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Network Maintenance


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Network Maintenance

  1. 1. 2003-4 Technology Fee Project Report Network Maintenance Project Manager: Rusty Leutz, Network Manager, Systems and Networks, Information Technology Division Brief Description of the Project Cisco routers and switches require an annual contract to provide maintenance, software upgrades, and technical support. Some equipment must also be replaced each year due to failure and unavoidable lightening and water damage. This is an ongoing fee that the Technology Fee has paid when the equipment was purchased and is required to renew each year. As network equipment has grown, so does the cost of maintaining it. Project Status Complete. Goals Continued operation of the campus network infrastructure, from core routers and switches, to backbone uplinks, to switches providing ports for network jacks across the campus, and to Internet access. Methodology All network equipment and external links are monitored 24 hours every day. Major outages are responded to as soon as practical. Cisco support is called upon for assistance in solving technical problems that campus support staff do not resolve and broken equipment is replaced when necessary. Evaluation Each of the methods of evaluation outlined in the proposal have been pursued and achieved: Cisco phone-in support supplements the campus staff’s expertise, reducing the time needed to solve problems and assists in setting up new equpment and capabilities. Cisco’s software support means enhanced reliability, improved performance, and added capabilities by upgrading Cisco IOS (operating system software) used on every piece of network equipment. IOS is upgraded on equipment at least once a year, or more often if warrented. This contributes to keeping the UTC network up to date with the rapidly evolving networking standards, practices, and security requriements. Expenditures Budget $ 45,000.00 Spent $ $50,068.01 Conclusion