Computer Networks Computer Networks


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Computer Networks Computer Networks

  1. 1. Computer Networks Barry Irwin May 2005
  2. 2. Computer Networks Overview ► Routers Routing and Routing Algorithms ► Network Management and Monitoring ► MPLS and ATM ► Wireless Networking ► TCP/IP - The protocols ► Network System Administration ► Networking Utilities ► Hands on Networking
  3. 3. Theory ► Routers Routing and Routing Algorithms ► Network Management and Monitoring ► MPLS and ATM ► Wireless Networking ► TCP/IP - The protocols ► Network System Administration
  4. 4. Hands On ► Network Management and Monitoring ► Wireless Networking ► TCP/IP - The protocols ► Network System Administration ► Networking Utilities ► Hands on Networking
  5. 5. What do we hope to achieve? ► Quick ramp up on some background theory ► Having a look at some new technologies ► Hands-on installation of a network ► How to go about debugging network problems ► Basics of designing, running and maintaining a modern network ► To allow you to gain some PRACTICAL , applicable real-world relevant skills
  6. 6. Lecture Times ► Monday: 10h30 ► Tuesday: 08h15 ► Wednesday: 08h15 ► Thursday: 10h30 ► Friday: 10h30 ► Course will run for three weeks
  7. 7. The Practicals… ► Three Main practicals Will consist of a mix of Theory, application of theory, and practical hands on work ► Therewill be a number of shorter tutorials which you are expected to work through on your own for which some solutions will be provided.
  8. 8. Why Study Networking? ► Almost all computing resources require some form of communication ► Many computing systems are reliant on other systems for information, or processing ► Networking in its many forms provides the means by which we can link computing systems ► A network of computing systems can potentially be more than the sum of its parts
  9. 9. Networks as a Career ► Networking has very broad scope as a career path Systems Administration Network Administration Network Deployment VAN Management
  10. 10. 2005 ITWeb Salary Survey ► Network Admin R12 000 R31 000 ► Network Engineer R15 600 R41 700 ► Network Manager R20 200 R54 000
  11. 11. Some ZA Options ► NETWORK ENGINEER R180K Negotiable Location: Sandton ► Networking SALES Direct sales experience either in IT, telecoms or networking industry ZAR 120000 - ZAR 180000
  12. 12. Some ZA Options ► Senior Network Administrator A good knowledge of networking (LANS and WANS, cabling, routers, internet service providers, emailing etc. Salary: ZAR 250000 - ZAR 400000 NEG ► Firewall-RAS Administrator 3 years proven experience in Firewalls, Information Security and vulnerability Testing and Reporting. You need to do maintenance on the Firewall and RAS infrastructure and enforcing the security policy. You will be responsible to implement proactive measurements against new threats. Salary: ZAR 150000 - ZAR 370000 Highly NEG
  13. 13. More offerings ► Network Audit Engineer (R200,000-250,000) In general a broad and comprehensive knowledge of the following aspects around Network Analysis would be required, though not limited to the following: * Application analysis * Network Monitoring - with aspects like layout, protocols, bandwidth utilization, etc. * Network Simulation and Modelling. In addition, a strong previous knowledge gained within a WAN Engineering role will be highly advantageous.
  14. 14. Yet More… ► Networks Infrastructure Engineer ► (R300,000-400,000 Per Annum CtC) Degree in electrical/mechanical Engineering or Computer Science. You have a CCNA/ CCNP and progressing towards a CCIE. Experienced Senior Engineer, within an ISP or VPN service provider. You are a strong people person, and good team player who can handle 3rd level support at executive level. Design, plan and execute on network designs. Microsoft, Linus and Cisco - Strong skills In-depth knowledge of Layer 2 switching platforms Overall understanding of routing platforms Young, innovative and fast moving environment with market leader in ISP field. Unlimited career scope for delivery orientated individual
  15. 15. UK offerings ► Technical Analyst The Department Business Change & Technology is responsible for managing all major and technology-based change projects across the business and for providing day-to-day IT and telephony services to customers and partners Salary: From 34,000.00 to 41,000.00 GBP per/yr
  16. 16. UK offerings ► Engineer - Broadband Networking This leading provider of broadband networking requires a Sales Engineer to cover the EMEA region. Providing totally integrated broadband based networks enabling users to operate seamless wireless connectivity Salary: From 45,000 to 60,000 GBP per year
  17. 17. UK Offerings ► Junior Technical Consultant - Middlesex - 25k-40k My client is a software company who specialise in knowledge management systems and are based in Middlesex. They are looking for a Technical Consultant with 2 years experience in ASP and SQL. They must also have experience of Java Script and HTML. The candidate will require good design/network skills and be an EXCELLENT ... Salary: £25,000 - £40,000 Location: London ► Date posted: 9 May 2005 08:36:57
  18. 18. Course Project ► Over the next four weeks, you get a chance to put your newly acquired skills into practice ► Developing a solution to a real world problem ► This counts as the final Practical ► Hand in: 12h00 Friday 3 June (end of Swot Week)
  19. 19. Course Project
  20. 20. Today’s Tutorial ► Havea look around on your system and try and retrieve the following IP address, gateway, MAC address What Speed are you connected to the LAN at What is your DNS name What subnet is your machine connected to and using what net mask?