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Netpluz corp presentation 2020

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Netpluz corp presentation 2020

  1. 1. About Netpluz
  2. 2. VISION To be the top Managed Communications Service Provider in Asia Pacific MISSION To simplify and satisfy communication needs of our clients through the delivery of high-quality managed data, voice and video services over a single, converged network TAGLINE Good communications simplified founded in 2015…
  3. 3. Our Infrastructure High-Speed Inter-POP Network Connections New Tech Park, Lorong Chuan Primary POP • Connectivity • DDOS Mitigation • Server Co-location • Cloud • Voice Ayer Rajah Crescent Secondary POP • Connectivity • Voice Chai Chee Technopark Secondary POP • Connectivity • Server Co-location • Cloud (Backup, DR) • Highly Resilient • Scalable Infrastructure • State-of-Art Technologies Headquarter: Singapore Regional Office: KL, Malaysia
  4. 4. Netpluz At A Glance COMMSCOPE 2019 Top Enterprise Partner Award RUCKUS 2015 Partner Of The Year, South East Asia
  5. 5. Technology Partners Network Technology PartnersTelecommunications Partners
  6. 6. Our Customers Financial/Insurance OthersRetail
  7. 7. Why Managed Services Do you have VISIBILITY to your network? Do you have the TIME to IMPROVE or OPTIMISE your IT Resources? Do you want a PROACTIVE or REACTIVE support? Who CAN you call in terms of support? Do you have the TIME to maintain COMPLEX IT hardware and SECURITY patches? Do you want to SLEEP BETTER at night?
  8. 8. Managed Services Portfolio DATA Services CLOUD Services CYBERSECURITY Services VOICE Services VIDEO Services MOBILITY Services • Hybrid Cloud • IaaS • BaaS • DRaaS • eSentinel™ • Clean Pipe • WAF • DNS Protection • Firewall • Endpoint Protection • SOC • VAPT • Internet Connectivity • SD-WAN • WLAN • Wi-Fi Analytics • Link Balancing • Endpoint Backup • Server Colocation • True Diversity • Cloud PBX • On-Prem PBX • IDD • SIP Trunking • Global Virtual Number • Click-2-Phone™ • CCTV Surveillance • Video Conferencing • Video Analytics • MobileRoam™ Data • MobileRoam™ Voice • 4G LTE Mobile Broadband
  10. 10. Internet Connectivity vFull-fledged ISP with Service-Based Operations (SBO) Licence focusing only on business customers vAll-fibre ultra-high-speed broadband network capable of delivering speeds of 1Gbps and above vDedicated and secured Internet access vLast mile carrier neutral vDirect Internet peering with global content providers vDirect upstream connectivity with global leading carriers vDiversified Internet routes with redundancies vDirect & Premium Connectivity to China Winner Network and Broadband - Telecommunications DATA
  11. 11. Internet Connectivity DATA Deluxe Premium Business Standard Service MetroE Ethernet GPON Broadband Last Mile Fibre Fibre Fibre Fibre Dedicated / Shared Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated Shared Upload/Download Symmetrical Symmetrical Symmetrical Asymmetrical Uptime Guarantee 99.99% 99.95% 99.95% Best Effort Network Latency Guarantee Based on Countries Based on Regions Best Effort Best Effort Speed Up to 1Gbps Up to 1Gbps Up to 1Gbps Up to 500Mbps IP Address Static (64 or more IP) Static (Up to 64 IP) Static (up to 32 IP) Static (ONE-IP) Static (8-IP) OSI Layer 2 2/3 2/3 3 3 Helpdesk Support 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7 Onsite Support Within same day Within same day Within same day Best Effort Best Effort
  12. 12. Point-to-Point (P2P) DATA No Network Congestion Dedicated bandwidth supports multiple network applications and at the same time, maintain high network performance. Cost-effectiveness and Improve ROI Optimized usage of bandwidth helps to lower business daily operating cost. Network Security Layer 2 secure network protects confidential data from exposed network intrusion or even information leakage due to security breach. Increased Productivity Business resources can be channeled to focus on core activities with Netpluz’s team of dedicated and professional engineers providing 24x7 regional service supports.
  13. 13. Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) PERFORMANCE & RELIABILITY Deliver hybrid WAN (Internet and MPLS) with high performance, reliability and transport, and provider flexibility to assure optimal performance CLOUD NETWORK Provide optimized direct path to public and private enterprise clouds VIRTUAL SERVICES Reduce the branch office footprint with a single click with seamless insertion and chaining of virtualized services on premise and in the cloud AUTOMATION & ORCHESTRATION Enable zero-touch branch network deployment with automation and business policy-based orchestration DATA
  14. 14. Network Redundancy DATA Internet Links Balancing For Redundancy vProtecting business continuity vRedundant internet links to achieve 100% connectivity uptime vProvides on both inbound and outbound data traffic redundancy link vMultiple sites VPN bonding for individual site vPrioritization of internet bandwidth usage
  15. 15. Wireless LAN (WLAN) DATA vSecured wireless access with signal maximization coverage vHigh performance dual band access point v“Smart Wi-Fi” technology delivers faster wireless connections vNetpluz Cloud-based Wireless Controller for centralized management vBYOD support vGuest networking and captive web-auth portal vConcurrent support for HD IPTV, VoIP and data
  16. 16. Wi-Fi Hotspot DATA CAPTIVE PORTAL HOSTING v Landing Page Design v Membership registration/login v Social Media Integration Y5ADS v Digital Marketing Campaigns v Targeted advertisement v Over 600,000 active registered users
  18. 18. Private Cloud Services MANAGED CLOUD Disaster Recovery As-a-Service vFlexible recovery options to improve RTO vBare Metal Recovery vRapidly boot a backup image as a VM vCustomized DR procedures based on customer’s requirements Backup As-a-Service vScheduled backup to NETPLUZ private cloud vIncremental backup as often as every 15 minutes vSecure connectivity via SSL VPN or point-to-point private circuit vFastest, most reliable backup solution to protect your server environment v“Disk-out” option Infrastructure As-a-Service vNo CAPEX. Only OPEX vHigh Service Availability (up to 99.99%) vInfrastructure Scalability vSecure Access to data via SSL VPN or PTP connectivity vHigh-speed Internet access vData redundancy and backup vFully managed service (up to OS level) v24x7 service monitoring v24x7 helpdesk support
  19. 19. Hybrid Cloud Service MANAGED CLOUD Hybrid Cloud Service vNo CAPEX. Only OPEX vHigh Service Availability (up to 99.99%) vInfrastructure Scalability vSecure Access to data via SSL VPN or PTP connectivity vHigh-speed Internet access vData redundancy and backup vFully managed service (up to OS level) v24x7 service monitoring v24x7 helpdesk support Managed Service by
  21. 21. DDoS Mitigation Firewall Network Monitoring Skilled Professionals ASAV Malware Ransomware Vendor A Vendor B Vendor C Vendor D Vendor E Cyber Protection in Silo CYBERSECURITY
  22. 22. eSentinel™ 360° Managed Cybersecurity Integrated Platform Simplified
  23. 23. eSentinel™ - 360° Cybersecurity Platform Simplified CYBERSECURITY Extending Your Security Perimeter To the ISP Level
  24. 24. eSentinel™ - 5 TOP Security essentials in a single platform CYBERSECURITY eSentinel™ DDoS Mitigation Have a peace of mind in the event of DDoS attack, the platform will be able to mitigate attack on demand 24x7x365 SNOC Monitoring & Reporting Industry recognized security professionals to monitor and provide detection & response, as well as monthly report SIEM & Log Management Correlate and analyze event data from across your environment Continuous Vulnerability Assessment Find and remediate your vulnerabilities Before an exploit or intrusion Intrusion Detection Be alerted to suspicious activities that may Indicate an intrusion in your environment
  25. 25. Connecting Netpluz Customers Connecting from other ISPs Connecting to eSentinel™ CYBERSECURITY
  26. 26. Connecting to eSentinel™ - Multi Sites CYBERSECURITY
  27. 27. Ø Insights Ø Agility Ø Alerts Ø Notification Ø Customizable policies Ø Monthly Report Visibility with Single Pane of Glass CYBERSECURITY
  28. 28. DDoS Mitigation CYBERSECURITY Always On DDoS Mitigation solutions: vInternet Clean Pipe vWeb Application Firewall (WAF) vDNS Protection
  29. 29. Firewall & Endpoint Protection MANAGED CYBERSECURITY Endpoint Protection v Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) v Anti-Ransomware v Deep Learning Technology v Exploit Prevention v Managed Threat Response v Active Adversary Mitigations Firewall Protection v Application Visibility v Network Health and Threats v Intrusion Prevention v Threat Intelligence v Sandstorm Sandboxing Synchronized Security Cybersecurity as a System
  30. 30. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) MANAGED CYBERSECURITY Application / Mobile Testing v Industry Compliance / Best Practice v OWASP Top 10 (Web Applications Top Attacks) v PCI-DSS v MAS-TRM v IM8 Network Testing v As above v Network device hardening and configuration review Source Code Review v Limit risk of application compromise v Validation and integrity of input and output data Certifications Partnered with
  32. 32. Managed Video Solutions VIDEO Video Analytics Customized Web Portal for analyzing and viewing in graphical form vCounting Corridor vHeat Map (Activity Map) vBehavioral Event Analytics vEnvironment Event Analytics Alert Notifications vAlert when camera is down vAlert when issue with recording vAlert when unauthorized access to Mobotix Camera Web Portal vAlert when camera is tampered. CCTV Surveillance High Resolution Images vCameras equipped with 6MP lenses vMoonlight image sensor – high quality video recording under very poor light conditions Security vEncrypted recording by the camera itself guarantees data security and privacy Storage vRecording is stored in on-board SD card or any external NAS or Netpluz Cloud storage Integrated Video Analysis vObject counting vMovement heatmap
  34. 34. Cloud PBX VOICE Unified Communications solution IM, Presence, Web Conferencing, Content sharing, Whiteboard Support of various Clients Can call from various clients • 3CX Mobile App • Chrome Web Client • 3CX Supported IP Phones Security Features • Global IP blacklisting • SRTP encryption • Automatic detection of SIP attack tools • Provisioning of phones through HTTPS and SSL connectivity Integration between M365 and 3CX Synchronization of contacts and status from personal, corporate directory and M365 Calendar Status.
  35. 35. Managed Voice Solutions VOICE SIP Trunking vLevel 6 / Level 3 virtual phone number vService Flexibility vService plans with multiple concurrent call options vFast service activation – within one working day vIntegration with Netpluz Managed IP- PBX service Global Virtual Number v Over 100 countries v Fixed, mobile & toll-free numbers v 30 free channels v Flexible DID forwarding v Premium quality, high reliability v Large choice of numbers available for immediate activation v Detailed call records
  36. 36. Managed Voice Solutions VOICE Cloud / On-Prem PBX vEnterprise call features vEnhanced user experience to increase productivity vSave significant local and international call costs when using VoIP vComplete range of wireline/wireless phones vEnhanced off-site mobility to keep users connected anytime, anywhere vFrom simple voice mail to integrated call routing, providing a professional greeting and increasing customer satisfaction Click-2-Phone™ v Cost savings v Wide coverage v User-friendly v Easy to use contact list 1551 Premium IDD Service vSavings of at least 30% and more vNo subscription fees vNo setup fees v230 countries worldwide
  37. 37. MOBILITY
  38. 38. LTE Mobile Broadband MOBILITY LTE and 5G Wireless Edge Solutions for every business Get Started on Your Pathway to 5G With the industry’s first “5G for Business” adapter and 5G ready and optimized routers, you can deploy LTE today knowing we’ve got your path to 5G covered. Branch Continuity (Failover) Solution The solution provide the performance and path diversity you need to deliver a nonstop experience. Wireless Branch Connectivity Solution Connect beyond the limits of wires with an all-in-one branch routers that delivers superior performance and uptime.
  39. 39. LTE Mobile Broadband MOBILITY Some examples of use cases Use Case - Day-1 Connectivity Using 4G LTE Mobile Broadband for Immediate Network Availability Use Case - Failover & Out-of-Band Management for Branch Continuity Maximizing Revenue & Minimizing Risk to Your Brand
  40. 40. MobileRoam MOBILITY MobileRoam DATA v Global Mifi – High-speed 4G Internet Access v Supports up to 5 connecting devices simultaneously MobileRoam VOICE v No roaming charges when making and receiving calls in overseas v Free DID provided v Display Mobile Number or DID as Caller ID v Competitive call rates to >100 countries
  41. 41. Sales Hotline +6805 8988 Sales Email Enquires 24x7 Helpdesk Hotline 1800 NETPLUZ (1800 6387589) Any questions?