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Living in a 'smart' world - how mobile and tablets are shifting user behaviour


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Learn about how the rapid uptake of smartphones and tablet devices is creating new channels and a resulting shift in media, retail and advertising. With over half of Facebook and Twitter users now coming from smart devices, brands are understandably seeking out new opportunities around Social, Mobile and Location.

Yet, whilst mobile users are highly active in updates and sharing, many brands are failing to optimise and engage with them. By better engaging with the more mobile customer, the result is better performance for brands. Discover the latest search innovations across different platforms and channels. Take away specific ideas and examples of best practice on how to grow your results!

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Living in a 'smart' world - how mobile and tablets are shifting user behaviour

  1. 1. How Mobile is shifting UserbehaviourSri Sharma, Managing Director
  2. 2. A search and display specialist driving a step change in performance @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  3. 3. Clients @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  4. 4. Consumers using mobile Data usage Up x3 year on year Searching Up 130% year on year Purchasing Up 53% year on yearSource: UK Mobile Network; IgnitionOne; Centre for Retail Research (UK) @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  5. 5. Brands using mobile Search advertising Up 205% year on year Display advertising Up 95% year on year Mobile site < 50 % @srisharma @netmediaplanetSource: FirstPartner (UK); Retail Week (UK)
  6. 6. • Communicate more effectively with mobile customers• Make mobile search work harder @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  7. 7. Communicate more effectivelywith mobile customers @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  8. 8. Mobile customer map Specific needs Device Customer Location Time @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  9. 9. Improving mobile searchconversion rate @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  10. 10. Sk:n mobile customer map• Immediacy Specific needs Device • 85% on• Personal smartphone advice Customer• On the move • 82% of• 40% of searches searches for local centres Location Time within call- centre hours @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  11. 11. Approach• Access to the website blocked from mobile paid search• Launch of a click to call campaign• Messaging that emphasized local and free advice/consultation @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  12. 12. Results:• Leads increased x26• Conversion rate up x2.2 @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  13. 13. Improving Papa John’sbottom line profit @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  14. 14. Approach• Communicate with customers when they are hungriest• Careful product selection to drive revenue• Create messaging with appetite appeal @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  15. 15. Creative workshopsImage of 3 devices in cols @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  16. 16. Ads with appetite appeal @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  17. 17. Results• Revenue per click was comparable to discounting, mobile revenue per click increased +48%• Profit per pound spend on paid search: Desktop Mobile Profit +75.2% +139.4%• Average order value: Desktop Mobile AOV +10.4% +12.7% @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  18. 18. Make mobile search workharder - 3 tips @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  19. 19. Tip 1 : Express relevancy to improvetraffic and conversion rate + 20% CTR @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  20. 20. Tip 2 : Drive brand awareness costeffectively using mobile generics @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  21. 21. Tip 3 : Develop your best practice forEnhanced Campaigns @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  22. 22. Top 3 Takeaways• Understand how your customer behaves on mobile• Make mobile search work harder for you• Develop your best practice to drive performance using enhanced campaigns @srisharma @netmediaplanet
  23. 23. Thank you,any questions?Sri SharmaE. @srisharma @netmediaplanet