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Networkers Presentation


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Networkers International

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Networkers Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate PresentationNetworkers International
  2. 2. Networkers International Networkers International
  3. 3. Networkers International A global recruitment consultancy With over 30 years of experience, we are able to deliver the best candidate talent to our clients regardless of their location. We provide market leading contract, permanent and managed service recruitment solutions within our specialist market sectors. Networkers was formulated using a multi dimensional view on the various facets of professional placement services leveraging of global networking recourses and a professional network infrastructure with other recruitment companies finding the best candidate for your requirements. Networkers International
  4. 4. Networkers International We have extensive experience of working with large and typically multinational companies. Each of the specialist markets we operate in is supported by dedicated recruitment teams who concentrate their efforts on specific technical markets. By maintaining our specialist focus and utilising a consultative approach we can help you to source the market leading talent which will help you to fulfil your company’s ambitions. Networkers International
  5. 5. Networkers International OUR VISION AND SERVICES Our multitalented team of experts within their field have Local and global connections, with a pool of talent sourced through our consistent networking and passion for recruitment who has the strategic direction to add value. An in depth knowledge of the industry and your competitors - A detailed understanding of the required personality traits, skills and culture fit - Exceptional service delivery through informed communication - A network of top calibre professionals - 100% honesty Networkers International
  6. 6. Networkers International Mission Statement: To deliver high quality and personalized services to the prospective client by developing and maintaining a personal relationship working on each client’s culture, environment and ethos system. QUALITY and RETENSION is our aim in ensuring the best productivity and growth for your business. A select few client’s under our portfolio, in order to ensure sustainable and prosperous personalized service with our VALUED Clients! We want to go the Extra mile Networkers International
  7. 7. Networkers International Our Objectives: Meet and develop professional working relationships in person with hands on approach Learn as much as possible around the Company, Competitors, History, Culture and growth in order to be of value add and to best sell the Company to candidates To assist with the internal process regarding recruitment from start to finish. Assist with structuring job specs/requirements Work through our networks and on line portals to obtain the best qualified staff possible. Networkers International
  8. 8. Networkers International A FEW STATEGIC CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS OVER THE PAST 5 YEARS Networkers International Networkers International
  9. 9. Networkers International Building Industry Electrical Financial Faculties IT INDUSTRY FOCUS Insurance Management Insurance Media Marketing Manufacturing & Distribution Medical PropertyTelecommunications Networkers International
  10. 10. Networkers International Our Objectives: Local Social and Economic Commitment: We provide on-going mentorship and career guidance to underprivileged individuals and aim to formalize this process through various forums. Assistance with writing professional CVs Career guidance We understand the importance of developing previously disadvantaged individuals to contribute towards equality in the South African market. Networkers International
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