PC and Network Environment


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PC and Network Environment

  1. 1. PC and Network Environment IT Support Center GRIPS Network Manual is on the desktop of your PC. Refer to it for more information and service. 1. Using a GRIPS PC on Campus Introduction Trouble, repair or maintenance calls off campus. Who we are We are the GRIPS IT Support Center. Our mission is to Inf ormation and Rules f or provide a better network environment, with advanced Care and Use of PCs lent by GRIPS or FASID technology, to all GRIPS teachers, students and staff members on campus. Take personal responsibility for the care of PCs prepared for your use. Who we support Through our Help Desk, we support on-campus users of Do not put any stickers on a keyboard. PCs and peripherals provided by GRIPS. e.g) Your native langage's letter stickers What we provide Diagnosis of GRIPS PC problems and action to resolve You may have to pay for the replacement for the them. keyboard. Information related to the on-campus network. Do not peel off the PC number sticker on the PC. Shut down your PC when you go home, unless Advice about the use, maintenance, and antivirus you have a special reason for leaving it on. protection of on-campus PCs. Use Internet Explorer to surf the Internet on campus. Response to questions about PCs, information technology (IT), and related matters. Use Fire Fox to surf the Internet of campus. What we do not provide A PC infected by a virus can contaminate other PCs. If Resupply or ordering of materials (printer paper, toner you find that your PC is infected with a virus, cartridges, etc.). Purchasing of software. immediately run the Symantec antivirus software program, which is installed in each PC. Purchasing of PC accessories. Do not use a GRIPS PC for purposes other than your Support to individually owned PCs research and education. (for example: advice, software installation, virus countermeasures, etc.). Do not use your PC as a server. Requests to exchange aging PCs now on-campus for Do not exchange your PC for another PC or switch with newer models. your fellow students.
  2. 2. NOTE: The administration has the right to perform A Shared PC is for everyone. Don’t use it except for maintenance on your PC during your absence. study. Reinstalling an OS on your PCI is strictly prohibited. Deleting preinstalled software is strictly prohibited. On graduating, delete all of your data before returning GRIPS Network Service your PC. GRIPS network environment Installing additional software on your PC The GRIPS network environment takes various and You may not install additional software of your own on thorough countermeasures against such matters as virus your GRIPS PC. contamination, illegal access-protection, and so on. Therefore: We do not install additional software on your PC. You cannot connect to the Internet except via proxy Please address questions concerning additional software server. You cannot connect to POP3, SMTP, FTP etc. to the Academic and Student Affairs Division. You cannot connect to Internet sites that are Bringing your own personal computer pornographic, defamatory, or otherwise likely to carry Bringing your personal PC on campus is prohibited. viruses and undesirable software. We cannot support privately owned PCs. Wireless LAN Service (GRIPS contracts with software suppliers do not extend Wireless LAN Service is available as well as wired LAN. to private PCs and thus GRIPS cannot honor their Wireless LAN access points are now installed at various maintenance and repair guarantees to individuals.) locations on campus. Managing your data You can use e-mail, browse web sites, and so on. You are individually responsible for managing the data you create. GRIPS will not be held responsible for any GRIPS account e-mail addresses loss or damage to personal data. Only one e-mail account is assigned to each individual. Ensure the safety of your important personal data by Your e-mail account is your ID (in lower-case letters) keeping a duplicate copy on a storage medium (USB clip followed by @stu.grips.ac.jp . drive, floppy disk, etc.). You are provided with a mail capacity of 500 MB. Handle your login password with care and do not share it NOTE: If you are storing 500 MB of mail or more, you with others. will not be able to receive new mail. Shared PC and supplies for student use If you wish to check your e-mail from off campus, you A shared PC for students is set up in Study Room B. It must use SSL-VPN service or set up the mail transfer has a scanner and CD writer that you can use. option on your Web mail menu in advance. Contact the Academic and Student Affairs Division for Stu-File resupply of printer paper, toner cartridges, etc. for this (Only for IDS, YLP, Public Finance, Public setup. Policy, Transition Economy Program) You will be provided your personal online folder. You Do not log in with your login ID and password. can store your data up to 100MB. With SSL-VPN service, you can access to this file server from anywhere. At your After use, don’t put your files on a shared PC.
  3. 3. graduation, your data in the folder is deleted. SSL-VPN service For using GRIPS network service from outside, use SSL-VPN service. Log on with your ID and password, and you can use email service, Campus plan, Student File service etc. Other Contact information IT Support Center (3F ) E-mail address support@grips.ac.jp Campus extension ex6092/2501 Telephone 03- 6439-6092 Website: http://www10.local.grips.ac.jp/support-center/e/index.ht ml IT Support Center Office hours 9:30-20:00 Monday through Friday Closed Saturday, Sunday, public holiday
  4. 4. 2. GRIPS PC Basic Manual A. How to Log on to your PC Please Log onto your computer in this way: User Name:(Your ID) Password:(Your Password) Log on to: LOCAL (Your ID) (Your Password) If you could not find the “Log on to” drop-down list, please click [Options] to display it. (Your ID) (Your Password)
  5. 5. B. GRIPS e-mail 1. Introduction The capacity of the mailbox assigned to you is about 500MB. If your mailbox is full, you can’t receive email. (You can check the free space in your mailbox on the main page.) We recommend you to delete unnecessary email frequently. Refer to the Active Mail Help on the web page by clicking the button if there is any other content you wish to know. 2. Connect to Web Mail Server Access the URL of Web Mail from the browser: http://webmail.local.grips.ac.jp/ (It is only accessible inside GRIPS) 3. Login to Web Mail Server On the Web Mail login page, enter the username for your GRIPS account (the text preceding @) and your password. Then click on the button. Enter the username for your GRIPS account (the text preceding @) and your password.
  6. 6. C. STU-file server 1. Introduction A file is provided for each student on the STU-file server. Only the owner of the folder can access to the file. The capacity of each folder is 100 MB. Delete unnecessary files to make space if the alert message appears. Be careful when you delete your files/folders by putting them into the Trash Can or pressing the Delete key. The files/folders will be deleted from the server completely. Your personal data is your own responsibility. Back up the data on your storage devices if necessary. GRIPS is not responsible for any troubles such as lost or damaged data. Make sure to delete all the data within your personal folder upon your graduation. 2. How to access stu-file server (only accessible inside GRIPS) ① Click on the Desktop. ② Choose your program from the International Program, and choose the folder the same as your student ID number. (If your student ID is MMM00000, choose Public Policy, and click the folder of MMM00000.) ③ You can use the file as the file on the Desktop. ④ You can use the stu-file from outside of GRIPS using SSL-VPN system. Check the further detail in the manual on the Desktop.
  7. 7. D. SSL-VPN service (GRIPS Instant Virtual Extranet) 1. Introduction You can use the service below from outside of GRIPS using SSL-VPN system. Active!mail GRIPS Webmail GRIPS IT Support Center IT Support Center Homepage Library GRIPS Library Homepage LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe-Online Database Academic Universe-Online Database JSTOR-Online Journal Science Direct-Online Journal Campus Planning System Campus Plan Stu-file Stu-file 2. SSL-VPN system login Type the following URL on your browser, and select Yes in the Security Alert window. https://remote.grips.ac.jp/ Select Yes in the Security Alert window. On the login screen, input your ID and primary password, and click on the Sign In button. Enter your username and password and click on the Sign In button.
  8. 8. 3. Function The screen after logging in ③ ① ② ① Web Bookmarks Links to each service ② Files A link to the stu-file. Check the manual to learn how to use the stu-file on the Desktop ③ Others Home Go back to the main page. Preferences Change login password and layout. Help Online help Sign Out Log out 4. SSL-VPN system logout Click on Sign Out or the x in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  9. 9. Contact information IT Support Center (3F Memorial Hall) E-mail address support@grips.ac.jp support@grips.ac.jp Campus extension x6092 ex6092/2501 Telephone 6439-6092 (03) 6439-6092 Website : http://www10.local.grips.ac.jp/support-center/ Office hours 9:30-20:00 Monday through Friday 9:30 to 20:00 Saturday, Sunday, public holiday Closed
  10. 10. Important!!! Your Computer SMALL LETTERS User name: Student ID Password: Your password Choose LOCAL SSL-VPN System The system enables you to access to Active! Mail or Campus Plan from outside of Campus. SMALL LETTERS User name: Student ID Password: Your password Campus Plan Example: CAPITAL LETTERS ○ MED00111 User name: Student ID × med00111 Password: Student ID × Med00111 ※ If you failed logging in 3 times, your password become invalid. To reset the password, ask at the Academic Support Team. Active! Mail SMALL LETTERS User name: Student ID Password: Your password Where to Go? This is the list where to go when you have a trouble Computer Problems IT Support Center Password Problem (PC, Active! Mail) IT Support Center Printer Problem IT Support Center Any Campus Plan Problem Academic Support Team Installing Software (Getting permission) Academic Support Team Study Tools (Desk, Locker, light etc) Student Office Internet Problems on campus IT Support Center Internet Problems in Odaiba Apartment Manager in Odaiba
  11. 11. How to Use English/Japanese Dual PC PCs in the Lecture room B are English/Japanese dual PCs except for some English only PCs. When you use the dual PC, you have to choose the language. English/Japanese Dual PC English PC 1. How to use English/Japanese dual PC After turning on the power, you will see the window below. Choose Either English or Japanese using [↓or↑], and click [Enter] to start. English OS Japanese OS 2. Choose the keyboard. Click the language mark. It shows either or . Choose either (English) or (Japanese).