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Webinar: 10 Tech Trends In 2016 for the Health Industry


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The old ways of running a club are dying. Clipboards, direct-mail campaigns and just having a basic website are not enough to stay relevant in today's tech-driven world. The fitness industry has forever been changed, and successful clubs must stay on top of the latest trends and learn how to adapt. See it here:

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Webinar: 10 Tech Trends In 2016 for the Health Industry

  1. 1. Hosted By: Welcome to the webinar! We will begin the presentation shortly.
  2. 2. Speaker: Brian K. O’Rourke Speaker: Greg Skloot VP Growth at Netpulse @gregskloot President at FIT-C @bryankorourke
  3. 3. ?Why do tech trends matter
  5. 5. DIGITAL AS THE DIFFERENTIATOR Digital capability is now a deciding factor for members
  6. 6. DEEP INTEGRATION OF WEARABLES 1-in-5 Americans own a wearable Members are connecting wearables with the club’s mobile app for real-time feedback
  7. 7. RISE OF ADVANCED DIGITAL PLATFORM Advanced billing systems will create new solutions for inefficient systems Enables clubs to sell products and premium services at the push of a button
  8. 8. CLUBS BECOME LIFESTYLE BRANDS Care about your members beyond fitness goals, and they will be proud to be a part of your brand
  9. 9. SHIFTING POWER STRUCTURES Millennials are entering adulthood, and are soon to be primary consumers Understanding the next generation is key to stay competitive
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION OF MICROTRANSACTIONS Consumers want convenience Single personal training lessons and discounted group classes enable members to purchase services in a way that best fits them.
  11. 11. INCREASED SEGMENTATION Technology is empowering clubs to gear marketing to members based on geography, age, gender, occupation and even behavior
  12. 12. CONTENT BECOMES KING A Facebook page isn’t enough Consistency and quality is essential in content marketing
  13. 13. DIGITAL AS THE DIFFERENTIATOR Over 80% of Americans own smartphones Today’s consumers expect mobile apps that are well-designed, interactive and personalized
  14. 14. Want More? Read the Guide! Download:
  15. 15. @gregskloot 877-NETPULSE @bryankorourke