Enterprise Cloud Backup Software Solutions - Netrepid And StoreGrid


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An overview of enterprise cloud backup software solutions from Netrepid, powered by StoreGrid.

In this SlideShare, you will:
- Learn the why, what, and how of online backup.
- Learn what you should look for in a backup solution.
- Learn why Netrepid and StoreGrid are the right solution for your online backup needs.

Ready to utilize online backup from Netrepid as the right solution for your business? Contact us for a custom quote. Chat with us live on our website or call 717.730.0780 to speak to an Account Executive.

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Enterprise Cloud Backup Software Solutions - Netrepid And StoreGrid

  1. 1. Online Backup Services From &
  2. 2. Service Provider logo here Contents A) The Why, What & How Of Backing Up B) What You Should Look For In A Backup Solution? C) Why Use Netrepid & Vembu StoreGrid?
  3. 3. Service Provider logo here A) The Why, What & How of Backing Up
  4. 4. Service Provider logo here Why Back Up? • Data is the lifeblood of your company – Mail, Databases (SQL, Exchange, etc), Records, Invoices, Presentations, Contracts, etc: everything is ‘data’ • The amount of data created by the average user/company is increasing exponentially. • According to the Contingency Planning Research & Strategic Research Corporation: – 43% of U.S. companies experiencing disasters never re-open, and 29% close within 2 years. – 43% of lost or stolen data is valued at $5 million. – Most companies value 100MB of data at more than $1million. • The loss of revenue for each hour of downtime varies from industry to industry • What’s YOUR cost of downtime? Don’t wait to find out!
  5. 5. So I Back Up My Servers and I’m Done, Right? It’s certainly a start! But you’re not really done …
  6. 6. Service Provider logo here Why Back Up PCs? • Between 40-80% of business critical data resides on the hard drives of laptops & desktops – 60-70% of laptops & desktops are never backed up • These days 50% of computers sold to businesses are laptops – 10% of laptops are stolen - annually – 15% of all laptops will suffer some form of hardware damage in a given year • 6% of all PCs will suffer a ‘data loss incident’ in a given year – The average ‘incident’ costs a company $2,557 – Average time to recover lost data = 6 hours (if a person is employed/available to do it) • Some small firms don’t have servers, anyway! In these cases, 100% of Business Critical Data is on PCs!
  7. 7. Service Provider logo here What Should I Back Up? • Think data: data that is proprietary to you / your company and cannot be replaced, eg. – E-Mail, Databases (SQL, Exchange, etc), Customer Records, Invoices & other Financial Data, Presentations, Collateral, Contracts, Pictures, Drawings, Your Bookmarks, Your Desktop, Your Appointments, Contacts, To Do list in Outlook, Files you’ve synchronized from your cell phone to your PC, Your ‘My Documents’ folder… • What don’t you need to back up? – Anything that’s easily replaceable! Installed software, typically your Operating System and applications – are replaceable! They’re available on a CD for download, and with the license keys, you can get them up and running quickly. So you don’t need to spend time, effort & money backing this up. Maybe it’s a good idea to store all your license keys in a simple text/xls file and back that up, though 
  8. 8. Service Provider logo here How Should I Back Up? For starters, any backup is better than no backup. But if you’re planning to start off safeguarding your data, you might as well do it right. Typical options are: • Back up to removable media (CD/DVD/USB) – While this might work for really small amounts of data, it is not automatic (relies on human intervention). Typically, you take a full backup each time (not just the changes), and most importantly, the data is still on-site. In case of a disaster, your backups are of little help! • Back up to tape – Enough has been written about the pitfalls of tape backups – from people running into burning buildings to recover tapes they never bothered sending offsite to stolen tapes with credit card details to tape deterioration that was discovered when a customer needed to restore his data. Besides, tape restores are cumbersome and require sys admin intervention even if all you want is to restore a single file before that meeting in the afternoon. The best option, really, is backing up ‘Disk to Disk (D2D)’…
  9. 9. Service Provider logo here How Should I Back Up? • Back up to an on-site machine (backup server) – Certainly an improvement! As long as you have the right software, you should be able to backup automatically, incrementally and securely, and restore painlessly and quickly. But bear in mind that your data is still ‘on- site’. In case of a natural disaster / calamity / theft / vandalism, that’s of no help unless you’re replicating your data to a remote server… • Back up to a remote server (online backup) – The safest of the lot since your data is off-site and there is a online backup service provider focused on facilitating your backup & restore operations. There are a few things you should look for in an online backup solution…
  10. 10. Service Provider logo here B) What You Should Look For In A Backup Solution?
  11. 11. Service Provider logo here Checklist: ‘Must Haves’ from an Online Backup Solution 1. Ease of Use We can’t emphasize enough about how important this is. Considering the fact that backups are not the most pleasant of tasks one wants to (but needs to) do, the easier it is to do it, the better. An intuitive, user friendly user interface goes a long way towards better backup habits! 2. Flexibility Your IT environment is unique to you. The last thing you need is a ‘backup service’ that places demands for additional infrastructure. Or for that matter, one that only works on one OS / application. Look for something comprehensive that works with your existing resources! 3. Automated Lets face it – no one remembers to back up. Look for a solution that, once configured, can indefinitely run by itself as per a pre determined schedule and settings. Ideally, you should be able to backup different sets of data differently - continuously, daily, weekly, etc. 4. Transparent A backup solution that’s easy to use, flexible and automated doesn’t help much if it ‘hogs’ your computer while backing up! The ideal backup solution runs quietly in the background and periodically assures you that everything is under control.
  12. 12. Service Provider logo here Checklist: ‘Must Haves’ from an Online Backup Solution 5. Secure That’s YOUR data you’re backing up – over the internet. Its very important to ensure that the data is encrypted before it leaves your computers. Make sure that the encryption algorithm is powerful and supports higher ‘bit’ keys for added security. 6. Incremental Backups With a good incremental backup solution, once you’ve completed the first (large) backup, the ideal solution will monitor your data for changes and back up only the changed parts saving you bandwidth (time & money). A must have feature! 7. Compression While on the subject of conserving bandwidth, it is important to compress your data optimally so that you can reduce the bandwidth/ time/money spent in sending data to the remote server. Look out for configurable compression where you choose what works best for you! 8. Restore A backup solution is only as good as its ability to restore data – after all that’s what it is for in the first place! Besides ‘ease of restore’, the ability to restore a single file if required, deleted files and older versions of files is important.
  13. 13. Service Provider logo here Checklist: ‘Must Haves’ from an Online Backup Solution 9. Infrastructure Make sure you know more about where your data is being backed up. How protected is the remote server itself, and where it is hosted? Is the server itself backed up / replicated? A good service provider should be comfortable telling you all this! 10. Pricing / Support If you’ve taken care of all the items mentioned so far, you shouldn’t be having many support issues. But it is good to know that help is available if & when needed. And of course, pricing – flexible & reasonable monthly / annual plans based on your data requirements are key!
  14. 14. Service Provider logo here C) Why Use Netrepid & Vembu StoreGrid?
  15. 15. Service Provider logo here Our Infrastructure • Full redundant environment to ensure the highest level of performance and uptime. • Multiple layers of physical security including cameras, alarms, biometrics, and annual audits. • Full protection of data integrity and quick, reliable backups and file level restoration. • Ability to continue business and guard against physical and environmental disasters. • Full availability to grow and expand physical resources as business needs dictate. • Utilize greater hardware and data redundancy by virtualization of your servers.
  16. 16. Service Provider logo here Our Service • Online Backup Services from Netrepid – powered by Vembu StoreGrid – include: – Offsite backups – Emergency restorations – Data recovery • Pricing plans start at $4.00 per month, per device, plus storage. • Storage plans are priced per GB, per month. • For full details or to get a custom quote for your online backup, please visit us on the web… http://bit.ly/1441Iz5
  17. 17. Service Provider logo here Our Software We Use Vembu StoreGrid Backup Software to Provide our Online Backup Services. Here’s why...
  18. 18. Service Provider logo here : In A Nutshell FLEXIBLE AUTOMATIC SECURE FEATURE PACKED EASY RESTORES • Once configured, runs automatically • Every conceivable scheduling option (including multiple full backups) available • Works quietly in the background • Automatic Directory monitoring available Intuitive user friendly User Interface supports 1-Click Selections for common backup tasks and easy end user restore capability Here’s a preview… Offers between 64 – 448 bit encryption using the powerful, military strength Blowfish algorithm Restore • Single Files • Deleted Files • Older versions of files …with ease USER FRIENDLY… • Designed for servers, laptops & desktops • Backs up SQL, Exchange and user data like My Docs, Outlook, etc • Works across Windows, Linux, Mac & FreeBSD • Intelli-Delta Technology captures byte level differences in files with the powerful RSYNC algorithm • Ability to take the 1st backup locally, and do incremental backups online, thereafter • Powerful compression • Detailed graphical reporting • Supports Exchange, SQL, System state/Active directory backups and lots more..
  19. 19. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface Intuitive browser based User Interface remains the same in Windows, Linux, Mac & FreeBSD. Also remains the same across IE, Firefox, Safari, Netscape & Opera browsers
  20. 20. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface Make as many schedules as you want – each with its rules. Call them anything you wish!
  21. 21. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface 1-Click preset selections – easily backup files and folders you commonly use like Outlook, IE favourites, Firefox favourites, Server Backups, System state /Active Directory support
  22. 22. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface Backup server(s) easily selectable. We (your service provider) can also preset this for you
  23. 23. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface Backed up data can be compressed as desired; CPU utilization can also be configured to use system bandwidth as you please
  24. 24. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface StoreGrid's Intelli-Delta Technology ensures only changes in files & folders are backed up - saves bandwidth, and space
  25. 25. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface Robust data encryption (64-448 bit) with password protection ensures no one sees your backed up data – they won’t even know if it’s a .xls or a .doc !
  26. 26. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface Every conceivable scheduling option is available – just decide when/how often you want to backup and StoreGrid takes care of the rest – quietly in the background
  27. 27. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface Easy restore capabilities. Restore a single file, an earlier version of a file, and even deleted files
  28. 28. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface User friendly backup status reporting from a powerful database – in addition to StoreGrid alerts that let you know what’s happening
  29. 29. Service Provider logo here StoreGrid User Interface Easy Customer management Features help us manage your backups better
  30. 30. And LOTS More!
  31. 31. Service Provider logo here Know More @ www.netrepid.com/hosted-services/remote-backup/ (For More Information On Our Backup Services) www.vembu.com (For More Information On Vembu StoreGrid) Note: Vembu Technologies DOES NOT offer backup services on its own and only enables partners (like Netrepid) to offer state of the art online backup services.
  32. 32. Service Provider logo here Thank You