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NetTantra Web Development Brochure


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Published in: Technology, Design, Business
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NetTantra Web Development Brochure

  1. 1. One of the fastest growing web applications development company ✔ Website Design ✔ Website Redesign ✔ Web UI/UX Design ✔ Website Maintenance ✔ Website Design ✔ Website Redesign ✔ Web UI/UX Design ✔ Website Maintenance ✔ WordPress ✔ Ecommerce ✔ API Integration ✔ ROR Consulting ✔ WordPress ✔ Ecommerce ✔ API Integration ✔ ROR Consulting ✔ SEO ✔ SMO ✔ SEM ✔ RM ✔ SEO ✔ SMO ✔ SEM ✔ RM
  2. 2. About NetTantra <ul><li>NetTantra is a creative web technology and design company based in India with global presence in US and UK. We provide web based solutions to several industry verticals like, healthcare, home building, real estate, manufacturing, food and beverage, chemicals, life sciences, consulting, education, financial, insurance, health-care, supplier-chain, onlineshopping, etc.
  3. 3. We have expertise in various sectors of the web including an array of server-side languages, OpenSource CMS/Blog frameworks, Linux/UNIX system administration, production server backup and recovery solutions, cloud infrastructure set-up and much more. Our expertise in providing WordPress based solutions has been acclaimed by many of our clients and the OpenSource community.
  4. 4. We also provide cloud based solutions like migrating existing applications and building cloud applications for public or private cloud setups. We are known among our clients for on-time delivery and extraordinary quality of service. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Our Service Web Design Service All our designs are done using the best design tools and standards available keeping the end-users' experience and perspective in mind. We provide the following: Development Service From front-end programming to server-side scripting and database development our team has specialists in all areas of development. ✔ Web application UI design ✔ Dashboard design ✔ WordPress template design ✔ Lead generation website design ✔ Website redesign ✔ Web UI/UX design ✔ Enterprise applications ✔ Off-shore extended development ✔ Custom web applications ✔ Content management systems
  6. 6. Our Services Technical Consulting Our team of experts can help you figure out solutions is many technologies. Cloud Solutions We at NetTantra follow the complete cloud engineering service lifecycle which covers optimal cloud strategy and roadmap, robust migration/development methodologies, support to ISV in deployments and operations and post migration product engineering services. CMS/Blog Frameworks ✔ WordPress ✔ Drupal ✔ Joomla ✔ Plone ✔ Radiant, etc. MVC Frameworks ✔ Yii ✔ CodeIgniter ✔ Symfony ✔ Ruby On Rails ✔ Django, etc. Databases ✔ MySQL ✔ PostgreSQL ✔ SQLite ✔ MongoDB ✔ Big Table, etc.
  7. 7. Our Services SEO / SEM / SMO At NetTantra, our team of SEO experts follow a properly planned strategy which would then be used to implement various other steps required to attain top rankings and would help your website to maximize its performance in search engines. Our process and strategy will vary from each industry and specialization area depending upon the nature of business. ✔ Website Analysis & Evaluation ✔ Keyword Research and Selection ✔ Website Optimization ✓ On-page Optimization ✓ Off-page Optimization ✓ Monitoring & Maintenance ✔ Ranking Report
  8. 8. Our Expertise <ul><li>Enterprise Web Applications – We take pride in having a team which is competent in building next generation Enterprise Web Applications
  9. 9. Cloud Applications – We work on several cloud computing platforms like Google AppEngine, Amazon EC2 to provide our customers with cost effective solutions for the future
  10. 10. Web Scalability and Performance – Our team has expertise in setting up scalable web infrastructures using several web technologies.
  11. 11. User Interface Design and Consulting – Our team UI/UX experts guide our clients towards the best looking and most usable user interfaces for their web/software products.
  12. 12. Providing support and maintenance for existing software or web setups </li></ul>
  13. 13. Technologies <ul><li>PHP/MySQL based web-application development including frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Yii, Symfony CakePHP, CodeIgnitor etc. Symfony,
  14. 14. Ruby On Rails and Rails derivatives like Hobo, Rails infrastructure setup with Nginx, Apache, LightSpeed, Cherokee, WebRoar etc.
  15. 15. Python based applications like Django Web2Py, WebApp and TornadoWeb Django,
  16. 16. WebServers like Nginx, Apache, LigHTTPd Cherokee, LiteSpeed, YAWS, LigHTTPd, and more.
  17. 17. Cloud Platforms like Google AppEngine Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 and other AppEngine, AWS based services, RackSpace Cloud etc.
  18. 18. Several backup and restoration technologies based on the cloud like the Rsync protocol, Duplicity, Bacula etc.
  19. 19. SMS Gateways and API integrations.
  20. 20. FaceBook, Twitter and OpenSocial applications.
  21. 21. Single Sign On and Common Authentication technologies like Oauth and OpenID. </li></ul>
  22. 22. Our Price & Packages – Web Design
  23. 23. Our Price & Packages – e-Commerce
  24. 24. Our Price & Packages – SEO
  25. 25. Our Work & Clients
  26. 26. Client Testimonials <ul><li>Our list of satisfied clients spans the whole globe. This is what some of them have to say about our services: </li><ul><li>&quot;The NetTantra Team is really serious and talented. They work fast and with great results. Will work with them again.&quot; - Julien Magne from
  27. 27. &quot;NetTantra is very good to work with, they know their stuff and do not just get the job done on time for you, they also will provide you alternatves and suggestions on how to improve on a project/design. I will definitely use their services for my future projects. Thank you&quot; - Olay Ceesay from FashionAfrican
  28. 28. &quot;If you need WordPress coding, look no further. NetTantra is the BEST. I am a very discerning buyer and test for usability, coding standards, upgradability, ease-of-use etc. etc. NetTantra not just satisfied my need for good quality they exceeded our expectations. Expect to see them doing more work for us.&quot; - Rohit Chandra from for their WordPress plugin </li></ul><li>More Client Testimonials can be found at </li></ul>
  29. 29. OpenSource Plugins <ul><li>BuddyPress xProfiles ACL: BuddyPress xProfiles ACL creates access control over BuddyPress Extended Profile Groups. URL:
  30. 30. WP Roles at Registration: This plugin allows the user to choose his role in the website during registration from a list of selected roles. This also works with BuddyPress. URL:
  31. 31. jQuery Live Validation: It is a very popular jQuery front-end form validation plugin. URL:
  32. 32. jQuery MegaMenu: It is a highly acclaimed jQuery Website Mega-Menu generation plugin. The plugin has been featured in popular software/web-script review websites like URL:
  33. 33. jQuery TagBox: It is yet another popular jQuery plugin developed by us which has featured at URL: </li></ul>
  34. 34. Beyond Our Clients <ul><li>WordPress Plugins – We have worked on several WordPress plugins and OpenSourced many of them
  35. 35. JavaScript/jQuery Plugins – We also have contributed the OpenSource jQuery and JavaScript community with several useful plugins.
  36. 36. We are about to release an OpenSource full featured Blogging Engine with plugin support which can run natively over several cloud platforms like Google AppEngine.
  37. 37. We run two technology blogs where we keep updating on the things we are working on and the thing we contribute to OpenSource, they are </li><ul><li> (
  38. 38. GeekTantra: ( </li></ul></ul>
  39. 39. Contact Us Sales: [email_address] Information: [email_address] Support: [email_address] Contact Us Email INDIA M-22, Mohan Das Enclave, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar Orissa – 751030, India P: +91-933-864-2277 +91-977-668-7077 UNITED STATES Suite: 185, 1265, North Capitol Avenue, San Jose – 95132, California P: +1-408-658-0677 +1-858-216-4380 UNITED KINGDOM Suite 3516, PO Box 6945, W1A 6US, London P: +44-208-144-5277 +44-703-189-7577