Search marketing opportunities in 2011


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Learn about the latest insights from search marketing and approaches to make your online marketing successful in 2011!

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  • Good morning everyone. Today I’ll like to take the next half a hour talking about Search Marketing in 2011 and beyond.First, for those of you who we havent met, a bit background on myself and Net Media Planet.
  • Talk through about Net Media PlanetI am founder and managing director of Net Media Planet.We are a dedicated paid search marketing agency.2)Situation: It’s a fresh new year, we all want to maximise performance for our brands and see success – and we have brilliant plans to make this happenComplication: But reality is there is lots of things that can interfere with our plans – competitors being more innovative, macro climate – risk of double dip recession, stagflation – rising inflation/poor economy, job cuts in public sector namely NHS coming, recession riskQuestion:Within online marketing, search and partic paid search is 60% of that budget. So a big piece of the pie, so what we can control is making best use of this channel and doing this as effectively and innovatively as possible.Answerso today is all about saying how can we be smarter and more innovative in search and wider marketing in 2011So I would like to talk about how we can do this in 2011.First lets take a step back and look at where search is at at the start of 2011
  • Consumers have more ways to searchMore ways to ‘find’ informationPeople use maps on mobiles over search engines to search for dstination information such as local shops and restaurantsRetargeting provides better advertisingDynamic display provides better more relevant targetingSocial networks like facebooktwitter – i can see real time informationA better experience of searchIf you look at google – google instant, PPC product/star listings/maps, natural listings – universal search with twitter and video and imageSocial and Search are getting closerGoogle have a version of social search coming, bing results now how facebook likes integratedSearch is better integrated with other channelsCross channel integration is more widely used providing visibility and insight more sophisticated attribution modelling being used by clientsROI remains priority No. 1- Above all partic with market climate, ROI remains priority NO. for brands through PPC and SEO
  • So now we have a good view of where search is at the start of the year.Now with a view to maximising search and paid search marketing in 2011, lets look at 5 ways to do this.
  • SituationPeople are finding websites in new ways beyond search engines. Facebook is one of these. 1 in 6 page views in the uk is to facebook, that’s twice no. of page views to google. And from there be visiting end destination websites.ComplicationAnd google is understandably worried. Infact even the CEO Schmidt plans to step aside for founder Larry Page – to back to the perception of being a cool company – better brand image to consumers and less churn of staff jumping ship to facebookQuestionI think by looking at why Google is worried we can identify opportunities for brandsAnswerLets take a look
  • 2 key concerns we are off board95Loss of search traffic to facebookFacebook has an internal search engine powered by bing. Over 1billion searches per month. If people are finding end destination websites without the need to leave facebook, that could have a considerable hit on google’s revenues.
  • So google really needs to respond in the world of Social networking/what’s google doing about it?With 146million users of google mail versus facebook’s 600m users, google does have something it could do in the social networking space – community. Its trying to create its own community/ies to interest people and then bring them back to googleadwords which is 95% of googles revenue. This is a screengrab of google’s latest play in social networking for mobile called hotpot. It combines google maps with your friends’ suggestions on places to eat and visit. Perhaps this will be google me, its rumoured social network in planning.But today people like facebook and this threat isnt going anywhere
  • The 2nd concern for google is losing search rev to Bing!/Yahoo allianceBing/yahoo 6-10uk and 25% us and growingThis is because bing/!/yahoo providing an improved search solution – it actually competes with google now in terms of quality of listings and significant marketing budget globally behind it.Some early signs of taking share from google in us.Facebook and Bing have really challenged google and partnered to show facebook likes within bing search results.This is really powerful and google is going to have to do something smart to get one up on social search.
  • If google’s feeling the heat and responding fast, there is opportunity out there traffic and sales outside google
  • Situation:So customers have more touchpoints and marketing is getting more complex.Infact11.5% of all UK shoppers use mobiles to research before they shop in store or online. Complication:The issue we see regulary is that clients don’t have the clear visibility across channels to provide the insight they needQuestion:What is the data you need to be able to see and what are the types of insights that may come off it?Answer:I’d like to walk through an example for a travel sector brand
  • So lets take a step back and have a look at an example user journey in travel.Multi-channel attribution is the process of crediting a conversion to a specific set of marketing activities and touchpoints (and not just the last click). Multi-channel optimisation is optimising your marketing based on these findings.
  • That would be one of many scenarios that could be plotted in the chart here.What the chart shows:So for this travel brand, we can see how 3 channels – facebook, seo, ppc are contributing to sale. Y axis is % of salesIf we take the facebook channel, what the data shows is that facebook initiated (or was the first click for ) 31% of sales, contributed (was involved as a middle click in the click path to sale) to 54% of sales, and was the last click for 15% of sales (where facebook was a customer touchpoint in the path to sale)SEO – initiated 30%, contributed to 33% and was last click (converter) for 37% of sales (where SEO was a customer touchpoint in the path to sale)PPC – initiated 18%, contributed to 19% and was last click (converter) for 63% of sales (where ppc was a customer touchpoint in the path to sale)So what does this tell us. Well, it says that 37% of sales from PPC were not last click. If this came from generic PPC traffic, although not converting immediately this is leading to sales. So clearly PPC optimisation beyond last click is valid and valuable.Facebook advertising – 85% of sales from this channel were not from last click basis. So assuming this channel was not working was a full picture.
  • So could use – what if scenario planning – eg viewing attribution models of last click, equal weighted, first click…- Econometrics – statistical type attribution profile creation
  • Situation2010 saw an explosion of video content on YouTube. 35hrs of video uploaded every minute. Up 145% on 2009.ComplicationIt was also the year when Google display network advertising on YouTube would allow targeting down to individual video content – rather than channel wide as it used to be.QuestionWe wondered if we could leverage these 2 changes to improve results for our clients in 2010AnswerI’d like to share how we did this with TPS and it went to win an Econsultancy Innovation in Paid Search 2011 award
  • So the tool that Google/YouTube released was this.It enables creating a media schedule of actual videos you can target.
  • So we went to the client and said we wanted to test this new channel.We created the objectives…The approach we took was…
  • The adverts are video overlay adverts
  • We also saw the display advertising create a positive impact on search traffic:This was for a specific fragrance campaign on youtubeCommencingyoutube activity, we saw search network impressions rising from nothing. So youtube incremental salesBrand saliency and more sales in the search network
  • Social media buzz created – events/launchesYouTube integral part of Google TV. Leanback is designed specifically for viewing through googletv. If we are going to be ready for buying on our tvs, then display on youtube is really good training ground
  • A core part of Google TV is that you see advertising and YouTube advertising is the closest thing to it. So is a training ground.Google Tv is not live in the UK yet, expected in 2011.I really wanted to stand here today get Google TV and purchasing on your tv is going to be big in 2011. unfortunately that’s not going to happen.The issue of getting content onto Google TV and YouView as a preference for the terrestrial providers, it is going to be a few years before we see people seeing online ads on their tv and buying as mainstream
  • SituationOnline adv spend is still growing. Infact according to emarketer it is due to rise 19% in 2010.That said the focus on ROI that became critical in 2008 remains as priority no.1ComplicationBrands and board level are asking the question, are we getting the maximum value from ppc – where it is 60% of our adv spendQuestionHow can we identify if we are?AnswerOne way to do this is incrementality testing. And I’d like to talk you through how we have been looking at this most recently with a retail client
  • Lets look at what incrementality testing means. Incrementality is showing if one channel is providing incremental value on another and how much.Imagine your keyword space and for the case of this example, branded keyword space. You have your brand ad at the top and competitors below.We wanted to understand for this retail client, what the impact would be to overall search traffic, sales, bottom line profit if we switched off ppc across keyword categories and also the impact of switching off ppc at different times. Would seo pick up the sales? What is the incremental value that ppc brings to seo? All with seasonality factored in.
  • The first result was really interesting.So the chart shows 1stcol SEO only revenue, 2ndcol SEO+PPC revenuePPC drove incremental revenue and profit over SEO alone for this keyword category. Infact 30% incremental upliftFor diff reasons:More powerful messaging in ppc over seoProvides more coverage than seoPrevents loss of traffic to competitors
  • Now looking at data that has been normalised for seasonality into a 24hr view, we can see for some times of day for this keyword category, PPC was not driving incremental profit, so actually you were better off with only SEO running – even with competitors bidding in the space.Put that budget towards new experimentation
  • Google says 10% of its search traffic globally is mobile now. Much of that is for local information – pizzas...Much of mobile traffic in search is for local information not to purchase can we maximise mobile for revenue transaction generation beyond local? / what we would like to do is actually maximise mobile for revenue and transactions online. I think 2 factors will influence this.Uptake of mobile search, research and buying by consumers Simplicity of mobile commerce
  • Mobilesquared says that by 2015 mobile search spend in uk will rise to 116million (that’s 1100% rise on 2010)A lot of you will trust that this feels right so i wanted to take a look at our data and see what it shows.
  • This chart shows how sales for our retail clients have grown from 08 to 10. 170% so far and does show some signs of an exponential growth curve.So clearly besides the obvious, data shows that uptake of mobile search is on the up for transactions not just local search.
  • The 2nd factor that will lead to meaningful sales from mobile is simplicity or ease of mobile commerce.And there are 3 forms emerging:Click to call – where the user searches on mobile and can click to be put through to a call centre.Mobile transactional site – and this is becoming more important, a few good examples in retail are amazon and next. Simple, just as you want it. Interestingly 41% of retailers plan to have mobile transactional sites in 2011 according to IMRG. So clearly 2011 is an important year for mobile reveneue in their eyes.NFC – mobile device with installed near field communications chip. Which allows your mobileto work as a credit card – for buying in store, easier buying online (no need for typing in your credit card details)Clearly mobile is rapidly growing in importance.
  • Click to call – on a keyword basis assign dynamic trackedno.sExpand into mobile – expand if the opportunity is there
  • Click path analysis (ppc alone, then across online, then across offline/online)
  • Search marketing opportunities in 2011

    1. 1. Search Marketing Opportunities in 2011 Sri Sharma, Managing Director 26th January 2011© 2011 Net Media Planet
    2. 2. Introducing Net Media Planet We are a dedicated Paid Search Marketing agency 6 years experience as a leading Paid Search Marketing specialist agency Services across paid search, display, social media advertising and multi-channel attribution Expertise in managing large complex accounts Provider of global paid search marketing services to leading brands across retail, finance and travel sectors© 2011 Net Media Planet
    3. 3. Where search is today 1. Consumers have more ways to search 2. A better user experience of search 3. Social and search are getting closer 4. Search is better integrated with other channels 5. ROI remains No. 1 focus© 2011 Net Media Planet
    4. 4. 5 ways to unlock opportunities for Search Marketing in 2011© 2011 Net Media Planet
    5. 5. Maximise your reach© 2011 Net Media Planet
    6. 6. Google concerns Loss of search revenue to Facebook Loss of search revenue to Bing!/Yahoo© 2011 Net Media Planet
    7. 7. © 2011 Net Media Planet
    8. 8. © 2011 Net Media Planet
    9. 9. Consider ... Maximise full search engines coverage Trial social advertising for engagement or direct response Extend targeted display network coverage© 2011 Net Media Planet
    10. 10. Improve your multi-channel optimisation© 2011 Net Media Planet
    11. 11. The User Journey in Travel Consumer sees a TV advert for an airline sale offer Reminded through a display advert on Facebook. Click s advert to visit website Researches competitor airline offers Uses search engine, visits original website through PPC. Researches travel dates Reminded of sale ending by viewing an advert in Print Uses a search engine to visit original website through SEO. Buys his airline ticket© 2011 Net Media Planet
    12. 12. How different marketing channels contribute to sale as initiator, contributor and last converting click 70% 63% 60% 54% 50% 40% 37% 33% 31% 30% 30% 18% 19% 20% 15% 10% 0% Facebook Advertising Natural Search PPC Initiator Contributor ConverterSource: Net Media Planet (Travel)© 2011 Net Media Planet
    13. 13. Consider ... Create a multi channel view of your overall marketing Scenario plan alternative attribution models beyond last click Generate insights that lead to more profitable strategies© 2011 Net Media Planet
    14. 14. Increase use of Paid Search Marketing on YouTube andprepare for Google TV© 2011 Net Media Planet
    15. 15. © 2011 Net Media Planet
    16. 16. Objective Explore a new channel for reaching customers Raise the profile of The Perfume Shop Drive a positive ROI Approach Target The Perfume Shop audience - celebrity fans, 16- 36, females Target key celebrity video content with specific celebrity branded perfume adverts Execute on scale using methodology/technology© 2011 Net Media Planet
    17. 17. © 2011 Net Media Planet
    18. 18. Results 9 million views of The Perfume Shop video advertising, comparable to TV reach +236% ROI on a view through basis Higher Revenue than from PPC on search engines© 2011 Net Media Planet
    19. 19. An increase in response and saliency You Tubeclicks & impressions Search Network clicks &impressions© 2011 Net Media Planet
    20. 20. Consider ... Trial YouTube Google display advertising Target your customer audience - be ultra relevant Take advantage of social media buzz YouTube as a testing ground for Google TV (© 2011 Net Media Planet
    21. 21. © 2011 Net Media Planet
    22. 22. Maximise the value of your Paid Search Marketing© 2011 Net Media Planet
    23. 23. Brand’s PPC Competitor PPC Brand’s SEO© 2011 Net Media Planet
    24. 24. Objective To identify the incremental value that PPC brings to SEO across keyword categories and time Approach Measure PPC+SEO channels versus SEO only channel across keyword categories Measure across time increments Normalize seasonality© 2011 Net Media Planet
    25. 25. Incrementalitytesting shows value of PPC compared to SEO Source: Net Media Planet (Retail Vertical)© 2011 Net Media Planet
    26. 26. PPC incremental profit over 24hours 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 AM AM AM AM AM AM AM AM AM AM AM AM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM Incremental Profit Source: Net Media Planet (Retail)© 2011 Net Media Planet
    27. 27. Consider ... Run incrementality tests to optimise ROI across channels Trial positional change tests© 2011 Net Media Planet
    28. 28. Drive Revenue from mobile© 2011 Net Media Planet
    29. 29. “Mobile search advertising spend will rise from £10M in 2010 to £500M by 2015.” Source: Mobilesquared© 2010 Net Media Planet
    30. 30. 170% growth in revenue from mobile paid search marketing Indexed 100% Dec-08 Jun-09 Dec-09 Aug-09 Jun-10 Aug-10 Sep-08 Feb-09 Apr-09 Jul-09 Sep-09 Oct-08 Nov-08 Jan-09 May-09 Oct-09 Nov-09 Feb-10 Apr-10 Jul-10 Sep-10 Jan-10 Nov-10 Mar-09 May-10 Oct-10 Mar-10 Conversions Trend Line Expon. (Conversions) Source: Net Media Planet (Retail)© 2011 Net Media Planet
    31. 31. Simplicity of mobile commerce© 2011 Net Media Planet
    32. 32. Consider ... Review your mobile approach - traffic/sales by channels Create the right mobile commerce infrastructure Trial click to call technology Expand into mobile paid search© 2011 Net Media Planet
    33. 33. Expand highly targeted activity across Facebook and YouTube Optimise beyond last click Become mobile ready© 2011 Net Media Planet
    34. 34. Thank you Do you have any questions? Sri Sharma Managing Director E. T. +44 (0) 203 008 8321 @netmediaplanet @srisharma© 2011 Net Media Planet