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Survey of New Media Lecture


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Lecture for October 13, 2015.

Published in: Education
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Survey of New Media Lecture

  1. 1. Survey of New Media Presenter: Dr. Nettrice R. Gaskins
  2. 2. Metaphysics of presence start with the Western definition of being, which is “to have or occupy a place … somewhere … Expressing the most general relation of a thing to its place.” Being is not inexplicable or transcendent, but exists within a framework or state. Therefore the definitions of presence (and absence) explicitly rely upon the states within which they are found.
  3. 3. Urban metaphysics is a deconstruction of Western ideas, through street art and technology.
  4. 4. "I talked to Rammellzee about making the letter aerodynamic… going through water, through air. You know the arrow would be the cutter, the driller or the stabber, showing the direction in which the letter is going."
  5. 5. Black Futurism or Afrofuturism is a discourse centered on absence or presence, engaging the valuation of images and presentations. What we see in this work is often a construction or deconstruction of the self.
  6. 6. Music visuals & video projections will immerse the public in Shocklee’s electronic soundscape, punctuated by light sculptures.