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NMPignite: Challenges & Learnings from Optimising Customer Experience with House of Kaizen


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There are many different models which you can use as a blueprint for experience optimisations. This presentation from Alain Portmann of House of Kaizen, looks at the benefits of an Asset Optimisation Model.

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NMPignite: Challenges & Learnings from Optimising Customer Experience with House of Kaizen

  1. 1. 7/25/2018 WE COLLABORATE WITH OUR CLIENTS AND PARTNERS, SHARING THE RISK AND REWARD OF OUR SHARED INVESTMENT DECISIONS. Agency compensation to be tied to performance incentives and commercial goals. The industry is obsessed with the way media is traded. While impressions and clicks are the industry currency, we rather focus on delivering new customers and keeping existing ones. Challenges & Learnings from Optimising Customer Experience Alain Portmann Partner, Head of Strategy & Insights House of Kaizen
  2. 2. 1. Challenges: • Two significant CX challenges 2. Solutions: • Asset Optimisation Model 3. Examples: • Applying theory to practice 4. Insights: • What I have learnt 2 Next 20 minutes
  3. 3. 2003 1998 1987 2014 Alain Portmann's journey
  4. 4. Research & Consumer Insights > Testing (CRO) > Personalisation > Retention Conversion Rate Optimization > Behavioural > Attitudinal > Qualitative > Quantitative > Site build > UX > Dynamic Content Tech Development & Design Business Intelligence > Data integration > Transformation > Reporting & visualisation > Predictive analytics 2018 What we do at House of Kaizen = Digital Experience Optimisation
  5. 5. Based on annual growth figures across all clients, not normalised for organic growth 67% Average Revenue Growth 16 Languages 12 Countries Who we do Digital Experience Optimisation for
  6. 6. Customer decision making does not unfold like a game of Pac-Man
  7. 7. CX Challenge #1: Optimising the entire customer experience is a daunting and messy exercise. Solution: Change it to something that you can solve. "There is no problem that can't be solved if you break it into small enough pieces“ - Henry Ford
  8. 8. Aaron Bali - @aaronbali Retention and acquisition are siloed although we are all dealing with the same individual(s)
  9. 9. CX Challenge #2: Competing KPIs and teams prevent a seamless experience Product Acquisition Engagement Retention Cost / Unit Lead Times Innovation CPA Corporate Sales Deal length Churn LTV Product Use Satisfaction NPS
  10. 10. Asset Optimisation Model On-going optimisation of six assets that comprise a brand customer experience and guide “money follows the best performer” decision making Brand building and sales activation are complementary. Market share cannot be grown without increased share of voice and experience. Media on its own will not yield incremental volume and efficiency. In a world of programmatic and biddable media, a focus on the entire conversion path yields sustained growth beyond point of diminishing returns. Customers are only as valuable as their experiences with a brand. Each interaction can impact acquisition & retention success OPTIMIZED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX) 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 1 CUSTOMER JOURNEY Your potential customers 3 VALUE PROPOSITION Your USP & story 2 MEDIA Your paid & eanred media 4 PRICING Price & Promotion 5 CONTENT & FORMS Your digital retail space 6 PRODUCT Support and nurturing =
  11. 11. Solution: Asset Optimisation Model Six components a brand can optimise to improve CX Customer Interactions Media Paid & Earned Understand , motivations and journey Reach prospects Collect audience data Brand & Value Proposition Pricing Trigger purchase Drive momentum Create “Magic Moment” Solidify ethos & preference Content & Forms Remove friction Improve conversion % Product Product you sell Product performance 1 2 3 4 5 6 “Customers are only as valuable as their experiences with each component of a brand”
  12. 12. Understanding Conversion Elements behind & beyond the source, traffic, clicks…
  13. 13. Understanding Conversion Elements behind & beyond the source, traffic, clicks… Choice of device as a factor to optimise
  14. 14. Content & Forms Asset Optimisation Cart Redesign Optimization Problem: 50% of traffic is currently lost at cart level and value for money not explained Solution: remove anxiety & friction • Design style and font transition from site to cart • Guidance through the form with clarity on progression • Dense content broken down into sections • Prioritisation of content (general to specific) Remove friction Improve conversion %
  15. 15. Pricing Asset Optimisation Auto Renewal Optimisation Problem: Auto-renewal creates significant friction at point of retention / renewal Solution: remove anxiety & friction • Created a renewal date calendar option • Provided option to turn it off • Tested multiple variations with different propositions Trigger purchase Drive momentum
  16. 16. Marketing Performance improves if you put your customer first. Aaron Bali -
  17. 17. By focusing only on our silo, our channel, our KPI, we only think about short-term gains. Aaron Bali - @aaronbali Metrics are merely a reflection of the product or service strategy that you have in place. Emotional intelligence cannot be made artificial.
  18. 18. Thank you for your time. Join us at our DXO Engagement and Retention Seminar in September.