3Com® Small and Medium Business Networking


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3Com® Small and Medium Business Networking

  1. 1. Small and Medium Business Networking SOLUTIONS GUIDE
  2. 2. 3Com Small and Medium ® Business Solutions Enterprise Class Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses As the pioneer of business networking, 3Com is one of the leading providers of communications solutions for small and medium businesses. More than any other This guide will introduce you to 3Com’s broad portfolio of small and medium business solutions. You will find complete systems for every need and budget, from bustling multi-site organizations to home offices. Every product is engineered vendor, we deliver superior business value to be effective, easy to use, and economical. by making high-performance networks Contents affordable, practical, and simple. Our SECTION 1 Simple, High Speed Networking ........................................................................................2 How to connect your office. award-winning products give you the SECTION 2 Managed, High-Performance Networking ........................................................................6 How to upgrade your network in larger facilities. Linking Sites & Remote Users...........................................................................................12 freedom to grow your business by SECTION 3 How to link multiple sites into a seamless communications infrastructure. SECTION 4 Wireless Networking .........................................................................................................16 offering the competitive advantages of How to use wireless networking to connect your office cost effectively and securely. Secure Networking ............................................................................................................20 SECTION 5 large enterprise solutions, but without How to safeguard your organization from today’s online hazards. IP Telephony .......................................................................................................................24 SECTION 6 How to dramatically lower costs and improve productivity by integrating the complexity or high cost of ownership. your voice and data services into one system. For more information on 3Com’s solutions for small and medium business, please visit www.3com.com 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 1
  3. 3. SE C T I O N 1 Simple, High-Speed Networking “Connect and Forget” 3Com Solution A leading vendor of small-business net- For greater speeds, but with the same works, 3Com offers complete families of economy and simplicity, choose an The Problem Obtaining an Effective, Economical & Simple Network award-winning, standards-based solutions OfficeConnect 10/100/1000 switch to Today’s small businesses need to link computers, printers, scanners, and other that are engineered for simplicity, obtain the Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth devices into local area networks (LANs). They must connect users to each other affordability, and performance. They used by large corporations. This per- and the Internet to access and share applications, e-mail, and other resources. deliver trouble-free operation and can formance accelerates even the largest Their networks need to be simple and affordable, but deliver all the competitive be installed in 15 minutes or less. applications, making digital imaging, advantages of systems used by larger organizations. videoconferencing or the sharing of The 3Com OfficeConnect® line of large files quick and easy. switches has a solution for every need 3Com OfficeConnect and budget. OfficeConnect 10/100 To link all users to the Internet, 3Com Gigabit Switch 5 switches are ideal for basic networks. offers a variety of easy-to-use routers Whether for small businesses, branch sites, They automatically deliver Fast and modems for cable, DSL, or dial-up or home offices, these networks must be: Ethernet speeds depending on the con- connections. 3Com solutions can support nections, and require no administration up to 253 users, as well as deliver fire- Affordable Powerful for “connect and forget” operation. wall security to safeguard confidential Solutions should be economical without The LAN should offer the bandwidth to data from hackers. costly features that small businesses do support all applications and needs. not need. Reliable Plug-and-Play The network should offer rock solid reliability. Systems should install quickly, simply, and without technical expertise. From a Proven Vendor Your vendor should be committed to helping Effortless to Operate your business succeed. The network should provide easy and trouble-free operation. 3Com Unmanaged Incorporates Clients Switches, Routers, Wireless and Services: Network Solutions How Fast? Ethernet is the global standard for LANs. The capacity of an Ethernet connection to send and receive data is known as its bandwidth. Ethernet offers three basic bandwidth capacities: Installation and Ethernet: 10 megabits Maintenance Services per second (Mbps) Fast Ethernet: 100 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet: 1000 Mbps Clients Wireless Switches distribute data throughout the network. Dual-speed switches can support more than one speed, and tri-speed devices support all three. If your organization has many users or relies on sophisticated applications, consider at least Fast Ethernet connectivity. With a dual- or tri-speed switch, you have reserve bandwidth to add users and applications as you grow. Routers Rackmount Switches Desktop Switches 2 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3
  4. 4. Simple, High-Speed Networking For Larger Offices Baseline Switch 28XX systems provide Why Choose 3Com Industry-leading Simplicity Future Proofing 10/100/1000 links for enterprise-class 3Com systems feature 15-minute installation With 10/100/1000 connectivity, 3Com systems For demanding networking environ- ments, the roster of 3Com Baseline bandwidth. The Baseline Switch 22XX Solutions? for plug and play operation, and require no provide the flexibility and scalability to add platforms deliver 10/100 connectivity, ongoing management. users, resources, and applications easily, switches features wirespeed, nonblock- avoiding costly upgrades to support expansion. ing performance, which improves access as well as two Gigabit Ethernet ports. Low Cost-of-Ownership to network resources. These solutions Baseline Switch 20XX solutions offer 3Com solutions are economical to buy and Committed to Your Needs also offer capabilities like traffic priori- 10/100 links for smaller offices. own. They have proven reliability and are With a full portfolio of standards-based, tization to ensure the timely delivery of backed by an industry leading warranty. end-to-end systems for small businesses, 3Com Baseline To further meet the needs of small busi- 3Com delivers solutions with world-class Switch 2800 Family such time-sensitive applications as IP nesses, 3Com IntelliJack™ Switches are Robust Performance quality, reliability, and ease-of-use. telephony or real-time video. Offering in-the-wall devices that transform an 3Com solutions deliver the bandwidth to unsurpassed ease of use, they can be enhance productivity and communications. Ethernet outlet into four switched deployed quickly by untrained staff. Small businesses can deploy enterprise-class 10/100 LAN connections. These innova- Their autosensing ports even automati- applications without enterprise-class costs tive solutions allow firms to affordably cally select the fastest speeds available and complexity. and easily add connectivity to support on links. new users and devices. Install 3Com Solutions in 15 Minutes or Less Network Testing Labs, an independent firm that evaluates networking products, tested 3Com Baseline and OfficeConnect switches and Cable/DSL Routers. It found that all can be set up in 15 minutes or less, even by inex- perienced installers. This ease of deployment is another reason why 3Com solutions are favored by small businesses. 4 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 5
  5. 5. SE C T I O N 2 Managed, High-Performance Networking “Connect and Accelerate” 3Com has over 2 decades’ of experience are simple to control. With their high port- 3Com Solution providing small businesses with stan- density, including two Gigabit Ethernet The Problem Obtaining a Powerful, Easily Managed Network dards-based solutions which are ports for stacking or uplinks, these systems Many small businesses and branch sites require advanced networking services. renowned in the industry for superior are engineered to connect workgroups, To rapidly transfer large files, aggregate departments and workgroups, link busy performance, simplicity, and value. servers, and desktops economically. servers, and deliver high-bandwidth applications, they need high-speed, function-rich 3Com offers an industry-leading array networks that are easy to manage. Yet most managed networks are costly to own 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3200 switches of end-to-end systems that enable small and operate. Small enterprises need solutions that provide the power and control of optimize network performance with organizations to meet their objectives large-enterprise systems, but without the expense or difficulty. Layer 3 switching, allowing workgroups effectively and affordably. to be clustered more efficiently. 3Com’s family of Baseline Plus switches Providing high-density 10/100 ports with sets new standards for cost-effective, Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, these solutions Whether for small businesses or large branch easily-managed Gigabit Ethernet also offer advanced security features to sites, these networks must be: performance. These systems support safeguard data and resources from unau- sophisticated desktop applications, high- thorized users. Robust Scalable 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4200 Family traffic servers, or network aggregation The network should deliver the bandwidth Platforms should expand easily and inexpen- with economy and simplicity. They To expand network connectivity without and functionality to support the most sively to support new applications or users. additional cabling, 3Com IntelliJack deliver wirespeed throughput over copper demanding applications. switches are unique, in-the-wall devices Dependable and fiber links, as well as functionality like traffic prioritization and VLANs to that transform an Ethernet wall outlet Easy to Manage Systems should be standards-based to provide Firms should be able to control their net- trouble-free operation and avoid the expense support such time-sensitive traffic as real- into four switched 10/100 LAN connec- working services without requiring a costly and complexity of proprietary technologies. time video and IP telephony. tions. They are available as both managed IT staff. and unmanaged devices, and offer From a Trusted Vendor The range of 3Com SuperStack® 3 advanced capabilities like support for Economical to Own Select a vendor that is highly experienced in Switch 4200 solutions offers wirespeed VLANs and traffic prioritization. Ideal solutions will be affordable, simple to meeting the needs of small businesses. 10/100 switching in resilient platforms that install, and reliable, lowering their cost of ownership. 3Com Gigabit Network Incorporates Desktop, Rack Mount, Managed and Unmanaged Solutions Switches and Services Installation and Maintenance Services Unmanaged Stackable Switches Switches Managed Switches Smart Switches 6 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 7
  6. 6. Managed, High-Performance Networking For More Robust Performance Gigabits per second (Gbps) and support Why Choose 3Com Ease-of-use Scalability for traffic prioritization and VLANs, 3Com small-business solutions are specifically The unsurpassed scalability of 3Com small- 3Com offers networking solutions Solutions? these devices offer small businesses the designed for simple and economical operation, business systems ensures that they will not tailored for highly demanding work- performance and functionality once even for non-technical users. become obsolete as organizations grow. group environments. The 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3870 platforms affordable only by larger enterprises. Superior Business Value Unmatched Networking Experience provide up to 48 10/100/1000 auto- 3Com systems provide small businesses with As a pioneer of business networking, 3Com To aggregate desktop switches into a sensing Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing the competitive advantages of large systems provides standards-based solutions with unri- high-speed enterprise infrastructure, without their costs, complexity, or manage- valled service and support, all driven by the desktops to migrate to Gigabit Ethernet the 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4900 ment issues. Backed by an industry leading needs of today’s small businesses. Built to the while retaining compatibility with slower 3Com SuperStack 3 family provides multilayer Gigabit warranty, they are engineered for low cost of highest standards, 3Com products deliver Switch 3870 48-port speeds. These stackable, managed Ethernet switching in a versatile, ownership. trouble free operation and long life. systems deliver scalability and support scalable platform. Designed to lower the VLANs, ensuring that present and Unrivalled Performance communication costs of organizations future connectivity needs are met 3Com solutions feature world-class perform- with diverse and evolving bandwidth affordably and securely. ance, reliability, and versatility, allowing small requirements, these systems provide a businesses to deliver enterprise-class applica- To link desktops at Gigabit Ethernet robust networking core to meet the tions rapidly and affordably. speeds over both copper and fiber most demanding needs. cabling, the 3Com Baseline Plus Gigabit Ethernet switches are a practical solution. With total switching capacity up to 32 What are VLANs? VLANs, short for virtual LANs, are private networks operating within the enterprise networking infrastructure. They allow users and devices to be segmented by projects, departments, teams or functions, regardless of where they physically connect to the net- work. All network traffic between these users and devices is contained within the VLAN. In addition to organizing employees more effectively, VLANs also offer security advantages. A SuperStack 3 Switch 3870, for example, can help ensure that only authorized users can access resources and servers within the VLAN. 8 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 9
  7. 7. SE C T I O N 3 Linking Sites & Remote Users “Connect and Control” 3Com Solution 3Com offers a broad array of standards- To ensure the Internet connection is based WAN solutions that meet the secure, the OfficeConnect ADSL The Problem Integrating All Employees & Internet Access into the Business Network needs of small businesses. Whether for Wireless 11g Firewall Router also The networking needs of small businesses extend beyond their local area networks home offices or bustling facilities with includes firewall capabilities to prevent (LANs). Employees must access the Internet for information, resources, and e-mail large staffs, 3Com offers systems that unauthorized users from entering the with customers and vendors. Many small businesses also have satellite offices or are cost-effective, simple to own, and company network. Moreover, independ- employees working at home or on the road. These workers must communicate with robust. ent tests have confirmed that even non- the main office to collaborate and share data. As a result, small businesses need cost- technical users can install this function- effective wide area networks (WANs) that integrate the workforce and Internet The 3Com OfficeConnect ADSL Wire- rich device within fifteen minutes, access into a cohesive communications infrastructure. less 11g Firewall Router is a complete making it an ideal solution to provision networking solution for small offices, sites with versatile, business-class net- offering bandwidth, economy, security, working and Internet access. 3Com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router and ease of use. It features a shared WANs that link main facilities, branch sites, DSL router that delivers economical, remote workers and the Internet must be: high-speed Internet access over plain phone lines. It also provides a 4-port Shared Easy-to-use Fast Ethernet switch as well as an All employees at a site should share a single To avoid ongoing maintenance costs, WAN 802.11g wireless access point, supply- connection to the Internet, eliminating the solutions need to be reliable and simple to ing a robust LAN via wired or wireless need to purchase and maintain multiple lines install and operate. At small sites and home connections. and IP addresses. Shared access makes offices, non-technical staff should be able to Internet connectivity practical and affordable deploy devices in minutes. for organizations of all sizes. Standards-based Secure WAN systems should be standards-based to A connection to the Internet and remote avoid compatibility issues and the cost and 3Com Managed Network Incorporates managed switches, routers, wireless, sites is also a door into your LAN for hackers. WAN solutions must be secure, permitting complexity of proprietary technologies. Solutions network management, and services: only authorized users to access the company Scalable network and its data. WAN platforms must be scalable to meet future needs. This ensures long life cycles High-speed and strong return on investment. To avoid network congestion that undermines productivity, WAN links must deliver large files and applications rapidly, even when used by multiple employees simultaneously. Installation and Maintenance Services Routers 10/100 Switching 10/100/1000 Access Points Switching 10 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 11
  8. 8. Linking Sites & Remote Users For More Demanding WAN To protect data traversing the Internet or Practical Affordable Connectivity private lines, 3Com routers provide such Why Choose 3Com 3Com systems are more than technologies; For the first time, 3Com WAN solutions For high-performance WAN services sophisticated security functionality as Solutions? they are complete solutions that deliver per- make enterprise-class functionality and VPNs and data encryption. Moreover, formance, simplicity, low cost of ownership, performance practical for small businesses. between high-traffic sites, 3Com offers and long product cycles. the 3Com Router 3000 and Router 5000 they interoperate with third-party Proven Interoperability families of solutions. These platforms set devices to protect existing investments. Powerful 3Com systems are interoperable in multi- a new standard for small-business WAN Use Router 3000 systems to provision 3Com platforms provide the performance vendor environments and link to many WAN connectivity, delivering enterprise-class smaller sites and a Router 5000 solution that small businesses require to compete interfaces. They adapt to your business performance without the costs or com- at the main facility for extraordinary effectively with large enterprises. Their scala- needs, not the other way around. 3Com Router 3000 Family plexity of large corporate devices. They scalability and resilience. bility ensures that networking needs are met even as demand increases. Superior Engineering work with a variety of WAN interfaces 3Com engineers every product to deliver and can control traffic to deliver the Secure superior business value. Every system is built most advanced applications, including 3Com routers offer robust security function- upon decades of experience in providing real-time voice and video. ality to safeguard data, assets, and resources leading networking solutions. in today’s world. What is a WAN? WANs, short for wide area networks, extend networking services beyond your facility by linking LANs to each other and the Internet. To build a WAN, you need to connect a routing device to the network at each site. Users at every location will share the local connection, slashing costs. The kind of routing device you need depends on your connection to the outside world. 3Com offers modem solutions that link to dial-up, DSL or cable lines. DSL and cable links offer substan- tial bandwidth and are always open. Dial-up connectivity is much slower and available only when the connection is manually established. For sites with high volumes of WAN traffic, you require devices called a routers like 3Com Router 3000 and 5000 solutions. Routers provide greater control over WAN services and can link to the outside world via a variety of high-speed connections. They allow businesses to lease very fast, dedicated lines between facilities. Private lines also eliminate the security concerns of using public Internet links. 12 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 13
  9. 9. SECTION 4 Wireless Networking “Connect Anywhere” 3Com Solution 3Com has long been a market-leading To link laptop and desktop computers vendor of wireless systems for small busi- as well as other devices to WLANs, The Problem Deploying Fast & Secure Wireless Connectivity nesses. 3Com offers an unsurpassed range 3Com offers a full range of Small businesses are turning to wireless LANs (WLANs) because they are the quick- of solutions, providing cost-effective OfficeConnect Wireless Cards and est, most flexible, and most economical strategy for building or expanding net- wireless connectivity for sites ranging Adapters. These systems allow users to works. Wireless links eliminate cabling and permit users to access the network any- from small offices to bustling facilities. easily and economically access wireless where in a site, enhancing productivity. To ensure wireless links are practical, howev- All 3Com WLAN systems are standards- networks with the same performance as er, small businesses require solutions that deliver robust security, substantial band- based and deliver the security needed to wired links. The OfficeConnect 11Mbps width, and simple deployment. safeguard even the most sensitive data. Wireless LAN PC Card with XJACK® Antenna even features an innovative The affordability and flexibility of 3Com retractable antenna to make transporting OfficeConnect Wireless Access Points laptops more convenient. Whether for large sites or home offices, makes them ideal for smaller sites. With 3Com OfficeConnect 11a/b/g WLANs must be: Wireless Access Point their industry-leading simplicity, they allow small businesses to easily set up Secure Versatile high-speed wireless networks in minutes. WLANs require strong security to safeguard WLANs should offer the performance and Organizations can choose 802.11b, data, particularly in industries like healthcare functionality of wired networks. They must and banking. be scalable so new users and devices can be 802.11g, or 802.11a/b/g configurations. added quickly, as well as standards-based to Featuring robust standards-based Easy to Deploy ensure easy interoperability with third-party encryption for outstanding security, Wireless solutions must be simple to install devices. these solutions offer a practical and eco- and trouble-free, reducing their cost of own- nomical alternative to wired networks. ership and making them more practical for From an Experienced Vendor small sites. Select a vendor with a proven record of delivering complete, high-value solutions for Fast small businesses. WLANs should provide uncompromising net- working services, supporting even demand- 3Com Wireless Solutions Incorporates Clients, Access Points, Routers, Print Servers, ing applications like real-time voice and Bridges, Antennas and Services: video services. Wireless Site Survey, Installation and Maintenance Services Bridges Clients Print Server Access Points Routers 14 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 15
  10. 10. Wireless Networking Wireless Connectivity for 3Com extends this performance to Why Choose 3Com Outstanding Value Simplicity Larger Sites users with an array of Wireless PC 3Com wireless systems are practical and afford- 3Com wireless devices are simple to deploy Cards and Adapters. These solutions Solutions able as wired networks, making them market- and trouble-free in operation, making them To build networks at new sites or to permit employees to link to WLANs leading networking solutions for small business ideal for even the smallest businesses. expand existing systems, the family environments. of 3Com Wireless LAN Access Points with the most robust standards-based, End-to-End Solutions provides performance and functionality next-generation security features avail- Flexible 3Com offers complete solutions, not just to power the most demanding work- able. The 3Com 11a/b/g Wireless PC Standards-based and with support for Wi-Fi products, that bolster communications, groups or departments. With these Card with XJACK Antenna works with a/b/g, 3Com wireless solutions deliver the efficiencies, and the bottom line. enterprise-class solutions, small busi- all popular wireless standards and versatility to meet any wireless need. 3Com nesses can tailor their WLAN needs features an antenna that retracts when offers cost-effective systems for sites ranging transporting the laptop. from home offices to large facilities. with 802.11a, 802.11g, or 802.11a/g connectivity. They can choose platforms Rapid Returns on Investment that support up to 253 simultaneous Thanks to their low cost of ownership and users with 108 Mbps speed or provide productivity-enhancing capabilities, 3Com connectivity as far as 1,000 feet. They wireless systems quickly pay for themselves. offer the most advanced and compre- hensive authentication and encryption security on the market today, as well as support for VPNs. What are the 802.11 Wireless Standards? 802.11 refers to a family of WLAN standards developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). 802.11 systems are often referred to as “Wi-Fi.” The standards ensure that Wi-Fi certified devices are compatible with Wi-Fi based WLANs and hot spots. There are three basic 802.11 standards. 802.11b 802.11g 802.11a Speed Up to 11 Mbps Up to 54 Mbps or up to Up to 54 Mbps or up to 108 Mbps in Turbo Mode 108 Mbps in Turbo Mode Range 300 feet indoors 300 feet indoors 164 feet indoors (100 meters) (100 meters) (50 meters) Compatibility Interoperates with Interoperates with Does not operate with 802.11g networks 802.11b networks 802.11b or 802.11g networks Cost Inexpensive Slightly greater than 802.11b More expensive for five times the speed 802.11b systems are the most widely sold and have a large installed base. Public access to 802.11b connectivity is growing rapidly. 802.11g is new with rapid growth expected. 802.11g products offer high-speed wireless connections, ideal for large data transfers and Internet downloads. 802.11a operates on less crowded frequencies than the other standards, which reduces interference. It is useful in crowded environments where adjoining WLANs might overlap. 16 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 17
  11. 11. SE C T I O N 5 Secure Networking “Connect and Protect” 3Com Solution 3Com security solutions are built upon For larger facilities, the 3Com decades of providing market leading OfficeConnect VPN Firewall is a premier The Problem Protecting Data and Communications on the Network & the Internet networking systems. Offering the most solution. The system features robust Today, all enterprises must safeguard their electronic communications and data from robust safeguards available to small firewall protection that protects against theft and tampering. They must defend against increasingly sophisticated threats businesses, they are designed to reduce unauthorized access, denial of service like viruses, denial of service attacks, and network intrusions. Small businesses, how- risk as well as complexity. Independent attacks, and other common dangers. Up ever, are unable to afford networking security specialists, unlike large competitors. tests have verified that even non-technical to 253 users can share a single broadband To defend themselves, particularly within industries where security standards are staff can install 3Com OfficeConnect connection and the device supports up to mandated, they require solutions that are effective, economical, and easy to operate. security platforms in 15 minutes or less. 50 simultaneous VPNs, making data in transit to other sites as safe as assets on The 3Com OfficeConnect Secure Router the LAN. provides home and small offices with Whether for small businesses, branch sites, safe, high-speed Internet access over or home offices, network security must be: 3Com OfficeConnect either cable or DSL lines. The system VPN Firewall offers multiple security features, includ- Robust Practical ing an advanced firewall and support Security systems must provide firewall pro- Security systems should be easy to use and for two VPN tunnels, ensuring protected tection against an evolving range of threats. inexpensive to own, avoiding the need for Yet they should not add complexity or com- ongoing maintenance and costly technical site-to-site communications. Offering promise networking performance. expertise. four 10/100 Ethernet ports, this complete solution can even create small local area Pervasive Versatile networks. Network security need to be comprehensive. Security platforms need to cost-effectively Companies must safeguard all electronic protect all Internet connections, whether assets, from financial data on office servers they are cable, DSL, or private lines. to private communications traversing the Internet. Economical 3Com Security Solutions Incorporate Firewalls, Content Filtering, Managed Switches, Small businesses cannot make budget-draining Network Management, and Services: investments to attain strong security. Their solutions must be affordable. Security Health Check, Baseline Plus Switches Installation and Maintenance Services Secure Router VPN Firewall Managed Switches Content Filtering SuperStack 3 Firewall 18 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 19
  12. 12. Secure Networking Enforce Acceptable Web Usage Like all 3Com products, the Why Choose 3Com Unmatched Ease of Use Superior Business Value and Enhance Productivity OfficeConnect Content Filter Service is 3Com security solutions operate simply and 3Com offers military-grade security that is easily deployed. Administrators can Solutions? reliably, eliminating the need for on-site IT economical and practical, providing small Organizations need to protect themselves choose from over 40 content categories staff. Non-technical personnel can install businesses with unprecedented protection against more than hackers and thieves. OfficeConnect security systems in minutes. and value. They must ensure that employees, as covering more than 6.1 million web well as temps and consultants, do not sites. The web site filter database is Comprehensive Security Rapid Return on Investment access unacceptable web sites, which externally hosted and accessed in real While most vendors protect only the network Thanks to their affordability, reliability, and can result in costly legal and social time by the supporting 3Com products, perimeter, 3Com delivers complete solutions low cost of ownership, 3Com solutions liabilities. Improper web usage also eliminating the need to store the data- that safeguard resources and data anywhere, deliver rapid returns on investment. squanders network bandwidth and base locally or update it manually. whether residing on the LAN or traversing Because the database is kept current on the Internet to remote sites. undermines productivity. To enforce web usage policies, 3Com offers the a daily basis, coverage is always timely OfficeConnect Content Filter Service as and accurate, ensuring a safe and pro- an enhancement to OfficeConnect VPN ductive workplace. Firewalls and wireless router products. The subscription service protects com- panies and their employees by restricting access to inappropriate web sites. What are VPNs? For maximum security, large companies use private lines for networking services between their sites. These links are dedicated and carry no other traffic. VPNs, short for virtual private networks, allow small businesses to create, in effect, private lines over public networks like the Internet. VPNs use very robust encryption to create virtual tunnels between locations. Traffic flows through the tunnels with the security of private lines. VPN tunnels are automatically created for the duration of each transmission. VPNs offer a variety of advantages. They are inexpensive and eliminate the cost of leasing or installing private lines between sites. They are transparent to users and require no administrative intervention. Moreover, they are very secure. They are the most practical and cost-effective strategy for protecting data in transit over public networks. 20 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 3COM ® SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GUIDE 21