Harnessing mobile search in performance marketing


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  • We work as an affiliate and as an agency, been around for 7 years, picked up a few awards along the way and most Most importantly we love PPC.
  • Situation:Mobile advertising is a huge potential and we all know it. And western europe is going to take a big piece of it.Mobile retail sales growth from 2010-2011 in the uk is 584% , 2010-2012 is 2000% (imrgcapgemini)46% of all mobile phones in the uk are smartphones – that’s 24.6M smartphonesTablets are set to overtake laptop sales by 2015
  • Growing at diff rates in diff markets but lots of growth to go in EU and UK in direction of JapanSo mobile including mobile search is clearly important and a fast growing marketing channel
  • But we see Cost per conversion not as low as we would like on smart phones (and better than we anticipated on tablets)So mobile and mobile search is growing fast but it’s not as effective as we’d like it to be.(Why is it that smartphone cost per conversion is as high as it is and how could tablet performance be better?We get answers like, we don’t have a mobile site in place, the payment method isnt easy enough (eg not one click like on amazon)But I think it’s more fundamental than that. )
  • Complication:With a new channel you also get a new layer of complexity …because of 2 reasons:1.The customer is the same but you now have this new dimension called location.People arent attached to a cable and a desk (and acting predictably)People are on the internet on :-On the move-At home on their mobiles-Shopping on the high street 2.And we don’t fully understand how this customer thinks , their mindset, in these different locations - because this is a new and evolving channelBut whilst we don’t understand fully how the new customer behaviours:- Because customer is different to desktop (and different hats) and we don’t understand them - because this is a new channel
  • We do understand what the mobile users wants (and its different to desktop user):On my mobile deviceI wants 3 things:Simplicity – it’s just got to work – click, pinch, scroll, checkout …(nice simple buttons that he can press with his thumb)Immediacy – I expect Information at my finger tips’ – literally – eg just as I’ll call on my mobile and not wait till I get home to my landline, I will expect immediacy in my online world too , 70% of mobile searchers take action within 1 hour (bing)Context – relevant to where I am,what I am looking for, who I amQuestion:So we have a growing opportunity called mobile that could be massively more effective. How do we harness this channel to improve performance?
  • Answer:I think it comes down to 4 things:It’s through putting the customer at the centre – just as you would for any market approachTaking a granular approach – so being willing to get into the detail/invest time and effort to seek out opportunity (this is more work, more complex – more dimensions)And being really creative / ideas leadAnd iteratively testing – its new so we have to keep testing and learningSo today is about looking at examples from our clients and a few other good ones of where this approach/these principles are applied with a clear view of the client’s strategic objectives and how mobile can achieve it---So would like to share some ideas on how we look at tech setup for mobile campaigns (and associated tools) and then some creative ideas
  • ROI is what we wantTargeting enables thatScreen shows plethora of targeting optionsGoing back to understanding the customer, by understanding your customer and targeting them exclusively you improve roi
  • So by targeting devices seperately we are able to see that :- 55% of all sales on tablet devices happen between 6pm to 8amThat tells us that from a sales perspective that the tablet customer (more than half the time) isnt always truelly mobile. Recognise that they are coming from the home where the customer is relaxed, safe in their own environment, have time on their hands.So recommendation from that:Recognise that the tablet customer isnt just one type of customer (and today volume may not say this is important but with tablet sales to overtake desktop sales in 2015 this will be important - Don’t mixup the tablet consumer in the train station with the tablet consume who’s lying back on his couch watching tv and on his tablet too)Messaging should reflect that their state of mind - research orientated/detailed rather than short and succinct (- customer is more likely to be researching than on a smart phone, show reasons to buy as, not just ‘buy now’.) Messaging more similar to desktop search.
  • So for O2 we drive new customers. As soon as google launched network targeting, we excluded o2’s networkROI by not targeting O2 networks was 15% higher (ie – so there was a cost saving)Simplicity - best performing mobile ad that had a 35% higher CTR than using desktop adsImmediacy - Mobile click to sale was x3 shorter an on desktop – that means that on a mobile device, the time taken from first click through to a sale was x3 shorter than on desktop device – stressing just how immediate mobile customers are
  • Latest feature - out in may2012
  • Peak times - lots of other ways to be more targeting - geo (low vol), time
  • As affiliates our sites are brands and in the mobile world we want potential customers to be aware of our site. If you think your customer may be surfing the internet on the high street, eg to compare prices, to find reviews (and we know that 25% of mobile users do this) then Google’s tool called proximity bidding could be usefulThe way it works:As the user got closer a location eg a store, the Ads increased in position
  • Multiple radius - if targeting 250 locations, don’t have to have 250 campaigns which takes a lot more time to setup
  • Did three thingsTarget people who could potentially be interested to find their nearest store– and not bother targeting people who are miles away from a store (10m radius of their nearest store)Increase visibility – a beta trial with Google we used from winter 2011 to drive higher positions (increase ad positions by 60%) when that 10mile radius of store locations) – called proximity biddingMessaging - Provide option of shopping on mobile or directions to the closest stores
  • As mobile bridges the online world with the offline world, I think affiliates will be increasingly remunerated for it and Google Offers provide a means for affiliate based in-store sales promotion.So wanted to show you how it works and examples of how we’ve done it before
  • Extension The extension replaces the other sitelinks (so risk of reducing ctr)You can set to redeem in-store or onlineType can be barcode or discount code
  • Offer extension replaces sitelinks. Can print or take instore to be scanned.
  • Geotargeted campaign so certain locations only - around where the stores are. That’s what another client did.
  • Then viewed on brand’s website or on google offers
  • So the same basis if we are targeting stores in barcelona we would only run the mobile campaign for barcelonaDown side is that manual process to count sales in store - waiting for google wallet and nfc
  • Affiliates can get google offersLocal - eg store locations
  • (CTR 39.6%)We some times think that because we have the keyword in the title and we have the offers clear that we have the best ads possible.Well going back to tapping into the customer mindset, for PJ we wondered if we could improve the campaign ctr, conv rate and aov.
  • And we asked ourselves these questionsReally want - no.1 reason they buy is because they are hungry and cant be bothered to cook (not because of an offer)For PJ - working late, commuting home, going home from the pub - all very different mindsets - factors inc time, location, device(Device - on mobile then mindset diff to sitting in the office late night)
  • Started targeting through message totally diff the late night worker at the office, the commuter, the man going home from the pubResults:CTR increased 11%AOV increased +13%
  • Not just for pizza. Even in retail space - product as well as the offers as well as the mobile site fact. Describing why the clothes are right for them is more powerful than just an offer.Results:CTR increased 16%
  • 10% higher ctr of call out that mobile site
  • People on the go want to talk. So give them what they want.If we are trying to do that then mobile opportunities in the aff space have to growSo wanted to show how Google click 2 call works and examples where it has given great results
  • No conv tracking if no call forwarding - but expensiveSet to send customer to mobile site + tel no or just tel no
  • Click 2 call - much more for merchants
  • Background -Mobile site rubbishResearch told us that higher conv rate for this skin care consultant if talked to someone firstApproach - we tested call extensions with our own numbers (not google’s) and blocked access to the website entirely.Results - spk for themselves
  • You can have both callextension+sitelinks, call ext only, sitelinks only
  • Distressed inventory
  • Because it’s googletv - monitoring the impressions and the ip address, we can analyse the no. of impressions of the tv commercial and then see the actual increase in search activity online measurablyHigher quality insights for brands/merchants and for us as affiliatesWhat keywords worked
  • 9 stages we think about in our Optimisation Cycle when we do paid search. I wont go into each one but we need to think in this way for each device independently. I would like to call out a few key stages and share some suggestions.Campaign structure- spreading your keywords across the right structure of accounts/campaigns/adgroups to get the best relevancy, ctr and conv rate and save time in the futureKeyword refinement - expanding keyword lists (research) and revisionAdcopy refinement - improving ctr and conv%Bid mgmt - automating to save time and improve roi
  • Mobile vswifi - different customermindset (lie back on couch v different to out and about)2 site links - sitelinks set at campaign level. To make keyword as relevant to the sitelinks, minimise the no. of keywords in a campaign
  • Extensions - sitelinks, location, social, download, click2call…Increase CTR - 12% higher for one retailer
  • DC Storm for conversion (ROI, Rev)based optimisationGoogle Automated rules for pre conversion based optimisation eg positional - eg to hold me in position 2 on ‘shoes’ , day parting to increase bids when desktop searches decline
  • And positional strategy is important. For tablet devices you need to be in position 1-2 to drive volume
  • Harnessing mobile search in performance marketing

    1. 1. Harnessing the full potential of mobile search Sri Sharma, Managing Director June 2012© 2012 Net Media Planet 1
    2. 2. Introducing Net Media Planet We drive sales from search and display for our clients on a paid on performance basis Run campaigns across over 70 markets and 30 languages Over €100 million in client revenue annually Passionate about Search and Display© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 2
    3. 3. Mobile advertising in Western Europe will be 25% of global market by 2015 Source: Gartner 2012© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 3
    4. 4. Growth potential in mobile search Chart to show share of search clicks by device and region Source: Marin 2011 (full year)© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 4
    5. 5. Mobile search performance varies by device Average cost per conversion by device (indexed) Source: Marin 2011 (full year)© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 5
    6. 6. The customer and the new dimension called Location On the move At home On the high street© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 6
    7. 7. Simplicity Immediacy Context Source: Forrester Research 2011© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 7
    8. 8. Approach to harnessing mobile search Continuous Technical Testing optimisation Customer Creative Ideas© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 8
    9. 9. Improve ROI through targeting© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 9
    10. 10. 55% of tablet sales are happening in the home Sales on Tablet devices - by time of day Indexed Hours Source: Net Media Planet - Retail clients© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 10
    11. 11. Targeting specific networks only Results: ROI +15% higher Mobile customer specific ads increased CTR +35% Mobile click to sales x3 shorter than on desktop© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 11
    12. 12. Device model targeting - too specific?© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 12
    13. 13. Consider... Test splitting out your campaigns to be more targeted Target only non Apple devices if the website is flash heavy The higher the retail price of the device the higher the AOV generated Targeting only at peak times of day can drive up ROI© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 13
    14. 14. Encourage high- street shoppers to see your brand© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 14
    15. 15. Proximity bidding - key features Specifically target mobile consumers close to stores Positional increase based on proximity Agree a percentage increase in bid Run multiple radius targets from one campaign Still in beta - not in Adwords interface yet© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 15
    16. 16. Results for a UK retailer across 250 stores Results: Mobile traffic increased +76% Mobile revenue increased +17% Drove footfall instore© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 16
    17. 17. Consider… Proximity bidding can be used protectively and competitively To generate volume you need lots of locations Peak times of year eg Christmas can provide volume opportunity© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 17
    18. 18. Drive in-store sales© 2011 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    19. 19. Google Offers - key features It’s an extension format Offer extension replaces sitelinks currently (CTR risk) Can be set to redeem in- store or online Can choose barcode/discount code© 2011 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    20. 20. © 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 20
    21. 21. © 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 21
    22. 22. © 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 22
    23. 23. © 2011 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    24. 24. Consider... Offer affiliates trackable voucher to drive in-store sales Geo-target urban areas using Google Offers to encourage footfall in-store Target local search keywords (40% of searches are local)© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 24
    25. 25. Improve CTR and Conversion rate through the message© 2011 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    26. 26. Key questions What does the customer really want? What device is the customer using? Where is the customer likely to be? What time is it?© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 26
    27. 27. © 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 27
    28. 28. © 2011 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    29. 29. Consider... Tapping into the true customer mindset is the key (do they want more than a deal?) Use time of day to test different messaging Consumers are more likely to click if they know they are being taken to a mobile site Be inventive!© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 29
    30. 30. People on the go prefer to talk© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 30
    31. 31. © 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 31
    32. 32. Google Click to Call and Call Extensions - Key features Call Extensions Works for desktop, mobile and tablet campaigns Google can provide Call forwarding number to track calls from PPC ads Mobile ads may link to a website and phone number or only a phone number Click to Call Works on mobile phones only Location extensions are used to serve the phone number of the closest store When a consumer clicks on the phone number in the ad it places a call to the store© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 32
    33. 33. UK retailer results Results: Leads increase 26x Conversion rate up 220%© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 33
    34. 34. Consider... Provide more click to call affiliate opportunities Test Call extensions and blocking access to the mobile site Split test Call extensions vs sitelink extensions Test click to call for certain times of day when customers will be out and about© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 34
    35. 35. IP TV and mobile will meet© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 35
    36. 36. © 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 36
    37. 37. Higher quality insights SEO Affiliate Social TV PPC© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 37
    38. 38. Technical optimisation is vital on all devices© 2011 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    39. 39. Structuring mobile campaigns Split out campaigns by device Test splitting out campaigns to target people at home different to out and about (mobile network vs Wifi) Enable Extensions to maximise ‘real estate’ Split keywords into more granular campaigns to maximise 2 mobile sitelinks Try Google Adgroup generator tool to build keywords and adgroups specific to mobile© 2011 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 39
    40. 40. http://adwords.google.co.uk/o/Targeting/Explorer?__u=1000000000&__c=1000000000&ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDEAS (must be logged in to use)© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 40 40
    41. 41. Keyword research and refinement Datamine and exclude ‘store location’ keywords (40% searches are are local) Test new campaign level near exact keyword feature Test tools including: Google keyword tool for mobile tools.seobook.com/spelling/keywords - typos generator Rapidkeyword.com - permutations and combinations Ubersuggest.com - taps into Google Suggests and other sources Socialmention.com - social monitoring for current keyword research Youtube.com/keyword_tool - tap into video search keywords© 2011 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 41
    42. 42. Adcopy refinement Use Extensions to cover more ‘real estate’ Refer to ‘visit our mobile site’ and m.yoursite.com to increase CTR Provide Immediacy on smart phones - Use Sitelinks to reduce user journey and Call to actions eg Buy Now, Call Now Preview ads on a phone/tablet as preview tool doesn’t show format© 2011 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 42
    43. 43. Bid Management Google Automated Rules© 2011 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 43
    44. 44. Positional strategy needs to be different by device CTR CTR Average position Average position© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 44
    45. 45. Top 3 Takeaways Put the customer at the centre Put in place great technical optimisation The winners will be those who invest in being creative and test© 2012 Net Media Planet @srisharma | @netmediaplanet 45
    46. 46. Thank you Do you have any questions? Twitter: @netmediaplanet @srisharma Blog: http://www.netmediaplanet.com/blog© 2011 Net Media Planet