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ERP & NetSuite for B Corps


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ERP & NetSuite for B Corps

  1. 1. ERP & the Cloud – Enabling your Business & Your Social Impact Miles Smith Account Executive, David Geilhufe Program Manager,© NetSuite 2010 1
  2. 2. AgendaIntroduction A bit about NetSuite & NetSuite.orgLearning about ERP What is ERP? What is the Cloud? How does ERP help me? Am I ready?The Pitch Benefits of NetSuite Demo
  3. 3. NetSuite: World’s #1 Cloud ERP Background PerformanceFounded 1998 World’s most deployedPublicly traded on NYSE: “N” two-tier cloud ERPOffices in 9 countries Used by 10,000+ organizations1200+ employees Fastest growing top 10 ERP$193M+ revenue Used across 100+ countries #1 Cloud ERP Suite Recognition Best Financial Management Best Relationship Management Best Business Software Solution Top 10 Cloud Best Cloud Platform Companies to Watch
  4. 4. Quick Take Background CommunityCorporate Citizenship Program 200+ granteesProduct Donations & DiscountsPro Bono Service GrantsSocial Solutions Idealware Top 10 Donor Management System The Donation PartnershipsFull NetSuite software, 5 users,support & training freeRevenue driven grant <$2M = free + 80% discount $2M-5M = ~$5K + 50% disc. $5M+ = ~$10K + 50% disc.Automatic renewal
  5. 5. Organizations Powered by
  6. 6. The Undisputed Cloud ERP Leader“ NetSuite is the most successful ERP suite SaaS provider operating in terms of active customers, international presence and functionality offered ” across the product June 2011
  7. 7. Rich Cloud Ecosystem for Many IndustriesSoftware CompaniesWholesale DistributorsManufacturersServices CompaniesRetail / Ecommerce
  8. 8. NetSuite’s Social and Business Impact"Our NetSuite client portal allows clients tosee in real-time exactly what our team isdoing on a real-time basis. NetSuitestransparency allows our team in Boise towork closely with non-profits nationwide,and the internal efficiencies we realize withNetSuite saves them money which can bereallocated to their programs." Jeff Russell, CEO, Easy Office
  9. 9. Cloud ComputingThe Last Great Computing Architecture
  10. 10. Bottom LineAccess your software through a web browserPay on a subscription basis** Upgrades are automatic & seamless** More flexibility, customizability & autonomy
  11. 11. The Advent of the Business Cloud6X # 1 Technology 54 % Planning or affecting InterestedGROWTH finance in Cloud
  12. 12. Automated backups, uptime, SLA, Solution maintenancehosted by Automated vendor upgradesElastic, pay Web andas you go – mobile -scale up or access from down Modern web anywhere based integration © NetSuite 2010 12
  13. 13. On Premise ERP vs Cloud ERP TCO 80% Reduction in IT 50% Reduction in Headcount Costs $80,000 Training Costs $700,000 $70,000 $600,000 $60,000 $500,000 $50,000 $400,000 $40,000 $300,000 $30,000 $200,000 $20,000 $100,000 $10,000 $0 $0 Dynamics GP and CRM NetSuite Dynamics GP and CRM NetSuite 100% Reduction in 50% Reduction$200,000 Infrastructure Costs $1,600,000 in Overall TCO$180,000 $1,400,000$160,000$140,000 $1,200,000$120,000 $1,000,000$100,000 $800,000 $80,000 $600,000 $60,000 $400,000 $40,000 $20,000 $200,000 $0 $0 Dynamics GP and CRM NetSuite Dynamics GP and CRM NetSuite 4 Year TCO, 100 Seats
  14. 14. Why? On-Premise Holds the Business BackTypical IT Budget Allocation9% Innovation Current 66% 91% on old versions 14 Maintenance Source: ERP in SME, Aug 2010
  15. 15. What is Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Software?Software to Run Business Operations
  16. 16. Bottom LineSoftware to actually run your businessHuge ROI IF implemented properly
  17. 17. What is ERP? Keep track of money: Lead to cash Financials Lead to contract Purchase to pay Warehouse Keep track of products Inventory Mgmt.Keep track of people and companies CRM** (customers, partners, etc.) Sales Force Sell Ecommerce** Automation** Time & HumanKeep track of employees Expenses Resources Prof. Services Supply Chain Manage profitability Automation Management
  18. 18. ERP in Graphic Detail Financial Operations Workforce Analytics Budgeting Analytics Analytics Analytics Financial Management Fixed Financials Budgeting Accounting Accounting AssetsHuman Capital Performance Talent Mgmt. & Recruiting Management Mgmt. TrainingProcurement & Supplier Inventory & Transport & Ecommerce Logistics Collaboration Warehouse ShippingProduct Dev. & Production Manufacturing ProductManufacturing Planning Execution Development Sales & Sales Order Customer Incentive/ SFA Services Mgmt. Service/Support Commissions Mgmt. Corporate Prof. Service Time Expense Travel Project Services Delivery Tracking Mgmt. Mgmt. Mgmt.
  19. 19. Technology of (some) ERP systemsKey Performance Integration Role-based Indicators Dashboards Drill Down Self Service Real Time Reporting Configuration
  20. 20. Speed, Cost Reduction and Accelerated Business Processes 10% Implementation effort vs. typical ERP 50% Less IT costs than on premise 50%+ Reduction in Audit Prep Time20-50% Faster financial close time 150%+ ROI and 6 month payback* Source: Nucleus Research, SMB Group, and Customer Case Studies *Based on Nucleus ROI Case Study on RedBuilt
  21. 21. Success = Implementation IT Project OutcomeIn budget, on schedule & met 28%expectationsOver budget, over schedule & 49%LESS functionalityCancelled or failed prior to 23%completion 5% of ERP projects are a major success (McKinsey)
  22. 22. Keys to SuccessIt’s not your software / database, it’s you.
  23. 23. Bottom LineUnderstand the processCommit the resourcesChange your organizationEyes can’t be bigger than your stomachLots of work for the organization
  24. 24. Understand the Process Phase Objective Key Deliverables Selection “Will it work for us” • Proof of value demoNegotiation “Will the vendor work for us” • Contract Initiate “Getting organized” • Project objectives • Functional scope Analyze “How does your business operate?” • Business Requirements • Project workplan “Adapting the system to your business • Configuration &Configure (and your business to the system)” Customizations • Data migration planning Deploy “Run your business of the system” • Migrate data • End user training Optimize “Learn from your implementation” • Transition to support
  25. 25. Understand The Right Way Factors rated very significant to success64% Quality of the implementations project team62% Effective project management & planning60% Effective education and end user training60% Senior management commitment & support60% Effective control over project scope52% Effective organizational change management48% Quality of ERP Product44% Quality of ERP Vendor
  26. 26. Understand the Wrong WayToo much of a focus on doing tasks faster, notbetter (no business strategy)Lack of top management involvement (no one topush)No effort to get employee buy in (software sellsitself!)No focus on required organizations changes andprocess improvements(no change management)
  27. 27. Invest the Right ResourcesSkills Project management Business process analysis Software skillsTime Planning, Testing, MaintainingMoney You usually need to pay for implementation
  28. 28. Manage ChangeUnderstand your own processUnderstand how your process is going to changeSupport your staff in changing Knowledge support Emotional support Employee buy in
  29. 29. Benefits of NetSuiteOne System to Run Your Organization
  30. 30. The Typical Way FundraisingMemberManagement Payroll Accounting Reporting
  31. 31. Solution: One System for Running an Organization Donors CEO CFO NetSuite SINGLE NetSuite ECOMMERCE DATA CRM+ SOURCEWeb Manager Marketing NetSuite FINANCIALS Support Fundraising Volunteers Partners
  32. 32. Supports Complete Customization: Developer Tools Application Infrastructure
  33. 33. Customization (without version lock) Typical ERP Customization Moderate • Database customization Vanilla to Heavy • Custom dashboards 79% 21% and reports • Custom forms 74% 26% • Custom scripts 75% 25% • Custom workflows 76% 24% LATEST VERSION • Custom integrationsSource: Panorama Consulting
  34. 34. NetSuite’s Redundant Datacenters© NetSuite 2011 34
  35. 35. NetSuite’s Cloud Datacenter99.5% uptime SLC commitment99.98% 12 months trailing uptimeServe 4BN+ customer requests per month2.2M+ unique logins per quarterSupports 7,000+ customersJust 20 minutes maintenance per week2 automated upgrades per year2 data centers1 code base PCI-DSS PCI-DSS EU-US Safe Harbor Compliant Compliant Compliant
  36. 36. NetSuite Cloud Delivery Drives Green BenefitsNetSuite customers savedover $61 million in energy billslast yearTranslates to on average$10K / year energy savings /customersNetSuite SaaS platformeliminates the production ofmore than 423,000 metric tonsof carbon dioxide per year
  37. 37. Businesses Run Better with Cloud NetSuite Improvement area Business Result CompanyAccounting efficiency Monthly close reduced by 50% Reduces accounting costs by 20% Financial close from weeks to 4 daysIT efficiency Saves approximately $250,000 annually Rolls out cloud ERP in just 6 months to 10 subsidiariesEmployee Services revenues liftedProductivity by 20 percent Grew 350% in 6 years without adding staff
  38. 38. Product Demonstration
  39. 39. Thank you! Follow up questions? Contact Miles Smith 650-627-1439August 18, 2011