Sun Networking Solutions for Servers and Storage


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Sun Networking Solutions for Servers and Storage

  1. 1. SUN NETWORKING SOLUTIONS FOR SERVERS AND STORAGE InfInIBand SolutIonS QdR InfInIBand datacenteR SwItcheS featuReS KeY BenefItS KeY aPPlIcatIonS Sun™ datacenter •• Connectivity for 648 servers or storage systems in •• Reduces the cost and complexity of large-scale •• HPC clusters InfiniBand Switch 648 11 RU chassis HPC deployments when compared with alternative •• Converged datacenter fabrics •• Scales to over 5,000 nodes with the IB QDR NEM Clos fabric solutions •• IB grid architecture •• 41 Tb/s data throughput •• Unrivaled density and capacity when used with the •• Clustered databases Sun Constellation System: replaces up to 152 discrete •• 300 ns QDR port-to-port latency switching elements and thousands of cables •• High Performance Storage Sun datacenter •• Connectivity for 72 servers or storage systems •• Cuts the cost and complexity of small-to-moderate •• HPC clusters InfiniBand Switch 72 in 1 RU chassis scale IB cluster deployments •• Converged datacenter fabrics •• Ultra-slim, ultra-dense switch fabric solution •• Simplifies management and reduces costs by using •• IB grid architecture •• Scales up to 576 nodes with the IB QDR NEM one-third the number of cables of typical Clos fabrics •• Clustered databases •• 4.6 Tb/s data throughput •• Part of the Sun Constellation System, a QDR •• High Performance Storage HPC solution •• 300 ns QDR port-to-port latency Sun datacenter •• Connectivity for 36 servers or storage systems in •• Self-contained multi-purpose switch for •• Clustered databases InfiniBand Switch 36 1 RU chassis smaller clusters •• Converged datacenter fabrics •• Can be used as a leaf switch in larger IB fabrics •• Low cost, low latency QDR performance •• Commercial HPC compute clusters •• Redundant power and cooling for high availability •• Flexibility and scalability to support multiple •• High Performance Storage in demanding environments usage models otheR IB QdR PRoductS featuReS KeY BenefItS KeY aPPlIcatIonS Sun Blade™ 6048 QdR InfiniBand •• Chassis-integrated leaf switch with 30 InfiniBand •• Minimizes cabling up to 6x and reduces costs while •• HPC clusters network express Module QDR and 24 passthrough Gigabit Ethernet simplifying management •• Converged datacenter fabrics (GbE) ports •• Improved reliability due to the simplified system •• IB grid architecture •• Integrated with the Sun Blade 6048 to scale over architecture •• Clustered databases 5,000 end-nodes with the Sun IB Datacenter Switch 648 •• High Performance Storage •• Increased resiliency to allow connectivity of up to eight ultra-dense QDR switches •• Designed to support varied topologies including “Fat Tree” and mesh topologies Sun QdR host channel adapters •• HCA product line includes low-profile PCIe •• Better price/performance •• Clustered databases adapters, hot-pluggable PCIe ExpressModules, •• Low latency •• Converged datacenter fabrics and Fabric Expansion Modules for Sun Fire and Sun Blade servers •• Optimized performance of your compute and •• HPC compute clusters •• High-performance 10 GB/s, 20 GB/sec, and database clusters •• High Performance Storage 40 GB/sec interconnected server clusters •• Enable the full performance of Sun’s PCIe servers and blades (up to 80 GB/s, full-duplex bandwidth) 1
  2. 2. Sun Networking Solutions for Servers and Storage etheRnet netwoRKIng SolutIonS etheRnet netwoRK exPReSS ModuleS featuReS KeY BenefItS KeY aPPlIcatIonS Sun Blade 6000 Virtualized 10 gbe •• Ethernet NEM designed for Sun Blade 6000 •• Cost-effective way to connect multiple blade servers •• Web infrastructure network express Module Modular System, with 2 NEMs per chassis to networks and I/O •• Consolidation •• In-chassis blade-to-blade communication •• Provides virtualized 10 GbE I/O to the network and •• Enterprise •• Integrated SAS storage networking between the blades in chassis •• Supports the Solaris™ OS, Linux, Windows •• Reduces cabling 10x eliminating management and interoperability problems Sun Blade 6000 gigabit •• 10 1GbE passthru ports, one port dedicated to •• Provide easy and cost-effective passthru •• Web infrastructure ethernet neMs each blade connectivity for Gigabit Ethernet •• Consolidation •• Enterprise etheRnet netwoRKIng adaPteRS featuReS KeY BenefItS KeY aPPlIcatIonS 10 gbe nIcs •• Multithreaded NICs for Sun’s UltraSPARC® servers •• Low CPU utilization for application acceleration •• Fast database access and backup •• Intel 10GbE NICs for Sun Fire™ x64 servers •• Flexibility and granularity for assigning resources that •• Large data warehousing •• Choice of: low-profile for rack and PCIe can help avoid I/O bottlenecks •• Web infrastructure ExpressModules for blade servers •• I/O virtualization for networking and cabling •• Cluster computing and HPC/Grid •• Support for Solaris, Linux, Window, and VMware consolidation •• Video streaming •• All port density, single, dual- and quad-port NIC •• Optimized large throughput with effective low •• IP/TV bandwidth cost 1 gbe nIcs •• Multithreaded NICs for Sun’s UltraSPARC servers •• Connectivity flexibility and reliability through •• Business financial •• Intel 1 GbE NICs optimized for Sun Fire x64 servers virtualization and link aggregation with effective •• Customer management solutions low cost •• Choice of: low-profile for rack and PCIe •• Decision support data warehouse ExpressModules for blade servers •• Efficient throughput for large packet sizes through •• Enterprise resource planning low-overhead Jumbo frame support •• Support for Solaris, Linux, Window, and VMWare •• Web infrastructure •• All port density, single, dual- and quad-port NIC •• Reduced CPU load through hardware off-load and hardware flow classification crypto accelerators •• Accelerate SSL cryptographic functions from host •• Enable cost-effective temper-proof security •• Business financial processors for Sun platforms •• Fulfill government requirement ( FIPS-140 ) •• Billing •• Improved performance •• Online transaction processing StoRage netwoRKIng SolutIonS BRocade PRoduct PoRtfolIo featuReS KeY BenefItS KeY aPPlIcatIonS Brocade Backbones, directors •• A line of Brocade FC products to complement •• Datacenter consolidation connectivity for highly- •• SAN consolidation and Switches Sun’s storage solutions available, lossless networking •• Data migration •• Flexible, multiprotocol architecture •• Simplification of datacenter connectivity •• Reduce inter-switch links •• Intelligent management and monitoring •• Better data access, protection, and storage migration •• Server/storage consolidation •• Energy efficiency •• Reduced power consumption, better energy efficiency •• Virtualized server connectivity •• High density and performance for large SANs •• Reduced congestion between switches •• Seamless scalability •• Scalability to meet demands of growing DC •• Highest performance •• Investment protection 2
  3. 3. Sun Networking Solutions for Servers and Storage cISco PRoduct PoRtfolIo featuReS KeY BenefItS KeY aPPlIcatIonS cisco directors and Switches •• A line of Cisco FC products to complement •• Unmatched scalability and availability •• All sizes datacenter storage environments Sun’s storage solutions •• Highest available Fibre Channel performance •• SAN consolidation •• Multiprotocol support •• Lowest overall TCO •• High-performance datacenter SANs •• Open platform •• Investment protection •• Integrated mainframe support •• SAN consolidation •• Unified SAN management •• Mission critical performance •• Advanced traffic management •• Simple to manage, configure, and deploy •• Comprehensive diagnostics and troubleshooting fIBRe channel hBaS featuReS KeY BenefItS KeY aPPlIcatIonS Sun Storagetek 8gb fc •• 8 Gb FC high performance connectivity •• Provides investment protection by supporting •• Enterprise SANs PcIe hBa •• PCIe 2.0 connectivity 8, 4, and 2 Gb FC SANs •• Database applications •• Virtualization •• Increased bandwidth results in improved server •• OLTP scalability and performance •• Optimizes virtual connections Sun StorageteK 4gb fc hBas •• 4 Gb FC high performance connectivity •• Supports 4 and 2 Gb FC SANs •• Enterprise SANs •• Multiple connectivity options •• Supports PCI-X and PCIe server connectivity •• Database applications SaS hBaS featuReS KeY BenefItS KeY aPPlIcatIonS SaS express Module •• Advanced RAID feature •• Provides optimized data protection •• Database and OLTP hBa family •• 3 Gb/s data transfer rate •• Delivers high speed transfer rates for Open Storage •• Solaris ZFS™ applications •• Open Storage 3
  4. 4. Sun Networking Solutions for Servers and Storage LEARN MORE. For more detail on Sun’s portfolio of high performance, highly available and scalable networking solutions for the Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand, visit © 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, Sun Blade, Sun Fire, Solaris, and ZFS are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. All SPARC trademarks are used under license and are trademarks or registered trademarks of SPARC International, Inc. in the US and other countries. Products bearing SPARC trademarks are based uupon an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. Information subject to change without notice. SunWIN #569529 Lit. #SYST15028-0 9/09