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NMPignite: The Customer is Always Right by NMPi

Fred Maude, takes us through how NMPi’s Google Shopping strategy has won over judging panels and clients alike over the last year, explaining our award-winning strategy.

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NMPignite: The Customer is Always Right by NMPi

  1. 1. The customer is ALWAYS right. & Fred Maude & Steve Thompson
  2. 2. The customer is ALWAYS right.
  3. 3. And they are TELLING us something.
  4. 4. ‘Globally, monthly active desktop ad-blocking has grown 400% since January 2013 to 220 million’ - Adobe Experience matters for the INDUSTRY
  5. 5. The customer is ALWAYS right.
  6. 6. Only now they are MORE right than ever!
  7. 7. Choice Ease Influence Experience matters for your BRAND
  8. 8. The customer is ALWAYS right.
  9. 9. You just need to FIND them.
  10. 10. Analytics Granular Break Silos Experience matters for your CAMPAIGNS
  11. 11. “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone” - Ronald Reagan
  12. 12. &
  13. 13. Harnessing the power of Automation
  14. 14. Universal Google Shopping Issues Regularly changing stock leads to overreliance on the ‘Everything Else’ group Flat bidding results in: • Showing for old stock • Showing the cheapest product • Not showing for the top performing product As there are no keywords, advertisers lack control over the search terms they show for, resulting in wasted ad spend.
  15. 15. TRUEIf Country = XX UK Product Feed eCommerce Platform API GBP to Local Currency USA Feed CAN Feed AUS Feed GER Feed If New Product Create New Ad Group Product Optimisation High bid to test Optimal bid Search Term Audience TRUE FALSE
  16. 16. Google Shopping campaigns were delivered at a risk-free 1030% ROI. RISK FREE
  17. 17. Supported in increasing international revenue activity by 420% GROWTH
  18. 18. Of the revenue increase 1/2 was driven from new customers NEW USERS
  19. 19. The customer is RIGHT.
  20. 20. So we NEED to:
  21. 21. Be Granular Be Inventive Seize It Spread the Word
  22. 22. Any QUESTIONS? & Fred Maude & Steve Thompson