AR7 ADSL Network Support Package (NSP)


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AR7 ADSL Network Support Package (NSP)

  1. 1. TM Technology for Innovators Key Features: Product Brief • Linux®-based router stack opti- mized for the AR7 platform enabling addition of functional blocks for AR7 ADSL Network increased system differentiation • Included in AR7 Reference Design Support Package (NSP) Package made up of the AR7 Evaluation Module, ADSL physical layer (PHY) firmware, device drivers, network processor Texas Instruments’ highly interoperable solution to drivers and network layer (TI) Network Support modem manufacturers worldwide. management software Package (NSP) is a Three different configurations are • Seamless integration with TI Linux®-based router available from a base router solution VoIP offering an extensive voice software stack for the AR7 cus- up to a high-end VoIP Residential CODEC family and field-proven tomer premises ADSL reference Gateway with 802.11b/g WLAN solu- VolP solutions designs, providing the network tion giving developers the right mix • Seamless integration with TI protocols, bridging, gateway, of features needed for their products. Wireless 802.11 b/g Access Point routing and management features The NSP recently added new • Support for many basic Residential needed to quickly and easily functionality to the system. Inbound Gateway features including design feature-rich customer and outbound Quality of Service is – Network Address Translation premises modems. now available that optimizes the and SPI firewall, NSP includes optimizations to CPU for the most important traffic. – Full range of protocols (PPPoA, extract the maximum performance The infrastructure for DSL Forum’s PPPoE, RFC2684 and IPoA) from a Linux based router solu- TR-069 is included in the release – 802.1d bridging with bridge tion. It includes an advanced QoS package so manufacturers can easily groups and IGMP snooping implementation which allows it to extend the management parameters – Policy and port-based routing, meet ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ data and objects needed by Service RIP and static routes rates. The optimizations include Providers. AR7-powered solutions – Flexible QoS framework that specific enhancements to ensure are stronger than ever. blends Layer 2/3 QoS sustained high quality voice even TI’s AR7 product line provides a – Video ready functions like under heavy data traffic. It is a complete ADSL router reference multicast IP and IGMP robust software package with an design solution, from the industry proxy/snooping optimized architecture easily con- leading AR7 silicon, to field-proven – PVC multiplexing figured for high volume deploy- reference designs, to a comprehensive • Unified management with support ments. In addition to the many software stack. The NSP runs on for user and standards-based standard Gateway Routing features TI’s Residential Gateway processors management: Web pages, SNMP, it supports, the NSP can also be which share a common architecture CLI, DSL Forum TR-69 used in conjunction with TI with TI’s other broadband • Footprint and performance optimized Wireless 802.11 AP and Voice over products enabling manufacturers IP software. additional flexibility and design Developed by TI, the NSP takes reuse, thus making it the perfect advantage of software core compe- platform for the one-box home tencies to offer a field-proven and networking solution.
  2. 2. Standards-Based Management User Management Gateway Services SNMP UPnP FTP/TFTP IGMP v2 DNS Relay Dynamic DHCP TR-69 Web Pages CLI v1/v2 IGD 1.0 Proxy DNS C/S/R HTTP/ Telnet w/ syslog SNTP VolP MIB-II HTTPS SSH v2 TI Configuration Manager WAN Protocols Security/Address Translation Packet Backbone NSP Policy RIP PPPoA PPPoE SSH SPI Firewall Packet Filtering ICMP UDP Routing v1/v2 2684 1577 Port Static SSL Policy Database Content Filtering TCP HTTP Routing Routes WAN Multiplexing Port Forwarding IPSec Passthru NAT/NAPT IPv4 UPnP IGD NAT Quality of Service Framework Traversal ATM 802.1d Bridging Linux Kernel AAL5 8 PVCs UBR CBR ABR VBR OAM Bridge IGMP UART Boot ACLs QoS Loader BSP Groups Snooping Flash VLYNQ™ ADSL Clock PSP Ethernet 802.11 GPIO USB 1.0 Switch AP TI.413 992.1 992.2 A, B, C G.hs stats INTC EMIF HAL Hardware Platforms: AR7, AR7W, AR7VW The AR7 Network Support Package functional diagram 2
  3. 3. Router Software Stack Features Packet Backbone WAN Protocol Protocols Protocols – ICMP – IGMP v1/v2 and Multicast – RFC 2684 Routed or Bridged – UDP – IPv4 – RFC 2516 PPP over Ethernet – TCP – RFC 2364 LLC or Vc Mux PPP over ATM QoS Framework – RFC 1577 CLIP over ATM – Ingress Packet Inspection and Classification based on PVC Multiplexing with ability to multiplex different a configurable Payload Priority Database (PPDb) with connection types over a single PVC early Packet discard based on System Congestion PPO On-Demand support with Traffic Selection capabilities Notification Network Management – Egress HTB Shaping or WRR per interface User and Standard Based Management Applications scheduling with Priority Queues – CLI Telnet (Remote and Local) – Supports DiffServ DSCP, ToS at IP layer (PPDb) – Web pages with HTTP/HTTPS server – Mark or re-mark packets to make QoS work across – RFC 3164 Syslog for logging different Domains – UPnP™ IGD 1.0 – Maps between layer 3 and layer 2 QoS schemes – DSL Forum TR-69 to maintain end to end QoS – SNMP v1,v2, v2c Agent with MIB II Groups – Support for Trusted and Un-trusted Interfaces • System – DSL Forum TR-059 compatible • Interface Control Message Protocol (ICMP) – Optimized to sustain Voice Quality under heavy data traffic • Internet Protocol (IP) – Common Linux Kernel bottlenecks removed • Interface or optimized TI Configuration Manager with XML database for Bridging comprehensive management – 802.1d Source Transparent Bridge with support for Tech Support account for remote access 255 MAC addresses DSL Forum TR-068-specified Access Control List for – Multiple bridge groups for physical DMZ’s or port management access isolation Extensive policy database: connection, servers, – Layer 2 Access Control Lists for Permit/Deny by port, applications, game servers MAC address and frame type Flash ROM upgradeable – IGMP snooping to control multicast flooding Image disaster recovery – Bridge traffic participates in overall QoS Expanded test and diagnostics Routing Detailed Statistics – IP forwarding Gateway Services – RIP v1/v2 DHCP Client/Relay/Server – Policy routing DNS Relay/Proxy – Ability to map LAN ports to PVC’s Dynamic DNS (DynDNS and TZO) Address Translation Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) NAT Options IGMP v2 Proxy/Snooping – Basic NAT Support for TI VoIP (SIP/MGCP/App Service) software – Bi-Directional NAT and CODEC’s – Static port mappings Firewall/Security – Port Forwarding with NAT DMZ port Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall (SPI) Policy database with port/protocol information Extensive firewall rule database for well known applications for common applications SSL support via OpenSSL – Upgradeable Secure Shell (SSH) v2 – Same information used for firewall Denial of Service protection from common attacks UPnP IGD 1.0 NAT Traversal Application Digital signature for firmware upgrades Layer Gateways – IRC Other Features – FTP – TFTP – Talk LED API – H.323 Point to Point – PPTP w/GRE Software support for hardware reset to default – IPsec Tunnels Boot loader with POST (Flash warning LED) 3
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