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This is Amy Sample Ward’s slide deck for the Ignite Sessions at 09NTC (http://nten.org/ntc) - Local is the new Global. Learn more about the NetSquared Local program at http://netsquared.org/local

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  • Hi! I’m Amy Sample Ward – a general NPTecher, blogger, facilitator, and am the Global Community Builder for NetSquared. I’m going to talk about our approach to surfacing innovative projects and how we’d like to see it move into your hands for local change.
  • NetSquared is an initiative of TechSoup Global, started four years ago focused on the intersection of social change and technology.
  • NetSquared has online content driven by Community Members; Offline line events called Net Tuesdays, and Challenges, Campaigns focused on mining innovative approaches to solve problems facing communities everywhere.
  • NetSquared hosts an annual challenge and Partner Challenges throughout the year – these are open calls for innovative ideas based on a specific sector of social benefit work, like human rights or international development, or on a specific kind of technology, like mashups or mobile applications.
  • Challenges that leverage ideas from around the world are great in the same way that heading to a big conference lets you meet people you may otherwise never have met or collaborated with. Local challenges though have the potential to bring together groups, organizations, networks and individuals who are already physically together.
  • Local is important because it means you already know the community, you are already physically close, and will all reap the benefits of making successful changes to issues. The opportunity to start working together is much greater when there aren’t oceans, and time differences to cross in order to begin.
  • Local Challenges can take shape in a number of ways, for instance: you can start a Net Tuesday group in your city; you can partner with local organizations, funders, or interested groups to host a local Challenge, or collaborate with Projects already at work in the Global Project Gallery and find ways to localize their work to your community.
  • We can’t be everywhere alone. But we can be everywhere with your help. We want to continue driving energy into global Challenges that open up collaboration opportunities across states, countries and continents. But we also really want your help in getting local so that we can support you in changing the world one community at a time.
  • Net Tuesdays are local, monthly events that bring together everyone interested in technology and social change, whether they are nonprofit staff, educators, policy makers, funders, developers, entrepreneurs or techies. This is a good place to start cooking up a local Challenge.
  • We have already got 45 groups meeting around the world – if there’s a Net Tuesday happening near you, you can bet that organizers would love to have you speak at an upcoming event to share what you are working on, what you’d like to be working on, or to have you join the group to regularly connect with the group.
  • Net Tuesdays are organized by volunteers and are great opportunities for people working on local projects to workshop their ideas, get feedback and find collaborators; it’s also an awesome opportunity for people looking to learn about the sector or stay on top of social media for nonprofits to continue learning and discussing with speakers, sponsors and members.
  • So here’s what we’re thinking – we’ve got smart, talented, connected and passionate people coming together every month around the world. They care about their local communities and about leveraging technology to help change. Net Tuesdays are primed already for facilitating local challenges.
  • We’ve already got the Challenge process down from our Global Challenges and are ready to move towards deploying the Challenge platform for local groups. The submissions, the voting, the everything already figured out!
  • Right?! Like I said, we want to change the world and know you do, too – so help us to help you start making those changes one local community at a time!
  • Let’s connect! If you’re interested, I’m interested, so let’s get together on a conference call to share more about what we are already doing and hear your ideas about what we could be doing! You can visit netsquared.org/09ntc for details and a sign up for that call.
  • Find your local group and connect with the organizers to learn more about how you can get involved, get some speaking time, or rally the troops for a project. You can find links to local groups at netsquared.org/share/meetup
  • Thanks so much for your time – really hope to hear from you soon! Hit netsquared.org/09ntc for these slides, for some conversation, and to keep things rolling!
  • Local is the new Global

    1. 1. Amy Sample Ward Global Community Builder, NetSquared Local is the new Global http://netsquared.org/09ntc
    2. 2. What is NetSquared?
    3. 3. What is NetSquared? Content Community Challenges
    4. 4. What’s a Challenge?
    5. 5. Why participate in a Challenge? <ul><li>• Share Project ideas with a broad community of innovators, funders and developers </li></ul><ul><li>Find the other partners, funders interested in my work, etc. </li></ul><ul><li>Collaborate </li></ul><ul><li>Get feedback to help inform your work </li></ul><ul><li>Opportunity to meet others f2f at Net Tuesdays and the annual conference </li></ul><ul><li>• Get funding </li></ul>
    6. 6. How can I participate in a Challenge? <ul><li>• Submit a Project </li></ul><ul><li>Collaborate with Projects you’re interested in </li></ul>“ Thank you so much for organizing such an awesome conference! I’m still speechless–and really excited to take the momentum we got from the conference and do some wild things with it.” - Joe Solomon & Team, 2nd place winner KnowMore.org
    7. 7. How can I participate in a Challenge? <ul><li>Attend the annual conference </li></ul><ul><li>Be a Project Mentor </li></ul>“ Linking featured projects with mentors from the tech sector is an essential element. Mentors push projects towards sustainability, connect them to in kind support and funding, and help make real their vision of social change.” - Justin Massa, Net2 Program & Technical Coordinator
    8. 8. Global vs Local Image: cafepress
    9. 9. The New Localism
    10. 10. How does local work? • Start a Net Tuesday • Host a local Challenge • Collaborate with Projects to localize their work
    11. 11. Why Net2 local? Local Context: Provides you with a clear lens into the local problems and the people, partners, organizations, and funders committed to developing local solutions.
    12. 12. Local Solutions
    13. 13. Where can I find a Net Tuesday?
    14. 14. What happens at a Net Tuesday? • Learn about social tech + social change • Find others interested in your ideas & projects • Find out what others are working on locally • Plan, prepare and launch efforts to find innovative local projects (hack days, Challenges, etc.)
    15. 15. Net Tuesday + Challenges
    16. 16. What’s your next Challenge? • What’s your problem? • Who do you want submitting ideas? • How will you decide which ideas to pick? • How do you move forward?
    17. 17. Let’s change the world
    18. 18. How do we keep this conversation going? Let’s connect: you, me, and everyone else! netsquared.org/09ntc
    19. 19. How do we keep this conversation going? Connect with your local Net Tuesday group! netsquared.org/share/meetup
    20. 20. Thank you! I really appreciate you giving me five minutes of NTC famousness  netsquared.org/09ntc