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NPTechClubATX: 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Nonprofit Events



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Slides from their April 2020 event.

#NPTechClubATX is part of a network of tech clubs across the nation and the world. NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network and NetSquared (a program of TechSoup), are co-sponsors. Meetings are free to all.

Jennifer Surovy, Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE/NRWA), will present tips and tricks on creating a profile that will enable you to more effectively reach your professional goals.

Jen is the Founder of Write It Better Resumes. She has more than 15 years of experience in leading communications campaigns and projects for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, nonprofits and public officials. Jen’s previous positions include serving as the Labor Policy Advisor to Congressman Rush Holt, Global Human Resources Associate at Bank of America, Director at YMCA of the Triangle, and most recently as a Resume Writer for

Jen has combined her intellectual passion for workforce issues and talent for distilling complex subjects into concise messages by founding Write It Better Resumes. This resume and professional services firm assists clients in reaching their professional potential by crafting clear and engaging personal marketing materials.

Jen holds a Bachelor of Arts from Ohio University and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

NPTechClubATX: 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Nonprofit Events

  1. 1. LEVERAGING LINKEDIN Non-Profit Professionals & Organizations Jennifer Surovy, Write It Better Resumes
  2. 2. OVERVIEW ➤Benefits of LinkedIn ➤Key Elements of Profile/Company Page ➤Digital Networking ➤Searching in Shifting Economy
  3. 3. WHY LEVERAGE LINKEDIN? ➤ Dynamic digital resumes and AI are the future of hiring
  4. 4. SEARCH RESULTS ➤ LinkedIn will likely appear at the top of your personal search results
  5. 5. EXTENSIVE REACH Global connections and ability to find peers in your niche 675 Million Users 30 Million Organizations
  6. 6. RECRUITERS RELY ON LINKEDIN Platform heavily used by recruiters and hiring managers Have Hired Candidate with LinkedIn Have Not Hired Candidate with LinkedIn 89% 11% Source: NCOPE
  7. 7. WHERE TO FOCUS? ➤ Prioritize efforts on key profile sections and networking aspects of LinkedIn Profile Keywords Personal Brand Images Networking Follow Contact Base Recommendations
  9. 9. CREATE A PROFESSIONAL NARRATIVE Who are you and how does it match where you want to go? Filter to Fit Your Future Goal Draft Your Professional Story Resume or List Skills & Achievements Identify Your Target
  10. 10. BANNER IMAGE ➤ Take advantage of a branding opportunity!
  11. 11. FIRST IMPRESSION Share your personality in the profile picture
  12. 12. HEADLINE ➤ Beyond the Title: Keywords + Action Original Headline: Benefits Manager Optimized Headline: HR Manager Leading Compensation & Benefits | Drive Talent Retention | Deliver Global Training Programs
  13. 13. ABOUT SECTION ➤ Capture attention quickly Strong Intro Who You Are Your Impact
  14. 14. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ➤ Optimize title, describe responsibilities and list achievements Program Manager Program Manager - IT Initiatives | Integrations
  15. 15. SKILLS & ENDORSEMENTS ➤ Highlight Your Expertise: Depth + Breadth
  16. 16. SUPPORTING SECTIONS ➤ Choose sections relevant to experience and search goals
  17. 17. PRIVACY & SETTINGS ➤ Review privacy, notification and career interest settings
  18. 18. ORGANIZATION PAGE ➤ Share information about organization and enable employees or volunteers to highlight their participation
  20. 20. DIGITAL NETWORKING People are behind the profile
  21. 21. WHAT GROUPS DO YOU BELONG TO? Grow connections from your existing affiliations
  22. 22. TARGET ORGANIZATIONS Follow + Job Alerts + Connect
  23. 23. GIVE AND REQUEST RECOMMENDATIONS ➤ Endorse peers, managers, partners and actively seek recommendations
  25. 25. STRANGE AND UNCERTAIN TIMESPeople want to help!
  26. 26. IMPACTS ON SEARCH PROCESS ➤ Virtual Interviews ➤ External Freezes & Lay-Offs ➤ Shifts in Economic Importance ➤ Contract & Short-Term Opportunities ➤ Position Filled Before Posted Prepare Start Now Shift Mindset Search/Inquire Network!
  27. 27. PLAN & EXECUTE Identify goals and track progress to stay focused
  28. 28. JUST THE BEGINNING… ➤ LinkedIn is just one piece of the puzzle
  29. 29. QUESTIONS? Contact Jennifer at: E-mail: Website: