ECI - Your Network Support Partner


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ECI - Your Network Support Partner

  1. 1. SERVICES Family Brochure Your Path for Growth ECI - Your Network Support Partner Ensuring your network integrity and availability Enjoy our expert field engineer and vast experience Fast response times helping you meet your business needs Your Partner for Growth
  2. 2. To ensure network integrity and availability, ECI offers its customers implementation, training, support and maintenance services, complementing our always-innovative product offering. These services are provided by our expert field engineers and customer support engineers, all of whom have vast experience with varied and complex networks. ECI's global presence means we are familiar with your network type, as well as your need for fast response time. It is our role to help you meet, and surpass, your business objectives. Implementation services When launching a service, you need a partner who understands your needs and will help you set up your network in a fast, reliable manner. Our highly skilled field engineers will provide you with the resources you need to achieve your goals. The hundreds of global references we have (through our work with many complicated networks) illustrate that our engineers are up for any challenge. Our implementation service includes: Full project management and field activity services Pre-implementation design and consulting Site survey Installation On-the-job training, Acceptance and commissioning Supervision and implementation of software and hardware upgrades Multi-product integration of the offered solution into the customer system
  3. 3. Maintenance & support services Maintaining your network is our top priority. Our customer support team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to quickly repair any network breakdown and to ensure minimal out-of-service time. Our Global Experts Center focuses on understanding every technological and technical aspect of your network. This ensures fast and accurate troubleshooting and recovery time. ECI's maintenance offering includes Remote Diagnosis services, 8x5, 24x7 technical support, hardware repair, software updates and upgrades, fast hardware exchange service and more. To address differing customer requirements, we offer three service packages: Silver Service Package ActionLine™: A hotline to a team of remote-support specialists who provide telephone assistance for all hardware or software issues, available during normal business hours, five days a week. Remote Web Access Support: Activated when phone support is insufficient. Utilizing debugger tools and other challenges are analyzed and solved online via web access or dial-up modem connection. Hardware Repair Service: Provided throughout the lifecycle of all ECI equipment. Technical experts repair equipment and perform rigid quality control tests before returning it to you. Software Repair Service: Immediate repair of confirmed software deficiencies 8x5 ote Remnosis ote Remnosis ote Remnosis g SW iag g Dia D air SW Dia air air Rep air Rep Rep air Rep Rep HW HW HW Silver 24x SW e 24x SW e 7 at 7 pda t Upd U S Upg W Gold rad e Platinum
  4. 4. Gold Service Package Enhancing the Silver Service Package, the Gold Service Package adds to your range of Maintenance Services, covering more requirements: ActionLine™ 24x7: Access to ECI 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a highly skilled support team available to answer your questions. When necessary, they will diagnose and isolate possible problems quickly and efficiently. This service provides technical support and product information based on a committed response-time model, meeting the highest quality standards. Software Updates Service: Provides versions of software as they become available to correct known bugs at the time of severity level release. Periodic documentation is provided, informing customers about the latest available software updates and releases. Platinum Service Package ECI’s most comprehensive service level, the Platinum Service Package offers the full range of Maintenance Services: Software Upgrade Service is provided as new versions become available for purchased hardware under contract. New features, performance improvements and technology updates are regularly supplied to keep the network up-to-date with changes or improvements made during the product’s lifecycle. Training services In today’s competitive telecommunications market, expertise is crucial, so ECI has created a unique Training College platform to help your team gain key market insight, giving you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead. ECI Telecom’s Training College offers: Courses to teach your network planners, managers, administrators and maintenance staff to operate and service ECI’s platforms at maximum levels of efficiency. A training program that is customizable and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the theory, operation and maintenance of our equipment. Talented staff who utilize effective and up-to-date teaching techniques and equipment, giving participants the clearest possible explanation of each subject. Detailed study guides, multimedia programs, management station emulators and real or simulated networks.
  5. 5. Additional and On-Demand Services Fast Exchange A premium hardware service in which ECI dispatches exchange parts in advance of receiving your faulty unit. Dispatching takes place within four business days of request receipt. On-site Services When a problem cannot be solved using remote network access. Within an agreed-upon period after receiving a request, ECI will send a fully qualified field service engineer to rectify the problem on-site. Our engineer performs on-site remedial services (maintenance) on contracted equipment within the territory of the service area. On-site service is provided during normal business hours, five days a week, but can be extended to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including public holidays). Preventative Maintenance Diagnosing potential problems before they develop can prevent a large portion of network breakdowns from ever occurring, saving your business time and money. ECI’s preventative maintenance & inspection service will allow your network to avoid serious potholes, maintaining service around the clock. This service includes an experienced engineer visiting and inspecting each site - determining the status of an installation and performing a battery of preventative maintenance routines according to the product type procedure. To prevent traffic disruption, the preventative maintenance routine will be performed only upon full customer authorization. Resident Engineer Availability & complexity of a network demands a full-time expert engineer, operating the network and sharing his knowledge with your NOC team. ECI's resident engineer service offers you a dedicated engineer who will perform on-site remedial services (maintenance) on contracted equipment within the territory of the service area. Spare Management The spare management program maximizes operating efficiency through a reliable platform devoted to decreasing the cost of spare parts and maximizing equipment availability. By implementing this program, you can outsource your entire spare parts logistics process to ECI. We will consult with you to build a plan that meets your business goals and objectives. This comprehensive service provides continuous monitoring and automatic replenishment of parts, as well as intelligent inventory management. Replacement units are shipped within 24 working hours of receiving the request call. This service is available 24x7x365.
  6. 6. Copyright © 2009 ECI Telecom. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. ECI Telecom assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document. 1Net defines ECI’s focus on facilitating our customers' optimal transition to Next-Generation Networks, through the unique combination of innovative and multi-functional network equipment, fully integrated solutions and all-around services ECI Headquarters EMEA RoAPAC CIS Americas India (Mumbai) Tel: +972 3926 6555 Tel: +44 1256 388000 Tel: +65 6505 1960 Tel: +972 3926 8548 Tel: +1 954 772 3070 Tel: +91 22 6715 5555 Fax: +972 3928 7100 Fax: +44 1256 388143 Fax: +65 6505 1999 Fax: +972 3926 6452 Fax: +1 954 351 4404 Fax: +91 22 6675 8973