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Nicole Newman Presentation on Making Content for Philly Net Tuesday


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A website is content, not distribution
NetSquared presentation: June 2, 2016

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Nicole Newman Presentation on Making Content for Philly Net Tuesday

  1. 1. Web Design for Non- profits: Content Philly NetSquared Presentation on June 2nd, 2015 Nicole Newman, President of Newman Networks
  2. 2. Content versus Distribution • The information provided about your product, service and brand through a variety of sources • Website is not distribution • NEW CONTENT IS KING • Mobile friendly design • Distribution is the process of placing the content in front of the consumer • • Online Tools - Email Marketing, Social Media, News (online/print), events • Print Tools - business cards, postcards, brochures
  3. 3. Website Design for DYNAMIC content • Dynamic - (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. • NEW Content is KING • Organization Changes lead to new content • Annual Report • Impact on the Community • Social Environment • Funding/Funders • Make the web/mobile design include DYNAMIC content
  4. 4. Start with the end in mind • Good web design is SIMPLE, good content is SIMPLE too • What is the purpose? it is for the funders or participants? • Does it provide information? i.e. IMPACT on the community • Does it help the potential participant understand the process? • Does it answer frequently asked questions? • Does the website lead to more content (email marketing , social media, public relations media, cross marketing partners)
  5. 5. Tell YOUR ORGANIZATION’S story • What makes your organization unique? • Use VIDEO • Use data to show how effective the organization is • Cause marketing for funders to build a relationship. • Is the website also promoting fundraising campaigns? • Build SEO into the web design
  6. 6. Design Elements for Content • Graphics - logo, pictures, video • Good font and type setting (white space) • Social Media Integration • New content - calendar of events, blog • What does your organization offers prospective clients • Testimonials of doing what you say • Example -
  7. 7. Examples:
  8. 8. Example:
  9. 9. Articles posted on Business Technology @ • Web Design 101: just the basics please • Web Design 101: What is content and what is distribution? • Web Design 101: Great Content Elements • Web Design 101: Content is still King • My Contact information: • • 215-995-1041
  10. 10. Upcoming Events for website content strategy • June 3rd - Finding Money Stories in Census Data • June 4th - The Power of Data in Story Telling • June 27th - Reinvesting in our community ONE student at a time • July 7th - Philly Net Squared • Newman Networks on Eventbrite • • 215-995-1041