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Boston Arts Academy STEAM Lab Model


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A guide for teachers to use for planning and implementing STEAM projects and curricula.

Published in: Education
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Boston Arts Academy STEAM Lab Model

  1. 1. Fundamentals: Creating basic circuits, soldering, etc.
  2. 2. Prototyping: Testing and trying new ideas such as robotic puppets.
  3. 3. Exhibition: Presenting and sharing the work.
  4. 4. ARCS Project-Based STEAM Learning Planning Sheet Objective Example Attention To focus learner’s attention to making a STEAM project. Many artists use specific STEAM concepts to create their work. Relevance To show learners the importance of using STEAM to make a good project. Using specific STEAM concepts is a good way to gain skills you will need to be an effective artist. Confidence To help increase confidence in the STEAM skills learned. By the end of the workshop, you will be required to make an effective STEAM project using the provided criteria (i.e., 4 “C’s” and RICO). Satisfaction To reward students for learning new STEAM skills. Provide positive feedback and/or rewards for phases of the project.