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Social Networking and Remix Culture


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Social Networking and Remix Culture

  1. 1. Social Networking and Remix Culture 10 minutes on putting web 2.0 to work Doug Worsham L&S Learning Support Services Social Networking & Remix Culture 1 I’m Doug Worsham, an instructional technology consultant with Letters and Science Learning Support Services. L&S LSS helps instructors in the College of Letters & Science create and distribute rich multimedia resources, and design highly interactive learning environments. Today we’ll take a quick 10 minute snapshot of Social Networking and Remix Culture with a focus on how these ideas can be put to use to get real work done in an academic environment. First, a couple of quick definitions.
  2. 2. Social networking software helps groups of people share, organize, and discuss their work and ideas. Social Networking & Remix Culture 2 Social networking, also known as social software, is defined any number of ways, but when I talk about social software, I’m thinking of tools that help groups of people share, organize, and discuss their work and their ideas. Blogs, wikis, as well as sites like Flickr and facebook are all good examples.
  3. 3. In a remix culture, derivative works are both allowed and encouraged. ( Social Networking & Remix Culture 3 Social networking sites get really fun when participants are part of a “remix culture” or perhaps more simply, a culture of sharing. So let’s look at an example of how these two ideas, social networking and remix culture work together.
  4. 4. Comment Share Join Groups Social Networking & Remix Culture 4 I found this image on a photo sharing site called flickr. It was easy to find because someone named Bob uploaded it to flickr and then tagged it with a number of terms. This made it easy for me, and everyone else online, to have all sorts of interactions about and around the image. We can make comments and annotations, we can blog it, order prints, we can join groups of people that like pictures like this one. This is the social networking side of things. flickr provides a rich set of tools for us to interact around the content we create.
  5. 5. Repurpose (Remix) Social Networking & Remix Culture 5 Even better, though, is when we build in some sharing. Bob was nice enough to license his image under the creative commons, which means that anyone can share the image, and even repurpose or remix the image as I’ve done here, the only rule being that any derivative works must also be released under the same license. So, this presentation itself is licensed under the creative commons, and you’re potentially, the next person in the chain.
  6. 6. Repurpose (Remix) you ? Social Networking & Remix Culture 6 So, this presentation itself is licensed under the creative commons, and you’re potentially the next person in the chain.
  7. 7. But, there’s more to it than just pictures of pipe cleaner muscle-men. Social Networking & Remix Culture 7 So that’s great for pictures of pipe cleaner muscle men, but these ideas can also be very effectively put to work as well.
  8. 8. WiscWiki Team • Growing community interested in using wikis for teaching, administration, and research • Team members build, share, adapt, and repurpose content Social Networking & Remix Culture 8 At L&S Learning Support Services we’re involved in a number of projects that put social networking tools and remix culture to work. We’ve been working with people throughout the UW-System on the WiscWiki site, which is a meeting ground and collaboration point for people in the system interested in using wikis for instruction, administration, and research. The content for the site is built entirely by its members, and can be repurposed and reused for presentations and workshops at local campuses.
  9. 9. New FRIT / CSUMC Websites • Low to no barriers to contributing website content • Blogging & Podcasting • Photo Sharing Gallery • Calendar of Events • Private areas for departmental communication Social Networking & Remix Culture 9 LSS is working with faculty in the French and Italian and at the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Culture to rework the entire idea of a departmental website based around easy generation of web content, support for departmental blogging and podcasting, photo sharing, and both public and private areas for people to communicate with each other.
  10. 10. L&S LessonShare Networked Lesson Plan & Curriculum Development • Flexible “tagging” to categorize entries • Comments provide feedback and suggestions “Remixed” teaching materials • Teaching materials licensed for use and adaptation by others in the department • Revisions allow adapting materials for specific audiences/ purposes Social Networking & Remix Culture 10 Along similar lines, we’re working with a number of departments on an online application we’ve developed called LessonShare, that helps instructors share, organize, and adapt instructional materials. In some ways LessonShare works in a very similar way to the flickr example shared earlier. Instructors contribute their lessons and teaching materials, tag them so that others can easily find them and provide comments and feedback. Instructors can also readily adapt and build upon the work of their peers, creating lessons for particular teaching situations or learning styles.
  11. 11. Instructional Wikis, Blogs, and Podcasts • Rich opportunities for interaction • Knowledge building communities • Active learning • Diversifies modes of teaching and learning Social Networking & Remix Culture 11 Of course in addition to these more “behind the scenes efforts” we’re very actively working on bringing all of these tools into the instructional toolbox as well. We’ve been hosting instructional wikis for almost five years now, and more recently started piloting instructional blogging. We’re excited about how these tools encourage increased student to student interaction, provide a base for the formation of knowledge building communities, promote active learning, and gives students opportunities to learn and interact with each other and their instructors in new and diverse ways.
  12. 12. You can do this, too! ComETS First Point of Contact List for Instructional Technology Campus Staff Social Networking & Remix Culture 12 Of course it is absolutely essential to note that LSS is just one of many groups on campus that is working on making these tools available. This URL will help you find a First Point of Contact if you’re interested in finding out what sorts of technology enhanced teaching and learning tools are available to you. While we’re not all offering up the same set of tools, the ComETS community is increasingly working together to promote a toolbox approach to instructional technology services.
  13. 13. Links & References • This presentation: • ComETS - • WiscWiki Team: • Doug’s site: • Muscle Man Photo: Social Networking & Remix Culture 13 If you’re interested in learning more about any of these projects, please email me or visit my desk. Just look for the muscle man.
  14. 14. Thanks! Please remix this presentation: Social Networking & Remix Culture 14 That’s my quick talk on putting web 2.0 to work. You can leave comments on this presentation, and download the slides for your own remixing at . It’d be great to see your comments!