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Simplifying Communication with Microsoft Teams & Netpluz SIP Trunk

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Simplifying Communication with Microsoft Teams & Netpluz SIP Trunk

  1. 1. Post Event Survey Lucky Draw Plantronics Voyager UC 5200 Earpiece (Worth $369)
  2. 2. Microsoft Teams & Netpluz SIP Trunking Goh Boon Seng Senior Director Business Development
  3. 3. Why add PSTN capabilities to Teams 1.Teams support communications among Teams’ user (internally or externally) 2.Required to make calls to external parties 3.Ability to receive PSTN calls 4.Call Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere on Multiple Devices
  4. 4. Phone System, when paired with Netpluz SIP Trunking Service, provides a full cloud calling experience for your users with Teams Microsoft Teams Phone System Audio Conferencing Netpluz SIP Trunking Modern Workspace PBX Microsoft Teams with Netpluz SIP Trunk
  5. 5. Communicate through calling Connect with anyone through Netpluz SIP Trunking Service  Integrated Dial Pad  Voicemail  Auto Attendants  Group Ring  Group Pick Up  Music on Hold  Call forward  Call Queue  Call Park  Call transfer  Consultative Call Transfer  Call Routing Policy  Call Blocking  Music on Hold  Audio Conferencing (Available on Audio Conferencing Addon or Business Voice Bundle) Features
  6. 6. How does it work? Teams User #2 Media Signaling Teams User #1 Scenario 1 Teams user connecting to Teams user Scenario 2 Teams user connecting to external parties via Netpluz SIP Trunk SIP Trunk External Parties Calling
  7. 7. Onboarding Teams & SIP Trunking Solution Common Area Phone USD 8 Upgrade to M365 Business Voice (without calling plan) USD 12 Phone System License USD 8 Add Audio Conferencing USD 4 SIP Trunk Adapter USD 5 M365 Business Plans O365 / M365 E1 & E3 Plans O365 / M365 E5 Plans Microsoft Licenses Phone System Only Audio Conferencing Add-on Cloud Voice
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. Note: • Minimum 12 months contract term • Promo ends 30 November 2020 Contact us today!
  10. 10. CALL Anyone Anytime Anywhere With Netpluz SIP Trunk on Teams
  11. 11. EVENT SURVEY We have put in a lot of effort to bring you this webinar. Please help us out by completing the event survey. Completed responses are automatically entered into a lucky draw to win a PLANTRONICS Voyager UC 5200 Earpiece (Worth $369) Lucky Draw

Editor's Notes

  • Good Afternoon. Hope everyone already has lunch. I know it is always a bad timing to host an event after lunch. But I hope this webinar will excite you.

    I am Boon Seng, Senior Director with Netpluz Asia. With more than 25 years of IT experience working in various MNCs delivering IT solutions, my last project was to deliver a Global Voice solution for my ex company. And I know how important having a single softphone that works on both your laptop and mobile is to improve productivity in your work.

    Today I have with me, Chady from Rhipe to join us. Chady has many years of experience working with partners to build technology roadmaps and new solutions to enable business with their digital transformation journey through the vision of Modern Workplace. She will share more on Microsoft Teams and how you can collaborate with your colleagues and your customers effectively and more efficiently. I will conclude with how you can add PSTN Voice to your existing Teams license.

    Chady’s experience working in Microsoft for modern workplace evangelization through webinars and partner sales or pre-sales readiness is a key factor to help partners and customers strategize on how you can leverage Microsoft 365 in your programs and solutions. Both adept in Microsoft 365 technical and sales, you can reach out to her for Modern Workplace strategies.”
  • Some logistic for today.

    Throughout the webinar, all participants will be muted.
    If you have any questions, please submit them through the Q&A textbox on your panel.
    We will take all questions at the end of the seminar.
    Ming Tuck, our Voice Lead with Netpluz will join me in answering your questions during the Q&A
    Yes, lucky draw, Today we will be giving out the Plantronics Voyager UC 5200 Bluetooth earpiece for your participation in the event. It has the best noise cancelling feature among all the Bluetooth earpiece in the market today for making calls.
    To participate in the lucky draw, do stay with us throughout the webinar.
    I will flash the QR code at the end of the webinar during the Q&A for you to register.

    I shall now hand over the webinar to Chady. Chady, please.

  • Now that you have learned more about Teams and how it can improve your collaboration, I shall go into how Netpluz can further provide a more rounded communication using Teams
  • Let me start with “Why add PSTN capabilities to Teams”

    Like Whatsapp on your social communication, Teams support communication among Teams users. That means, you can only text another Team user or make Teams to Teams call.
    Adding PSTN capabilities provide you a means to call to external parties on their landline or mobile. You can even make international calls.
    And of course you can receive incoming calls on your Teams app. I will show you via a simple demo at the end of this presentation.
    Most important of all, You can CALL ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME on a single platform across multiple devices (Computer, Mobile, Teams-enabled phones)
  • So how to achieve that?

    You probably already have O365 or M365 license which comes with MS Teams
    You will then need to purchase an additional MS phone system icense to add PSTN voice
    Subscribe to Netpluz SIP Trunk which will provide you with a new local number. Alternatively you can port your existing local number to Netpluz.
    With this you will have a full cloud calling experience using Teams
    If you want to add dial in numbers to your Teams meeting, you will need to purchase the audio conferencing license.
  • Once you add the PSTN capabilities, you basically get a dialer on your Teams app on your laptop and mobile. This will enable you to dial out to someone on their mobile or landline.
    In addition, you get the list of PBX features as shown here. I will demo the Call Park features I find it useful when you want to continue a phone call between 2 different devices.
    For example, if you received a call on Teams on your way to work, you will pick it up on your Teams on mobile. Once you reach office, you might want to continue the call on your computer. With call park, you can park your call and pick it up from your computer.
    So, with a dialer integrated in Teams. You no longer need to install different app on your mobile for different purpose, giving you the flexibility of “Contactable on the GO”
  • So how does it work?

    For Teams to Teams call, it is simply searching for the Teams users and click on the call button to establish a call. Media data traverse through the internet during the call.
    For voice call to a mobile or landline, the Teams user keys in the number to call and Teams will establish a connection to Netpluz SIP trunk through MS Phone System. Once the call is established, the voice will travel through the same path to the other party’s phone.
    Likewise when someone calls you on your local number, It will establish the call through Netpluz SIP trunk to MS Phone System.

    Netpluz will handle all the integration required between your O365 tenant to our SIP Trunk during the implementation.
  • So in summary, what license do you need?

    It depends on what license you have. If you are on M365 Business Plans or Enterprise E1 or E3, you will need to purchase additional phone license via your MS partner or Netpluz.
    Add on the Netpluz SIP Trunk Adapter @ USD5 per user, you will be allocated with a new local number.
    You can port your existing number to Netpluz, Porting fees applies.
    With the local number, you can start making local and international calls via Netpluz SIP Trunk.
    If you want to add in dial-in conference number, you can either upgrade to Business Voice (without calling plan or Audio Conferencing depending on what license you are currently subscribed to.
    If you are on E5 license, you just need to subscribe to Netpluz SIP Trunk to enable voice on Teams.
    You are good to go.

    Audio conference - create dial-in conferences –Level number provided by Microsoft
    Meeting Room – Only Applicable to supported device HP Elite Slice or Logitech Tap
  • Let me do a quick demo on what you see on your Teams app and how call park works
  • Before we end the webinar, I would like to announce that Netpluz is giving up to 25% discount on our Netpluz SIP Trunk license till end Nov as part of this webinar.
    Why wait? Start contacting your account managers to start discussing how we can enhance your Teams usage with PSTN voice.

    Internal Reference!!!
    From October 1st, 2020 to March 31st, 2021, customers have the option of adding Audio Conferencing as an add-on SKU to a Microsoft 365 subscription for free for 12 months.
    ​From August 1st, 2020 to January 31st, 2021, new and renewing subscriptions of Microsoft 365 Business Voice with Calling Plan and Microsoft 365 Busines Voice without Calling Plan will be subject to discount pricing. Microsoft 365 Business Voice with Calling Plan will be subject to a 25% discount (ERP $15 USD) for 12 months and Microsoft 365 Busines Voice without Calling Plan will be subject to a 33% discount (ERP $8 USD) for 12 months.
  • So remember.


    I hope you have gain more knowledge on Teams and how to enable PSTN Voice calls on Teams.

    We shall proceed to answer questions that are posted during the webinar
  • Thanks for holding up till now. Please submit your questions to the Q&A panel on your GoToWebinar app.
    While we take on your questions, do not forget to scan the QR quote on the bottom left to participate in our lucky draw. We are giving away the Plantronics Voyager UC 5200 Bluetooth earpiece.
    The draw will be conducted at the end.
    So first question……………