networking solutions


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networking solutions

  1. 1. G O D i g i g r a m networking solutions for digital audio and remote management
  2. 2. D i g i g r a m About Digigram Competition in the growing electronic editing and manipulation of digital audio data; transmission economy demands a constant search and device management over low-bandwidth networks; and for better ways to transport program production for broadcast, CD, DVD, and other and share data and to more media. efficiently control networked devices. Around the globe, Digigram’s hardware, software, Digigram’s networking solutions for digital audio and and development tools are widely used to provide remote management respond to that demand and are key advanced solutions to diverse markets. Our achievements are to the success of media, communications, and industrial reached in collaboration with other technology inventors, companies worldwide. application developers who base their products on Digigram Powered Our technologies are portable and solutions, and specialized sales and scalable. They are implemented on marketing organizations. These sound cards for personal computers, partnerships focus our activities on the P3 dedicated multimedia devices, audio needs of the ultimate customer, bring production applications, stand-alone new offerings rapidly to market, and broadcast and remote control increase the visibility of the Digigram equipment, and other host platforms. brand. Marian Marinescu (left), Digigram’s 1999 acquisition of co-founder and President of the Supervisory Board, To fuel our growth, we invest Aztec Radiomedia added expertise and Philippe Girard-Buttoz (right), substantially in research and in industrial control to Digigram’s co-founder and President of the Executive Board development and have taken financial technology portfolio. Our combined know-how in applying interest in other companies. We maintain a corporate networking technologies to audio, broadcast, and Internet philosophy dedicated to superior customer support and connectivity now includes audio data storage and retrieval; maintain offices worldwide to fulfill that commitment. Company milestones 1985 1997 1999 2000 s Digigram founded in s Goes public on the Second s Enables Digigram Powered s Opens Digigram América Grenoble in the French Alps. Marché of the Paris stock audio processing on the Latina in Buenos Aires, exchange. native processors of Argentina, and a field 1989 s Opens Digigram Inc. near computers and other office in Tokyo, Japan. s Introduces the first Washington, DC, to serve platforms through Virtual s Provides Linux driver for professional PC sound North America. PCX software modules. PCX range of sound cards. s Presents the first s Introduces technologies s Introduces HitPlayer, card utilizing audio coding. professional sound card for audio transmission via professional networked for laptop computers, the Ethernet in the NCX audio appliance. 1993 PCXpocket. network audio terminal. s Delivers second-generation s Launches the first sound s Offers a high-level s Launches range of sound IP2 remote device cards incorporating the ISO/MPEG audio coding application-programming cards for lower-cost management interfaces. standards that are now interface (API), PCXtools, applications on both widely used in broadcast and free of charge. Windows and Mac OS 2001 multimedia. platforms. s Opens Digigram Europe. 1998 s Opens field office in Beijing, s Partners with AT&T Labs Opens Digigram Asia Pte China. to develop Advanced Audio 1995 s Ltd. in Singapore. s Completes acquisition of Coding (AAC) technologies. s Unveils sound card range s Delivers the PCXnp range Aztec Radiomedia, s Acquires stake in Innova- offering real-time of sound cards that delivers Strasbourg, France. Son, Brittany, France. simultaneous MPEG enhanced, real-time s Releases miXart range of coding/decoding and processing operations. multichannel audio mixing of compressed processing and mixing and linear tracks to the sound cards based on same physical output. PowerPC processor. GODIGIGRAM2001
  3. 3. D i g i g r a m Digigram Markets Digigram technology is used daily Public address and audio production in a wide range of markets. Whether a network consists of radio or television transmissions, intranets, or the Internet, our expertise in technology integration results from our practical application of emerging network Networked audio for public address technologies, computer-based solutions, and permanent playback broadcast, and industrial control. This diverse market is poised to move away from complex analog products. Background music, in-store listening stations, transportation facilities, and other niches all Radio require the reliability and ease-of-use afforded by enhanced P4 digital audio solutions. Digigram’s Internet and Ethernet audio networking technologies present fresh alternatives, including remote control and update capabilities that can be easily customized to specific applications. Broadcast and Internet audio automation and content creation Digigram’s historical market has changed substantially since we pioneered computer-assisted radio solutions. Whether transmitted via traditional radio Pro audio and project studio frequencies, satellite, or the Internet, Digigram continues to recording and production address the requirements of radio by enhancing our tools for news gathering, program creation, and broadcast automation. High-end facilities demand the most powerful, Digigram digital audio technology powers over efficient technologies to remain competitive. Our 100 applications developed by our partners that are localized suite of digital audio editing and production tools and our to specific requirements. high-performance range of sound cards are the basis for unique, cost-effective solutions addressing this market. In addition, our software products and sound cards offer project studios and musicians the ability to use a portable computer as a complete audio recording and production tool. FM radio transmission and signal analysis Aztec Radiomedia built its reputation on reliable and Specialized audio acquisition, high-quality products for FM broadcasting. An early storage, and analysis innovator in FM subcarrier and digital FM equipment, we understand the needs of the market and our newest products The demands for audio archiving products come incorporate network control. from sectors such as judicial, financial, and public safety. Our expertise in recording and managing compressed audio data files enables us to partner with a number of companies involved in the acquisition, indexing, storage, and distribution of archival voice and sound. Digigram technology allows sophisticated applications to be developed rapidly and economically on standard desktop and laptop computers GODIGIGRAM2001
  4. 4. D i g i g r a m Industrial & telecom applications Remote device management Audio for switched networks/telecoms Advanced IP2 innovations provide interconnection for remote management and control of real world Digigram technology is applicable anywhere audio devices via TCP/IP networking, the universal joins a network. Highly specialized computer sound-cards communication basis of the Internet. Our small, dedicated- have been developed to interface the switched telephone purpose hardware provides the building blocks for smart network with Customer Relationship Management software. P5 custom products that are easily integrated into existing applications. Our Partners Digigram’s success is based on more than Look for the Digigram Powered mark of excellence just technology. Our partners are software on products, in advertising, and at trade shows; it and hardware developers, systems signals that the company has chosen to use top-performing integrators, and specialized resellers. Digigram technology. We also work closely with an international roster of collaborators, such as AT&T Labs, Dolby Laboratories, and Resellers the Fraunhofer Institute, to implement world-class, standards-based products. This channel consists of systems integrators and retail establishments that present Digigram- Partners who present our technologies and products and Aztec Radiomedia- labeled products as to the marketplace can be divided into two sales channels: complete, user-ready packages. Development partners These integrate Digigram Powered technology into their products and offer them to their targeted Becoming a partner markets under their own brand names. They may implement Digigram sound cards with applications Technology is only as good as the tools that allow developed with our specialized tools, harnessing our software you to use it. At Digigram, we strive to make our audio resources, incorporating our stand- technology accessible by providing free or low-cost access alone devices, or licensing our know-how. to development kits and customized support. Additionally, many of our products are appropriate for value-added resellers in a number of markets. Our partners include large multinational corporations, companies of all sizes, individual developers. If your application requires digital audio networking or remote device management, Digigram may have a solution to give you a competitive advantage. GODIGIGRAM2001
  5. 5. D i g i g r a m Digigram Today Advanced technology, and the resources required to Research and development properly support that technology, ignores borders. All Digigram offices make personalized assistance a key part of A significant percentage of Digigram employees are our relationships with our partners and users. By telephone, engineers performing fundamental research to expand the fax, e-mail, and the Web, you may consult our engineers, breadth and depth of our know-how. A communications obtain the latest software updates, access up-to-date matrix between the engineering development and marketing documentation, or receive a prompt response to a question. staffs allocates our resources to maintain our technology edge and turn ideas into products. Research and development are Wherever you are, Digigram support is close by. To primarily conducted in our own facilities in Montbonnot and address our global market, we established four regional Strasbourg, France. business companies. These companies focus on the promotion, sales and support of both Digigram and Aztec Radiomedia branded products. Innova-Son P6 s Digigram Europe, established this year, serves our partners and users in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. A In Januar y 2001, Digigram became a natural evolution in the consolidation of the activities of stockholder of Innova-Son, a professional audio Aztec Radiomedia into our overall strategies, Digigram console manufacturer for live performance, television, Europe has its headquarter in Strasbourg and an office in theatre, conferencing and corporate events. Created Montbonnot, France. in 1993 in France’s Brittany region, Innova-Son ( has a staff of 20. It was the first s A North American subsidiary, Digigram, Inc., near company to introduce and deliver all-digital consoles Washington, DC, was created in 1997. Subsequently, field to a market that is moving from analog to digital offices have been established in Los Angeles, San Francisco, technology. and Seattle. Digigram and Innova-Son’s strong technology, s In 1998, Digigram Asia Pte Ltd. took root in Singapore product offerings and sales channels and it presently has additional offices in Beijing, China and compliment each other, and will enable Digigram Tokyo, Japan. to meet the growing demands of the public address market. s Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the one-year-old Digigram América Latina further contributes to our worldwide efforts. Beijing Seattle Strasbourg Grenoble San Francisco Washington Tokyo Los Angeles Singapore Buenos Aires Business development units Research & Development units GODIGIGRAM2001
  6. 6. D i g i g r a m Digigram Technologies and Products Sound cards for development partner applications and for pro audio and project studios Our well-known PC sound cards are available in four ranges: P7 s miXart - Our newest offer is a unique platform, combining powerful Digigram onboard processing with comprehensive audio mixing functions. Three programming environments can be used individually or in concert for the rapid creation s PCX - Our well-known range of cards are the basis for over of sophisticated computer-based audio solutions. Based on 100 partner-developed applications. Significant on-board the PowerPC processor, miXart brings new possibilities to digital signal processing (DSP) power is harnessed by audio production and post-production, acquisition and Digigram Powered applications. PCX cards are available in archiving, broadcast, security, and other demanding stereo and multichannel versions for both desktop and professional applications. laptop computers. s LCM - Digigram quality with fewer functions. Applications may take advantage of on-board DSP on desktop stereo and multichannel models. s VX - Professional hardware used when audio processing is on the computers native processor. Stereo models are available for desktop and laptop computers, with multichannel models for desktops. GODIGIGRAM2001
  7. 7. D i g i g r a m Digigram Technologies and Products Audio production software s Xtrack is Digigram’s comprehensive suite of multitrack Digigram’s np SDK is designed to take full advantage of the digital audio tools, designed to take advantage of the DSP functions of our sound cards and offers three interfaces: P8 power of our sound cards. Specialized Xtrack modules address the theater, film dubbing, and audio-for-video s PCXtools - Our high-level API, PCXtools, is provided as a markets. Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and may be programmed using Visual Basic, Delphi, and C/C++. s PCX Designer Kit - For highly specialized applications, this API provides access to low-level driver functions using C/C++. Applications may be developed for Windows, Linux, or Solaris. s PCXedit - The engine inside of Xtrack, this development interface is a modular package for the design of custom digital audio editors and workstations. Virtual PCX is a set of audio resource modules that run on a computer’s native processor. Programmed using the np SDK, these resource modules provide specific feature sets to Digigram VX and third-party sound cards. miXart Virtual Console SDK includes the object-oriented VConsole Builder that allows a custom console configuration to be constructed in a matter of hours on our miXart s Digigram’s multichannel digital audio encoder platform. Using the low level VConsole Designer Kit, you may permits the mastering of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround audio also design a virtual console from scratch and virtual console for broadcast and consumer use. features can be accessed to enhance your primary application. IP2 Operating System and SDK Application development software Embedded into a number of our hardware products, the IP2 operating system and SDK enable developers Digigram audio resources to build automation applications and complex systems that remotely control numerous, network- Rapid application development is essential to connected devices. Our Netcom protocol creates a bridge respond to the changing needs of users. Digigram offers between widely deployed serial communications (such as RS- a number of powerful options to allow our partners to write 232) and more accessible command and control via IP applications that can be modified for different purposes and networks. price points. Depending on the tools selected, our software can run on our sound cards’ DSP, the computers native processor, or a combination of both. GODIGIGRAM2001
  8. 8. D i g i g r a m Networked audio playback Radio transmission and test and distribution These products are offered under the Aztec Digigram presents several options for background Radiomedia brand name and can include IP2 music in shops, restaurants, and other public places; technology for network control. informational and director y systems in transportation facilities and museums; corporate and s Radio Data System (RDS) and Digital Radio P9 institutional radio; audio for amusement parks and Channel (DARC) coding and receiving systems - tourist facilities; and announcement and Using dedicated channels embedded in a standard FM radio entertainment systems in trains, busses, and other signal, this data is used for car radio information systems, vehicles. paging, public information services, and other applications. s FM radio multiplexers - The creation of the FM radio signal requires generation of the stereo audio signal and associated data channels. The solutions of Aztec Radiomedia create this multiplexed signal using complex digital signal processing algorithms for improved quality for the listener and reliability for the radio station operator. s HitPlayer-L - This networked digital audio system combines two stand-alone audio players with IP network s AZ100 FM Navigator - A compact, affordable services into a superior solution for both automated and system for easy field surveys of an FM station’s interactive audio applications. Whether the program complete signal. It can be set to measure material is streamed, played from local storage, or a single or multiple frequencies, and includes combination of both, HitPlayer-L is an innovative choice. a built-in GPS receiver for completely Also available is the HitPlayer-B designed for broadcast automatic signal mapping. Model AZ1000 backup systems and for mobile, and other applications that is designed for fixed installations and provides need a rugged rack-mount enclosure. similar measurements in a rack-mount unit. s The SPX420 OEM board provides complete HitPlayer-L s FMtel3 - An “intelligent” FM tuner and RDS receiver functions in a form factor for easy integration into custom equipped with an external modem. This combination makes hardware configurations. the FMtel3 ideal for use at any remote location with only a telephone line for means of communication. FMtel3 s NCX network audio facilitates the supervision of up to 32 FM stations and their terminal uses standard RF audio and RDS parameters. , Ethernet for audio reproduction over a distributed network or for recording from multiple locations. NCXplayer and NCXengine are software tools to rapidly implement automated and large-network NCX-based systems. GODIGIGRAM2001
  9. 9. D i g i g r a m Digigram Technologies and Products Remote device management Navigation (dGPS) IP2 technolog y permits high-level open Our positioning solutions for public transportation fleets administration via common browsers and standard and other applications involving mobile network clients draw Internet services. IP2 solutions are elegant options for on our knowledge of digital audio, data broadcasting (RDS, security devices, distant manufacturing facilities, precision DARC), Global Positioning System (GPS), and Internet P10 home electronics, and more. networking. Several stand-alone products, such as the Aztec IP2port and IP2switch, incorporate the IP2 operating system with various levels of hardware connectivity. Also available are development cards, with full IP2 functions, for integration into host devices. All IP2 products embed a Web server that allows configuration in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. It can be customized with standard Web editing tools. An SNMP agent permits administration using SNMP protocol and using a regular TCP connection, or UDP broadcast features, you can Custom hardware and remotely control one or several devices from an external application via Telnet. software development IP2 also offers the ability to send e-mails, SNMP Digigram is uniquely qualified to research, design, traps, and HTTP database requests over the fabricate, and deliver custom digital audio hardware and network. Any event detected by an IP2-enabled device can software. Our track record of success in fulfilling specific trigger these messages. A Telnet/RS-232 gateway is also customer requirements recommends us as a strong provided by the IP2 operating system. collaborator when time-to-market is critical. Digigram Powered solutions can be found in products as diverse as multimedia servers, foreign language film dubbing, and forensic analysis. GODIGIGRAM2001
  10. 10. Digigram, and the Digigram logo are registered trademarks of Digigram S.A. Other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. © 2001 by Digigram S.A. - Printed in France by Imprimerie des Deux Ponts - Photos : Lucy in the Sky. DR - networking solutions for digital audio and remote management Digigram S.A. Parc de Pré Milliet, 38330 Montbonnot - France Tel: + 33 (0)4 76 52 47 47 • Fax: + 33 (0)4 76 52 18 44 • E-mail: Digigram Europe 31, rue du Chemin de fer, 67087 Strasbourg cedex 2-France Tel: +33 (0)3 88 26 91 40 • Fax: +33 (0)3 88 26 91 44 • E-mail: Digigram Inc. 2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1004, Arlington,VA 22201-USA Tel: +1 703 875 9100 • Fax: +1 703 875 9161 • E-mail: Digigram Asia Pte Ltd. 350 Orchard Road - #19-07 Shaw House Singapore 238868-Singapore Tel: +65 291 2234 • Fax: +65 291 3433 • E-mail: Digigram América Latina Av. Callao 384, 1022 Buenos Aires-Argentina Tel: +54 11 4375 5585 • Fax: +54 11 4371 5555 • E-mail: Aztec Radiomedia 31, rue du Chemin de fer, 67087 Strasbourg cedex 2-France Tel: +33 (0)3 88 30 90 90 • Fax: +33 (0)3 88 90 90