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Cisco Smart Care Service


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Cisco Smart Care Service

  1. 1. Cisco Smart Care Service At-A-Glance Increase Your Services Business Through the Power of Collaboration What is the CISCO Smart Care Service? Improving Partner Differentiation and Profitability primarily or all Cisco networking devices and either lack The Cisco Smart Care Service is a unique collaborative ® Cisco Smart Care Service provides a platform upon which in-house IT resources with in-depth networking expertise or service offering that provides Cisco certified partners with you can build your own value-added services to create could benefit from reducing the time and effort that in-house a proactive service platform that allows them to build upon customized, differentiated offerings. For example, you staff must devote to network maintenance. The service can Cisco networking expertise, methodologies, technical could bundle the Cisco Smart Care Service with premium- cover from one weighted Cisco device up to a maximum tools, and service infrastructure to create new customized level service desk options, full-service remote backup of 105 weighted devices, and the customer network must services for their customers. The service provides you with and disaster recovery planning, or full-service remote include only “commercial-class” Cisco products. Customers many of the tools you need to provide your customers with monitoring and management under a service level agree- whose networks include any other product family at the ongoing remote monitoring, proactive network maintenance, ment (SLA). You determine the type and frequency of the contract’s inception are not eligible for the service. For a list and comprehensive technical support for the entire voice services you will offer, based on your customers’ unique of covered products, see the Partner Data Sheet. and data network—as well as add-on services designed needs. Even if you already offer your own remote monitor- and delivered by you—with a single service offering. ing and network assessment services, Cisco Smart Care What Questions Should I Ask To Initiate Sales? Service provides a comprehensive platform to manage and • How much insight do you have into the health and Components of the Service deliver these services more efficiently and cost-effectively. security of your network? Are you able to view its You can access all of these tools and resources for your Drawing on Cisco tools, delivery infrastructure, and co- current health and status? participating customers through the Cisco Smart Care marketing resources, you can devote less time and effort • How would your business be affected by a network control panel. You can even offer a high-level view of to basic remote monitoring and management functions and outage that prevented employees or customers from an online, partner-branded dashboard available to your focus those resources on delivering more advanced and accessing your network-based business applications customers. As a result, you can deliver a comprehensive profitable service offerings. and communications tools? network maintenance and support offering that includes: • How would your IT staff benefit from having access to Elevator Pitch For Customers best-in-class network security and health check tools • Basic remote monitoring and repair of qualified The Cisco Smart Care Service offers proactive verification devices and software applications and expert technical networking assistance? that your network is secure, reliable, and functioning opti- • Periodic and single-use assess and repair services to mally so that you can improve your employee productivity • How valuable would it be to be able to identify and identify potential network health and security issues correct potential network problems before they can and customer responsiveness and get the most from your affect your business? • Partner-delivered technical support for qualified Cisco technology investments. The service combines network- network foundation, voice, and security solutions wide technical support with ongoing network monitoring • Does your IT staff have the expertise to make sure your through a single networkwide maintenance contract and proactive network assessments that increase your Cisco network equipment is configured optimally? • Next-business-day (NBD) advance replacement of visibility into network health and security, reducing the time • Are you planning to introduce any new technologies qualified Cisco devices, with an option to upgrade and effort required to make sure your network is running such as unified communications into the network? If individual devices to 4-hour coverage efficiently. Delivered by your local Cisco certified partner, so, do you know how those changes might affect the the service combines the complementary strengths of performance and configuration of your network? • Proactive notifications to simplify the updating of Cisco devices Cisco and its certified partners to provide you with an • How valuable would it be for your IT staff to have a excellent service experience. single maintenance contract for your entire network, • Assess and prepare services to simplify the rather than relying on service contracts for individual addition of new technologies such as Cisco Unified How Do I Qualify Customers For Cisco Smart devices? Communications and advanced security solutions Care Service? • Disaster recovery services to back up customer The Cisco Smart Care Service is designed for small and router, switch, and security solution configurations medium-sized enterprises and delivered exclusively to a remote location through Cisco certified partners. 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  2. 2. Cisco Smart Care Service At-A-Glance Increase Your Services Business Through the Power of Collaboration Benefits For Customers • Enhanced business growth through a proactive Answer: • Provides peace of mind through increased network services platform upon which you can launch your Do your technicians have the time and resources to visibility and more information to efficiently manage own add-on services customized specifically to your keep up with the latest networking technologies and and continually improve the network customer’s needs, as well as generate sales for Cisco developments while also maintaining the performance of • Improves the uptime, security, and performance of products and services the network today? The best solution is to have support the network through ongoing monitoring and periodic • Improved staff efficiency through Web-based remote resources in place to help your technicians when they assessments, allowing problems to be addressed monitoring, alerting, management, and remediation need it and allow them to focus on their core responsibili- before they affect the business tools that often eliminate the need to dispatch techni- ties. When your technicians do call for help, they will have cians onsite the support and knowledge of a highly trained Cisco • Helps IT staff to operate more efficiently by reducing partner and Cisco tools and resources to help them the time and effort required to keep the network • Reduced service contract administration costs through networkwide coverage contracts, simple resolve any problems quickly. How much time does it running optimally pricing models, and auto-renew capabilities usually take your technicians to identify and resolve a • Enhances employee productivity and responsive- network issue? With this service, your technicians can view ness to customers through improved availability of • Increased visibility for your business through Cisco details of the health of any Cisco device in your network essential business applications co-marketing and promotional efforts that highlight through the Cisco Smart Care dashboard. Also, your Cisco • Optimizes business profitability by helping customers the Cisco relationship with capable and committed partner can monitor the status of your Cisco devices at all get the most from technology investments partners like you times and often will be able to make repairs remotely. In • Simplifies contract management and maintenance How Should I Address Common Objections? addition, the warranty on most Cisco devices is 90 days. If requirements through a single service that covers a device fails, in-house technicians are unlikely to be able Objection: all Cisco devices to repair it. Why do I need this service? Doesn’t my warranty cover me? • Combines the expertise and service advantages Objection: of both Cisco and Cisco certified partners into a Answer: I don’t see the value in Cisco Smart Care Service dash- single offering There are significant differences between the standard boards and periodic assessments. Cisco warranty and services. Your warranty protects Benefits For Cisco Partners against defects in a specific Cisco hardware device or • Improved profitability by transitioning small and Answer: software application. But if an issue does arise, it will medium-sized enterprises to a service-led model How do you find out about network security or health issues more likely be because of the way the solution has been based on predictable, recurring revenue streams today? Are you able to avoid issues before they affect your configured or used in your network and will be outside business, or are you forced to wait until a problem arises • Increased margins by strengthening your position the scope of the warranty. The Cisco Smart Care Service before you can react to it? How do you make sure that all as the customer’s strategic advisor, allowing you to provides you with comprehensive, network-level protection of the devices in your network are configured for optimal promote greater adoption of advanced technologies and maintenance support for your entire Cisco network, performance, security, efficiency, and availability? How do and higher attach and renewal rates for your services as well as ongoing network monitoring, proactive network you identify when a device needs to be reconfigured and • Improved differentiation of your business by health and security checkups, remote software repairs, what the proper fix is? This service provides all of those complementing traditional network support with and assessments of your network’s ability to support new capabilities for your entire network and even offers your proactive maintenance services delivered in technologies that you might be considering. Cisco certified partner the ability to repair many problems collaboration with Cisco remotely, freeing your IT staff to focus more on your Objection: • Increased customer loyalty through remote monitoring, business priorities. I have an in-house technician who can handle all of my diagnostics, remediation, and repair services that make network issues and needs. you indispensable © 2008 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco, the Cisco logo, and Cisco Systems are registered trademarks or trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. (0809R) C45-474347-01 10/08