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Transforming network infrastructure for high performance


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Transforming network infrastructure for high performance

  1. 1. Transforming network infrastructure for high performance
  2. 2. Accenture Enterprise Network Solutions Delivering innovative networking services to achieve high performance The era of next-generation 1. Opportunities for new services. The IP network architecture is a plat- network services Commoditization of traditional product form for innovation in both business sets, such as point-to-point bandwidth and government. For example, Over the next few years, the enterprise circuits, WAN services, traditional networks supporting mobile computing networking capabilities of most analog phone systems, etc. means that enable new products and services for Global 2000 companies and major organizations are looking for customers, and better citizen services governments will undergo revolution- innovations to drive growth and in areas of public safety, public welfare, ary change. The impetus: new enhance services. public health and homeland security. technologies that are enabling opportunities for operational efficiency, 2. Support for a mobile, dispersed 5. Competitive pressures. Companies exciting offerings, better service workforce and customer base. Mobile and governments will be looking to and growth. To achieve and maintain workers and customers create new achieve and maintain competitive high performance, enterprises will be challenges and opportunities in the advantage or a superior position by retooling their overall technology network space. exploiting the new technology infrastructure, and dramatically 3. The imperative to reduce operating capabilities and offerings of the IP era. reducing their use of private networks costs. The IP-based, next-generation 6. More cost-effective technologies. and replacing them with next- network simplifies the overall infra- Telecommunication providers are generation enterprise networks based structure and provides more cost- aggressively pushing toward more on Internet Protocol (IP) technologies. effective, standards-based capabilities. efficient, cost-effective and future- The coming “era of IP” will see the In addition, cost reductions can be proof technologies such as Voice over convergence of voice, data and video, obtained by re-sourcing existing IP (VoIP) or IP telephony. as well as the implemeation of always- service contracts to providers with 7. Consolidation and integration. on, ubiquitous, IP-based wireless lower cost structures. Businesses and governments alike face communications systems. 4. The need to support new operational the need to consolidate and integrate This dramatic change is being driven initiatives through increased network service networks (such as Public Safety by several forces: capabilities. Next-generation networks Networks) to allow more responsive also provide enhanced services and and cost-effective customer and capabilities such as multi-channel citizen services. contact services and unified messaging.
  3. 3. IP Everywhere Next Generation Tomorrow Network Creation Convergence Phase 3 driven by capability enhancement Enterprise Network Steps Transformation Today Phase 2 driven by IT Rationalization Telecom Expense cost & Consolidation Management reduction Phase 1 Network Assessment Time Phase 1: Rationalize, consolidate and optimize network infrastucture Phase 2: Transform network infrastructure to create Next Generation Enterprise Network Phase 3: Leverage Next Generation Enterprise Network capabilities The Payoff: Implications a network infrastructure that positions formation significantly reduces of the IP era them for leadership in the IP era. network costs, and may include At Accenture, we believe companies outsourcing strategies. The radiating economic impact of the IP/broadband era will be enormous, as and governments have now embarked • Enterprise Integration: Using consumers, citizens and business on a journey from their current state of networks deployed previously, this customers make a number of changes legacy network technologies, such as phase consists of implementing new to take full advantage of the benefits frame relay and ATM, to a converged, network functionalities, such as of these new technologies. At the all-IP infrastructure. This evolutionary VoIP/IP telephony and wireless, to most basic level, people will spend process will proceed along three provide new business capabilities. more on their monthly network fees phases, as shown in the diagram above: From this phase emerges a next- driven by people purchasing new • Rationalization: In this first phase, generation network fully integrated equipment—computers, modems, Wi-Fi organizations will identify areas with the business and operational (wireless fidelity) LANs, digital where their network could be requirements of the organization. cameras, CD burners and MP3 rationalized, consolidated, devices—better suited to broadband transformed and optimized as part capabilities. The growth of Voice over of an overall Network strategy. IP (VoIP) or IP telephony means things like mobile handsets will be able to Rationalization can also include short term “quick wins”, such as ...if these benefits take advantage of the Wi-Fi infrastructure. network expense management and contract renegotiation, to reduce are to be realized, cost in the near term. However, if these benefits are to be realized, most organizations must take • Transformation: Here, organizations most organizations leverage new technologies in line immediate and aggressive action. Most corporate networks today are complex, with their Network strategy to must take inefficient, costly and difficult to fundamentally transform the manage, partly because networks were built upon heterogeneous legacy network to provide better service with additional functionality immediate and technologies. Rarely does one see a company or government agency with required to build future business capabilities. This network trans- aggressive action.
  4. 4. Accenture helps CIOs and other technology executives answer their most pressing networking questions…. Accenture: Innovative business and strategic objectives into networking services networking requirements. Working from a broader infrastructure to achieve high performance perspective, we have an end-to-end Accenture has the experience, knowledge of the total infrastructure assets and proven offerings to help requirements to help you achieve high organizations achieve high performance. We work closely with performance and lower their risk on the your technology and business journey to next-generation networks, organizations to create networking and to the business capabilities and capabilities that not only meet today’s innovations of the IP era. needs to reduce cost, but also address With deep skills and knowledge– tomorrow’s needs for enhanced including industry-leading knowledge business and operational capabilities in mobile and wireless technologies enabled by IP-based networks. and applications–Accenture knows how to begin from an industry perspective and then translate
  5. 5. How can I improve my networking capabilities? The journey to high-performance networking begins with a deep understanding of your organization’s long-term business or strategic goals. From those, one can then conduct a realistic assessment of where your networking capabilities stand in comparison to your requirements, industry standards and best practices. Additionally, it is important to assess the possible risks your organization faces due to your existing networking infrastructure. Accenture and PPL With the Accenture Network Assess- 2. Reviewing current network ment Offering, our experienced infrastructure and costs. At PPL, which delivers electricity to networking personnel work closely 3. Creating total cost of ownership customers in Pennsylvania, the United with your network organization to estimates for current network Kingdom and Latin America, Accenture understand your strategic goals, assess infrastructure. worked with company personnel to your current environment, conduct a perform a diagnostic review of their 4. Conducting current network gap analysis, identify potential cost voice and data network expenditures. infrastructure gap analysis. savings and then work to jointly Through interviews and documentation develop a network strategy unique to 5. Identifying potential cost savings analysis, the Accenture team helped your organization and its most critical in the current network. determine future requirements and objectives. With strong execution constraints for the network By leveraging the Accenture Network capabilities and ability to deliver based infrastructure, then provided an Assessment diagnostic, our clients gain on insight into your organization and overview and analysis of the current a better understanding of where their industry, we then partner with you to network infrastructure including: organization’s communications deliver new solutions to close any gaps network architecture and design, cost network stands in comparison to identified. structures, charge back models, service industry standards, best practices and levels agreements and organizational Accenture Network Assessment possible risk points. Overall models. By teaming with Accenture, The unique Accenture Network performance improvements can be PPL was able to identify solutions with Assessment diagnostic includes a dramatic because the cost savings a potential cost savings of up to $3 review of the three key areas of an identified can be significant. Based on million annually. enterprise’s Network: network Accenture experience, a network architecture, performance and assessment can result in: operations. Important steps of the • 20 to 40 percent reductions in data assessment include: communications expenditures. 1. Identifying how the business, • 20 to 30 percent reductions in voice technical and service-level expenditures. requirements affect the network environment.
  6. 6. How can I optimize spending while still enabling the business? Economic challenges today continue to vex networking departments. Already challenged to cut costs without the benefit of falling telecom prices, CIOs also face other challenges. Many telecom/IT departments find it Accenture Telecom Accenture and difficult to maintain a complete Expense Management Reliant Resources inventory of their network services, either for verification of an invoice or The Accenture Telecom Expense Accenture has helped several major for service level management, contract Management offering helps companies organizations with cost reductions and management, and for the development and governments achieve high process improvements that are and procurement of additional services. performance by delivering cost savings improving overall performance by Financial departments at many through proactive management of saving money and increasing organizations often cannot fully telecom expenditures. With a proven management capabilities. For example, understand invoices, and do not have suite of services, we help identify and Reliant Resources engaged Accenture access to cost center information. capture opportunities for cost savings to conduct a comprehensive telecom They may also lack the telecom within your network infrastructure. expense management program for cost expertise to allocate charges by Working closely with our clients, we reduction and avoidance. The work network component. In addition, the focus on four key delivery areas: included a full audit, optimization and complexity of telecommunications • Comprehensive audit inventory assurance for over 150 sites provisioning, billing and regulations • Contract review and renegotiation throughout North America. Thanks to often leads to billing errors. • Infrastructure optimization this program, Reliant Resources saved • Process and automation design 35 percent, or $4.2 million, through The Accenture Telecom Expense audit and optimization, and an Management offering helps additional $1.2 million through organizations improve overall contract negotiations. Because of the performance through cost savings, risk success of this telecom expense reduction and increased service management program, Accenture was provider accountability. Typical savings retained to re-design and implement a range from 10 to 20 percent of annual Procure-to-Pay process model for spending. In fact, Accenture is so Telecom, which included developing confident of these potential savings and deploying an inventory that we can create deal structures to management tool. share both risks and rewards, including payment only after cost savings are realized.
  7. 7. How can I transform my networking function to reduce costs and enhance capabilities? The network architecture most commonly deployed in organizations today attempts to integrate many different services and technologies. The result, however, is usually a communications environment that is complex, heterogeneous, inefficient and difficult to manage. When organizations have assessed their existing network infrastructure, and also gained control of their telecommunications costs, they are ready to transform their existing network infrastructure into a next-generation IP network. This network is not only simpler, but more cost effective and flexible, because it is standards-based, and often founded upon an outsourced or co-sourced model. Accenture Enterprise Network Transformation 4. Performing a corporate network upgrade / rationalization to identify The result: With the Accenture Enterprise and replace older technologies, and to rationalize protocols and better overall Network Transformation offering, we work with organizations to help standardize network devices across the WAN/LAN. performance them leverage new network technologies to fundamentally 5. Providing management and workforce performance direction, based on higher transform and simplify their network. The result: better overall performance to help our clients to evaluate and improve their organizations, service levels and based on higher service levels and additional functionality required to operations and personnel. additional build future strategic capabilities. Benefits This Accenture offering contains The Accenture Enterprise Network functionality proven assets and methods in five Transformation offering can improve key areas: overall performance through 1. Establishing the business or significant savings–from 10 to 30 operational requirements to drive percent annually. In addition, the entire network transformation. transformation of outsourcing to an 2. Developing a strategic design that operator can deliver 15 to 25 percent results in a single, integrated logical savings. Enterprise network enterprise network incorporating all transformation reduces costs by network elements. rationalizing the network infrastructure and by providing additional capabilities 3. Conducting a sourcing evaluation, using new technologies. which includes outsource deal shaping as well as the realization of Network transformation can also: the solution. • Provide scalable and flexible network services. • Enhance network security. • Improve network availability.
  8. 8. Accenture delivers high performance with Enterprise Network Transformation at Sainsbury’s Sainsbury’s, the major UK retailer, worked with Accenture on a sweeping enterprise network transformation initiative that has delivered significant high-performance business benefits to the company. An aggressive new management team at Sainsbury’s used this network transformation as one major tool to improve overall business performance in the face of falling profits, lower share price and significant competitive threats. The benefits The joint Sainsbury’s-Accenture team found initially that the management a week. The team migrated 630 sites in total with no impact to the stores’ realized by of the existing corporate network had become complex and reactive, with trading. The LAN rollout timeline was synchronized with the deployment of Sainsbury’s unclear service boundaries leading to service overlaps, gaps and quality the re-platformed point-of-sale functionality. The upgrade was because of this issues. The existing network (both LAN and WAN) was based on old performed at the steady rate of 18 stores per week. initiative have technologies and designs from multiple vendors, which limited the network’s The benefits realized by Sainsbury’s because of this initiative have been been impressive. scalability and made it even more complex to maintain and manage. impressive. The company has already reduced operating costs by 25 percent, One key objective of the while also enjoying improved service transformation initiative at Sainsbury’s levels. By teaming with Accenture, was to transform the networking Sainsbury’s now has a more flexible, organization into a network services scalable and manageable network. manager, to benefit from economies of The company has doubled bandwidth scale accessible to carriers. Accenture to support re-platforming traffic, and worked with the company to establish now enjoys flexible bandwidth to its board-level business relationships with 200 largest stores. This network the selected telecom carrier, BT. The transformation was an integral part joint Accenture-Sainsbury’s team also of Sainsbury’s overall IT transformation maintained tight control of the design which included outsourcing all aspects and implementation. of the food retailer’s information After a successful pilot of the new technology infrastructure to Accenture. networking infrastructure, the team This strategy resulted in immediate proceeded with the wider rollout, with savings of more than UK £35 million approximately 117 sites migrated in (US$50 million) a year.
  9. 9. How can I capitalize on converging networking technologies? Over the next few years, most organizations will be integrating IP communications as they transform their underlying network infrastructure. Enterprise network technologies are converging on the IP protocol to provide next-generation network services to enterprise customers, citizens and users. Accenture and Although most IT organizations have take advantage of the capabilities Brighthouse Networks accepted convergence as inevitable, these technologies create. Today, many the vast majority of FORTUNE 500® organizations fear that they lag behind Accenture worked with Brighthouse companies and large government their competitors and peers because of Networks to help the company develop entities do not have a well-developed previous years’ budgetary constraints. a new enterprise voice infrastructure plan to move forward from a Accenture helps organizations catch up to improve the overall customer technology, vendor or business with the market to leverage emerging experience through a best-in-class investment perspective. technologies and exploit new approach. Standards-based equipment capabilities to achieve high enabled Brighthouse to build upon Accenture Network performance. technology advances—such as call Convergence processing, call signaling and network Benefits quality of service—that will enable With the Accenture Network contact center agents to take Convergence offering, our experienced With this offering, Accenture can advantage of new capabilities. Benefits networking personnel work closely improve overall performance by to Brighthouse have already been with your organization to improve delivering substantial cost reductions significant. Overall, Brighthouse overall performance by deploying a and operational efficiencies. These expects to realize a net benefit of $1.9 network convergence solution. This include: million, representing a 12 percent solution can reduce total cost of • 10 to 25 percent reductions in return on its investment. network ownership, and also provide capital expenditures, primarily an opportunity to exploit new through consolidation. technologies to offer more advanced • 20 to 40 percent reductions in offerings to customers and citizens. operational expenditures, through Thanks to the proven assets within this lower voice network costs and offering, Accenture can provide its reduced maintenance of separate clients a continuous view of the telephony and data networks. possibilities presented by such technologies as wireless networks and • Two to five percent increases in VoIP services/IP telephony. Importantly, operational efficiency, through new we also help clients design ways to communications services and messaging capabilities.
  10. 10. How can I derive long-term, continuous benefits from network transformation? Businesses and governments can further enhance the centralization and convergence of networks through outsourcing. Outsourcing the network along Accenture Network • Data services: LAN, WAN, remote with other major functions can Management access, IP services, predictable performance, application aware ensure that organizations are As part of an integrated outsourcing networks and facsimile services. properly: offering, Accenture provides secure and optimized network management • Voice services: Office telephony, • Leveraging assets, scale and global that helps improve overall telecom expense management, sourcing to achieve cost-effective performance. We leverage aggregated interoffice telephony, personal delivery, and the next increment of purchasing, centralized resource communications and voice savings from their infrastructure. management, global best practices messaging. and the industrialized capabilities of • Audio, video and data conferencing • Getting to the end state quicker. our integrated Command Center and services. Once organizations determine where Global Network Operations Centers to • Security services: firewall they want to take their infra- help organizations maintain lower management, intrusion detection, structure, they can best leverage costs, continuously improve identity management and security outsourcing to quickly reach their productivity and take advantage of policy. destination. evolving technologies over the long • Controlling the end-to-end value term. The Accenture Network Management chain during ongoing operations, so Offering can help companies achieve Accenture provides planning, design high performance in several ways: that the underlying delivery vehicles and analysis, implementation and can achieve the greatest migration and ongoing management • Lower support costs through performance from both applications for technologies that provide secure, simplified networks, global sourcing and business processes. real-time and asynchronous voice and and reduced management resources. data communications within and • Lower bandwidth costs (30 to 65 between client locations and to percent) through better utilization. external entities. These include: • Flexibility to respond to business needs in a dynamic environment. • A highly reliable and secure network infrastructure and predictable service.
  11. 11. How can I position my The Accenture difference: network to support more Delivering advanced business processes high-performance and applications? networking services Accenture works closely with clients For decades, a common and compelling using a proven set of offerings, technological vision has been a world of anywhere, deep business and technology skills and the combined resources available anytime access to all the information an through a broad range of alliances organization, consumer or citizen could wish for. with leading network vendors and all major service providers. This utopia is not here yet, but it’s on the way. With these resources and assets, Complete application mobility via wireless data Accenture is helping organizations networks has been more hype than reality. from all industries and governments achieve high performance through Nonetheless, the recent deployment of WLANs and world-class networking infrastructures. 2.5G networks has pointed the way to the future. These new capabilities are producing measurable improvements in overall Early adopters have demonstrated excellent return business and operational performance. on their investments in wireless data networks and Accenture creates networking mobility applications. infrastructure strategies that continually optimize cost efficiency and operational effectiveness. We identify areas of savings to justify Accenture IP Everywhere • Our Mobile offering services include investments; on average, our clients the design and deployment of a save between 15 and 25 percent on From a networking perspective, mobile network and GPRS/3G-based annual network costs. Importantly, ubiquitous access to information means services for Organizations. We also Accenture offers deals based on “IP is everywhere.” Some studies have help clients design and deploy business-based outcomes, and we found that more than 90 percent of infrastructure to support Hotspot offer flexible business arrangements organizations either have or plan to services, as well as next-generation to suit any organization’s needs. have wireless access as part of their VoIP mobile solutions integrating corporate network within the next few Wi-Fi/GPRS/3G. years. Yet moving forward cost effectively can be a challenge. The Accenture IP Everywhere offering builds Benefits on innovative thinking and Accenture’s The Accenture IP Everywhere offering wide range of experience and assets in delivers a number of important benefits the emerging world of IP solutions. The to organizations as they pursue a offering contains two streams of mobile strategy, including: services to help our clients deploy • Reduced risks of implementation by wireless technology and enterprise leveraging Accenture’s experience and mobile services to prepare for the methodologies, as well as a best-of- coming world of ubiquitous access: breed, vendor-neutral approach. • Our Wireless offering includes • Reduced operational costs by using services such as a review of wireless a standardized wireless platform capabilities and security risks, and the (Service Delivery Platform) across development of a comprehensive the organizations. wireless business plan for both wireless infrastructure and mobile • More rapid delivery of value through services. The offering also includes faster deployment and a more viable wireless LAN implementation, and the business case. design and deployment of enterprise mobile IP using a Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  12. 12. Contact Nicholas Murray Enterprise Network Services Lead, For more information on how Asia Pacific Accenture can help your organization achieve high performance through +613 9838 7112 advanced networking capabilities, contact: Yasunari Mori Enterprise Network Lead, Japan Jamie Gylden Global Enterprise Network +813 5771 3107 Services Lead +33 4 9294 7561 Eric Daumieres Enterprise Network Services Lead, Europe, Middle East & Africia + 33 4 9294 7506 Michael Kern Enterprise Network Services Lead, Americas + 1 650 213 2033 About Accenture Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Committed to delivering innovation, Accenture collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. With deep industry and business process expertise, broad global resources and a proven track record, Accenture can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help clients improve their performance. With more than 115,000 people in 48 countries, the company generated net revenues of US$13.67 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2004. Its home page is Copyright © 2005 Accenture All rights reserved. Accenture, its logo, and High Performance Delivered are trademarks of Accenture.