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About NetTantra


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A brief overview of the technologies and services offered by NetTantra.

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About NetTantra

  1. 1. About NetTantra✔ NetTantra is a technology and UI/UX Design firm with an edge✔ We work on the bleeding edge of technology to provide our customers with solutions which are scalable and future-proof✔ We provide solutions on top of both the newest and most scalable architectures as well as on top of industry standard platforms.✔ Our design team produces the most usable and beautiful user interfaces for our clients all across the globe.
  2. 2. Our Expertise✔ Enterprise Web Applications – We take pride in having a team which is competent in building next generation Enterprise Web Applications✔ Cloud Applications – We work on several cloud computing platforms like Google AppEngine, Amazon EC2 to provide our customers with cost effective solutions for the future✔ Web Scalability and Performance – Our team has expertise in setting up scalable web infrastructures using several web technologies.✔ User Interface Design and Consulting – Our team UI/UX experts guide our clients towards the best looking and most usable user interfaces for their web/software products.✔ Providing support and maintenance for existing software or web setups
  3. 3. Technologies✔ Our team is proficient in many of the cutting-edge technologies and industry standard technologies. Some of them are ✔ PHP/MySQL based web-services including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgnitor etc. ✔ Ruby On Rails and Rails derivatives like Hobo, Rails infrastructure setup with Nginx, Apache, LightSpeed, Cherokee, WebRoar etc. ✔ Python based applications like Django, Web2Py, WebApp, Tornado ✔ WebServers like Nginx, Apache, LigHTTPd, Cherokee, LightSpeed and more ✔ Cloud Platforms like Google AppEngine, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 and other AWS based services, RackSpace Cloud etc.
  4. 4. Clientele NetTantra is proud to have over 80 satisfied clients in over 10 countries. The following are some of our satisfied clients and the work done for them:✔ Best Western Group of Hotels: Best Western International is The Worlds Largest Hotel Chain with more than 4,000 hotels in 80 countries. NetTantra has the project of maintaining and extending the WebSite for Best Western India.✔ It is a Movie trailers collection website. We have designed and developed the whole application. It has been deployed on Amazon EC2 to help scale as its traffic keeps growing.✔ Innovators In Health: Innovators In Health develops technology to electronically record, authenticate, wirelessly relay, and analyze delivery of medication with the goal of lowering costs and improving cure rates, thus helping programs scale. The program has been started and promoted by alumni of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. NetTantra works with IIH to help them build the software necessary for their programs.
  5. 5. Clientele✔ It is one of Indias highest traffic education WebSites. We work with them to develop their web-applications and provide several support services in the form of SMS infrastructure, server management support and design and technology consulting. Currently we are working towards migrating their existent LAMP architecture to a more scalable platform based on Apache Cassandra and Python.✔ CGNetSwara: CGNet Swara is a audio-based citizen journalism service in India. Citizen journalists can call a phone number to record news, and listeners can call in to hear news recorded by citizens around them. We provide technical consulting to their team to setup and develop extensions for their IVR system based on Asterisk Telephony System.✔ Sparsh Foundation: A non-profit organization working towards funding poor students education in several technical colleges starting with NITK Surathkal. We have created their Website and branding.
  6. 6. Clientele✔ It is an European Soccer Players community cum social networking website with launched recently. It is available in over 10 languages and 30 countries. It has many sophisticated features including geo-location and mapping features. It is a fast growing website. NetTantra has designed and developed the whole application and currently takes care of its scalability, performance and other technical aspects.✔ It is a high-traffic education portal for Indian users. We extend our web-infrastructure and support services to them.✔ It is a corporate website cum blog developed for Acro-I India.✔ It is a corporate website with custom CMS features developed for 5 Elements Inc.
  7. 7. Client Testimonials✔ Our list of satisfied clients spans the whole globe. This is what some of them have to say about our services: ✔ "The NetTantra Team is really serious and talented. They work fast and with great results. Will work with them again." - Julien Magne from ✔ "NetTantra is very good to work with, they know their stuff and do not just get the job done on time for you, they also will provide you alternatves and suggestions on how to improve on a project/design. I will definitely use their services for my future projects. Thank you" - Olay Ceesay from FashionAfrican ✔ "If you need WordPress coding, look no further. NetTantra is the BEST. I am a very discerning buyer and test for usability, coding standards, upgradability, ease-of-use etc. etc. NetTantra not just satisfied my need for good quality they exceeded our expectations. Expect to see them doing more work for us." - Rohit Chandra from for their WordPress plugin
  8. 8. Beyond Our Clients✔ WordPress Plugins – We have worked on several WordPress plugins and OpenSourced many of them✔ JavaScript/jQuery Plugins – We also have contributed the OpenSource jQuery and JavaScript community with several useful plugins.✔ We are about to release an OpenSource full featured Blogging Engine with plugin support which can run natively over several cloud platforms like Google AppEngine.✔ We run two technology blogs where we keep updating on the things we are working on and the thing we contribute to OpenSource, they are ✔ ( ✔ GeekTantra: (
  9. 9. Thank You