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eSentinel™ – 360° Cybersecurity Platform Simplified

No matter how good your multiple cybersecurity tools are, an attacker will eventually find a way into your network through vulnerabilities.

Once cybercriminals acquire unauthorised access, you can only depend on the speed and performance of your IT team, to identify the threats, to manage multiple platforms to mitigate the attack. However, the time to respond and mitigate could last for hours or even days.

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eSentinel™ – 360° Cybersecurity Platform Simplified

  1. 1. 360° Managed Cybersecurity Integrated Platform Kenneth Wee, Commercial Director 8th May 2020
  2. 2. eSentinel™ 360 Managed Cybersecurity Integrated Platform
  3. 3. Attack Prevention - DDoS DDoS Protection On-Demand - Mitigate against cyber attacks - Route clean traffic back to your network
  4. 4. Customers Internal Staff Clean Traffic Cyber Attacker Business Server Malicious traffic Genuine Traffic DDoS Protection On-Demand Globally scrub up to 2.24Tbps of attack traffic
  5. 5. Attack Prevention – Next Generation Firewall List of Features ✓ Intrusion Prevention System ✓ Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus (ASAV) ✓ Application Control ✓ Web Filtering ✓ DNS Filtering- Botnet
  6. 6. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) ✓ Leading Threat Intelligence ✓ Virtual Patching ✓ Data Leak Protection Internet Attacks Internal Network Web Server
  7. 7. Application Control Internet Social Media Movie Streaming Gaming Etc…… ✓ Prioritization of application optimizes bandwidth usage on your network ✓ Visibility and control of thousands of applications ✓ Block or restricting access to risky applications Access Denied Internal Staff
  8. 8. Web Filtering Internal Staff ✓ Blocking access to malicious websites ✓ Prevent malware downloads from malicious websites ✓ Policy-based controls with highly granular blocking and filtering Internet URL Filter Blocking
  9. 9. ✓ Detect and filter spam, reducing spam volume at perimeter ✓ Protecting against the latest viruses, spyware, and other content-level threats ✓ Inspect email traffic in/out, tagged or dropped off suspicious email Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
  10. 10. DNS Filtering Internal Network Internet Options Available (Monitored/Allow/Block) Botnet C&C Database DNS Filter Profile
  11. 11. Threat Detection SIEM Log Analyzer ➢ Analyze Data ➢ Detects vulnerability ➢ Provide solution to remedy Security Network Operation Centre(SNOC) ➢ 24 / 7 ➢ Monitoring ➢ Alerts & Notification
  12. 12. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Asset Scanning & Monitoring Security Assessment • Periodic Scanning • Report Card Identify Gaps CRITICAL MEDIUM HIGH LOW
  13. 13. eSentinel™ Internet Branch Edge Netpluz Internet Access Netpluz Server Colocation Connectivity Diagram - Netpluz Existing Customers Netpluz Cloud Hosting
  14. 14. Connectivity Diagram – Company With Other ISP Internet eSentinel™ COMPANY Other Internet Service Providers(ISP) IP Tunnel
  15. 15. Connectivity Diagram – Company Using Cloud Services Internet COMPANY Other Internet Service Providers(ISP) IP Tunnel Public Cloud Private Cloud eSentinel™ IP Tunnel IP Tunnel
  16. 16. Connectivity Diagram - Multi-site Scenario Branch Branch 2 Internet Regional Office Head Office ISP Vendor 1 ISP Vendor 2 eSentinel™ ISP Vendor 3 ISP Vendor 4 IP Tunnel IP Tunnel IP Tunnel IP Tunnel
  17. 17. ➢ Insights ➢ Agility ➢ Alerts ➢ Notification ➢ Customizable policies ➢ Monthly Report Visibility with Single Pane of Glass
  18. 18. ➢ Extension to Your IT Dept ➢ Opex Model Available ➢ 24/7 Support Helpdesk ➢ 24/7 Monitoring ➢ Alert Notification ➢ Monthly Reporting Managed Service Network Cybersecurity System BUSINESS FOCUS not technology
  19. 19. eSentinel™ - 360° Managed Cybersecurity Simplified
  20. 20. eSentinel™ Starting from $199 per month
  21. 21. Download eSentinel™ Brochure Complimentary Vulnerability assessment THANK YOU For attending eSentinel™ Webinar Contact us +65 6805 8988