IBM logo are trademarks or registered mance expertise you need when and designing and managing complex, trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, where you need it. Application and mission-critical networks. or both. network performance optimization Other company, product and service names may from IBM is delivered via a combina- Importantly, you get IBM’s experience in be trademarks or service marks of others. tion of onsite and remote design and developing its own tools for evaluating, References in this publication to IBM products or sizing and recommending implementa- services do not imply that IBM intends to make them implementation activities provided available in all countries in which IBM operates. by IBM and IBM Business Partners, tions. We can also help you determine industry leaders in delivering these ROI calculations for server and data solutions and services. center consolidations. And our proven, integrated processes can help you IBM has key strategic relationships more quickly discover and implement with major network equipment and the right configuration that can meet software providers. Our relationship your business and IT objectives. with these vendors affords us the opportunity to contribute to the devel- For more information opment of technologies and to develop To learn more about IBM Network processes and best practices that can Integration Services for wide area provide “best fit” technology solutions networks – application and network and improve the potential results for performance optimization, contact our clients. your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit: With IBM, you get a comprehensive range of services with a single point of accountability — and a partner that can help position you with future projects designed to meet your busi- GTD03061-USEN-00