Learn Four Nonprofit CRM Strategies from NetSuite


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Nonprofits looking for constituent relationship management systems (CRM) are often enamored by the features and bells and whistles. Successful CRM, however starts with strategy – how does your nonprofit go about achieving your mission?

During this free, hour-long webinar, we'll review the basic concepts behind CRM, giving attendees a lay of the land.

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  • Every strategy goes through the same general implementation processIf you ever wondered why consulting is expensive it’s because it takes work.
  • No to google contacts, yes to google appsYes to most “real” CRM systems
  • No to google contacts, yes to google appsYes to most “real” CRM systems
  • No to google contacts, yes to google appsYes to most “real” CRM systems
  • No to google contacts, yes to google appsYes to most “real” CRM systems
  • So what is NetSuite.org?NetSuite.org is our way of doing a little good in the world. We realized that we didn’t know anything about running a homeless shelter or saving the planet, but we are experts at helping organizations run their business. So we’ve mobilized the unique assets of NetSuite – our product and our people – to help you run your organization better. We help change the world by helping you change the world.Part of the company, not independent.Donor management
  • Manages HR data for over 450 companies in 50 countries Social HR is tailor made for your competitive advantage: mission Self-service consumer IT for the enterprise meets employee needs Can integrate with the NetSuite core system
  • Only truly free solution for nonprofits Tailor made for simplicity and ease of use In use by over 175,000 users around the world Uses standard HTML, JS & CSS: no vendor lock in
  • Learn Four Nonprofit CRM Strategies from NetSuite

    1. 1. Four Nonprofit CRM Strategies April 3, 2014
    2. 2. Using ReadyTalk • Chat and raise hand • All lines are muted • If you lose your Internet connection, reconnect using the link emailed to you. • If you lose your phone connection, re-dial the phone number and re-join. • ReadyTalk support: 800-843-9166 Your audio will play through your computer’s speakers.
    3. 3. • This seminar will be available on the TechSoup website along with past webinar presentations: www.techsoup.org/community/events- webinars • You will receive a link to this presentation, material, and links. • Twitter hashtag: #techsoup You are being recorded…
    4. 4. Four Nonprofit CRM Strategies David Geilhufe, NetSuite April 3, 2014
    5. 5. Presenters Becky Wiegand Interactive Events Producer TechSoup Assisting with chat: Ale Bezdikian, TechSoup David Geilhufe Senior Director NetSuite.org
    6. 6. • Introducing TechSoup • Participant Poll – What matters most? • What Is CRM? • Four Strategies • NetSuite.org • Q&A Today’s Agenda:
    7. 7. TechSoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a clear focus: connecting fellow nonprofits, charities, public libraries, and foundations with tech products and services, plus learning resources to make informed decisions about technology. Who Is TechSoup?
    8. 8. Who Is TechSoup? • Since 1987, TechSoup donation programs have served more than 210,000 charitable organizations. • We’ve distributed more than 11 million software and hardware donations and enabled recipients to save more than US$3.75 billion in IT expenses in 60+ countries around the world. • We reach more than 400,000 nonprofit, library, and philanthropy subscribers in the United States with our newsletters each year.
    9. 9. What’s New at TechSoup? Consulting Services Thinking about updating software, investing in new computers, or deploying a network or server? TechSoup now offers consulting services to help! QuickBooks 2014 Want more time in your day? Automate your bookkeeping by using QuickBooks. Windows 8.1 Support for Windows XP ends in April of 2014, so make sure you’re ready to upgrade.
    10. 10. • Which of the following is most important/true of your needs? – We need to know who we know and what we said to them. – We need to know how our constituents interact with us and one another. – We need to know which of our constituents have the most value/biggest financial impact. – I need the infrastructure to accommodate changing needs and dynamic CRM strategies. Participant Poll
    11. 11. Four Nonprofit CRM Strategies David Geilhufe Senior Director, NetSuite.org dgeilhufe@netsuite.com Contacts, Relationships, Revenue, Silos
    12. 12. Tracking meetings, calls and emails Integrated Quotes/Proposals Document Management Document Publishing Certification Customer Portal Project Tracking Service Tracking Time & Expense Lead tracking Segmentation Mass E-Mail Group Calendaring Resource Availability + Lead Prospect Qualify MeetQuote Order Service Delivery Repurchase Suspect + + + + + + + + What Is CRM? Constituent Relationship Management Institutional memory about interactions with all constituents that is used to further your mission Potential supporters, volunteers, clients, donors, etc. Order Mgmt Book services
    13. 13. What Is CRM?
    14. 14. What is CRM? © NetSuite 2010 15
    15. 15. What Is CRM? © NetSuite 2010 16
    16. 16. Where Are You Today?
    17. 17. It Starts With Strategy Four CRM Strategies
    18. 18. CRM Strategy What Problem Does CRM Solve? Depends, what is your strategy? What is the Strategy? How do you work with and/or serve constituents? What is the most important part of your mission vis-à-vis constituents? What critical organizational/business processes involve your constituents? What Problems Does CRM Solve? Institutional memory Disconnected data silos No complete view of the constituent
    19. 19. CRM Strategy Features ≠ Mission Outcomes Endless possibilities do not drive mission outcomes Bells and Whistles are useless if you don’t need to make noise Getting stuck in features lists is confusing
    20. 20. Four CRM Strategies Contacts We need to known who we know and what we said to them Relationships We need to understand how our constituents interact with us and with one another Money/ Revenue We need to understand which constituents are most valuable and/or which constituents have the biggest financial impact Silos I need the infrastructure to accommodate changing needs and multiple, dynamic CRM strategies These are common strategies, but there are many others.
    21. 21. Implementing CRM CRM Isn’t About Software 1. Define the Strategy 2. Document (and Improve) Process 3. Implement Process (in software) 4. Test Process 5. Revise until Process is Accepted 6. Launch Process Implementing the Software 1. Identify all data required by the process 2. Identify where that data is today 3. Consolidate data in a single location & standardize data collection 4. Configure software to match the documented process a) The more you conform to software, the less time and money you will spend 5. Load your data 6. Run the reports required by your process Benefits Better process & constituent experience More time freed up for your mission from busy work and inefficiency
    22. 22. CRM Strategy: Contacts Four CRM Strategies
    23. 23. Contacts The Strategy I’m a small organization with limited resources. I just need to get organized. The Challenges I can’t find anything – 50% of nonprofits use post its and excel; data is scattered everywhere I can’t make a list of constituents – Who gives us money, who we serve, who gets invited to the next event Everything is out of date or wrong – Five addresses for each constituent, which one is right?
    24. 24. Contacts The Features Multi-user, anytime/anywhere access (cloud) Enter constituents Search constituents List constituents Implementation Planning and process : minimal Generally just turn it on and start typing Accidental techies help, but are not necessary Generally no need for paid consultants
    25. 25. Contacts: Results The Good One source of the truth One organizational contact list Staff gets used to databases (and will be ready for more later) The Limitations Can’t track rich information about constituents Can’t track relationships Can’t track activities Can’t track transactions Can’t prepare for the future (but moving up isn’t very hard)
    26. 26. CRM Strategy: Relationships Four CRM Strategies
    27. 27. Relationships The Strategy My constituents, their interrelationships, and their activities drive my mission (example: politics, advocacy) The Challenges I can’t take action based on a constituent’s relationships – Who is on the board of a funder? Who knows a key constituent? I can’t take advantage of new technology like social media – Who cares about the same causes as our organization? I can’t respond to constituents in a timely manner – Follow up and communication gets lost in the shuffle
    28. 28. Relationships The Features Arbitrary relationships between constituents Track activities and communications (email, phone, task, notes, files) Specific support for specific relationships (events, for example) Implementation Planning and process: medium Requires some technical implementation, accidental techies required Complex process means paid consultants
    29. 29. Relationships: Results The Good Personalized constituent experience; sense of intimacy with constituents Broader audience can be mobilized for your mission Things don’t fall through the cracks through activity tracking The Limitations Requires organization commitment to the process & the tool Can’t track transactions (often) Garbage in; Garbage out Requires care & feeding Can create silos if system does not support other priorities (e.g. events)
    30. 30. CRM Strategy: Money/Revenue Four CRM Strategies
    31. 31. Money/Revenue The Strategy My constituents are the source of my revenue, I need to maximize revenue and/or minimize costs (major donor, direct mail, grants, sales, membership, etc.) The Challenges I don’t know who my best donors are – Who gave me the most money last year? I can’t steward high touch relationships (major donors) – Actions fall through the cracks, staff confusion I can’t determine ROI of proposed actions/ innovations – The campaign costs $5K, but only brought in $2K
    32. 32. Money/Revenue The Features Track transactions (donations, services, etc.) Prebuilt reports that do what you need Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Flexible reporting for the end user Implementation Planning and process: medium – high Look at pre-built fundraising solutions Paid consultants required + accidental techies
    33. 33. Money/Revenue The Good Solid basis for tracking actual and projected ROI Optimal constituent experience Raise more money, deliver services more efficiently The Limitations Requires organization commitment to the process & the tool Requires internal data, analysis & reporting capacity Garbage in; Garbage out Can create silos if system does not support other priorities (e.g. events)
    34. 34. CRM Strategy: Silos Four CRM Strategies
    35. 35. Silos The Strategy Information about constituents is spread across systems that do not share data well and we need a complete view of the constituent. The Challenges My silos don’t talk with one another – Half of nonprofits manage 4+ repositories of siloed constituent data I have five addresses for each constituent, which one is right? I waste time getting data from multiple locations – Spreadsheets are error prone
    36. 36. Silos The Features Role-based system Platform – should support customization & provide APIs Segmentation Scalable from small to very, very large Implementation Planning and process: high Data planning & consolidation are critical to success Avoid pre-built stand alone solutions (fundraising, for example) Paid consultants required
    37. 37. Silos: Results The Good Platform for the future 360 degree view of constituent No one/ nothing falls through the cracks The Limitations Requires significant time and money to implement and maintain Requires organization commitment to the process & the tool Requires internal data, analysis & reporting capacity Every new system is an integration project
    38. 38. Brief NetSuite.org Commercial Four CRM Strategies
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