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Swimathon2010 en


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Swimathon2010 en

  1. 1. The Swimathon means swimming for the community causes. It also means creative campaigns and also involving one’s partners and friends as supporters. In 2010, CCF has opened this framework to other organizations too, but also to companies or informal groups from Cluj, who raised 63.000 LEI trough this mechanism.
  2. 2. “The Swimathon is a special fundraising event, it is a mechanism activated by the swimmers’ social networks. At its second edition we have offered to other organizations too, but also to local companies and to informal groups from Cluj, this opportunity to mobilize resources together with the Cluj Community Foundation for the causes motivating them. Therefore, the event has been exponentially growing in amplitude and also in what concerns the number of swimmers, the raised amounts, and the number of supporters and volunteers attending the event”. Simona Serban, CCF executive director
  3. 3. The Swimathon 2010 figures 38 swimmers 63.000 LEI, engaged from the supporters 6 supported areas: education, house rehabilitation, children with special needs, the elderly, animal protection, sport 774 swam pool lengths 38 swam kilometers
  4. 4. and the supported projects
  5. 5. Voicu Bojan, Rada Sonea, Alin Vaida and Liviu Vaida swam for the CCF’s Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) Total value of the first installment allocated trough CIF: 19.538 LEI Beneficiaries: 6 students supported with monthly scholarships, a seventh student receiving material assistance for her participation at international piano competitions.
  6. 6. Radu Morariu (Eximtur), Marcela Scripor, Cristian Covaciu – the SwiMalteza team – swam for the projects of the Maltese Help Service in Romania, Meal on wheels and the Maltese Special Kindergarten. Total value of the first installment allocated: 3.040 LEI From 1997, the elderly facing critical situations have received home a free hot meal on a daily basis, trough the Meal on wheels program. 20 children with special needs are being looked after at the Maltese Special Kindergarten.
  7. 7. The Noah’s Arch team, compound of Peter Madaras, Daniel Szekely, Elefant Laszlo, Bodor Balazs, Liviu Precup, Radu D. and Calin Chipriananov swam for the Mobile Clinic project. The Clinic has been acquisited with the financial support offered by CCF and trough the Swimathon has been raised the necessary amount for its medial equipment. Total value of the first installment allocated: 4.878 LEI
  8. 8. Stacey Bulucz swam for the Crossover basketball camp, for children aged 8 and 9. The camp takes place annually in Cluj and it is the only from Romania where children are trained by American players. Total value of the first installment allocated: 8.852 LEI
  9. 9. Paul Crisan, Dan Maier, Flavian Catalin Pah, Traian Alexandru Potra, Mihai Serdean, Paul Szanto swam for the Childhood dream room project, developed by the following organizations: Habitat for Humanity Cluj, World Vision Romania Cluj si Fundatia Romana pentru Copii, Comunitate si Familie. The project aim is to rehabilitate 4 houses in which are living families in need They swam for the same iniative: The Arobs employees: Florina Bufnea, Marian Ovidiu Viorel, Marian Sanda Teodora. The Vitacom Electronics employees: Eniko Kovendi, Robi Ujfalvi, Andrei Ganga, Adrian Costina, Zsolt Lenkey, Eva Hofbauer, Melinda Kerekes Total value of the first installment allocated: 4.854 LEI
  10. 10. Alina Porumb swam for the InJoy Cluj Fund, managed by CCF and aimed at supporting the projects for culture, environment and sport, all connected to the joy of living in Cluj. Total value of the first installment allocated: 640 LEI
  11. 11. Papp Emese, Bukos Robert, Filep-Rudamas Vahid- Laszlo, Mac Oris-Cristian swam for the equipment from the Cluj-Napoca Waldorf Highschool Gym Total value of the first installment allocated: 1.535 LEI
  12. 12. Ligia Medrea, the Cora Hypermarche swimmer, supported the projects of Cluj-Napoca Theodora House. Here, about 100 seniors are being taken care of. Total value of the first installment allocated: 1.000 LEI ”I decided to participate again at the Swimathon because I find it natural to have the opportunity of supporting a community project trough such a simple gesture like swimming”.
  13. 13. Cristiana Dragos – third international 1st Prize
  14. 14. Supported in the Swimathon by Rada Sonea, the little pianist Cristiana Dragos-Roman came back with the 1st prize from the International Competition “Simone Delbert-Fevrier”, where she was voted in unanimity by the jury. The event took place in Nice. Cristiana is a 3rd grade student of the Cluj-Napoca Elf School. The Nice distinction is the third prize she has obtained in an international competition. This year, Cristiana is the image of the Excelence Gala ”Ten for Cluj: Juniors of the Citadel”, organized by the Cluj Municipality.
  15. 15. About 30 volunteers got involved in organizing the Swimathon: from the arrangement of the location for the event to the timing of the competitors.
  16. 16. Amount (LEI) Details 63.000 The total engaged 6.000 Organizing cost, integrally covered trough the taxes paid by the competitor 44.337 The value of the first grant installment allocated
  17. 17.