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  • 3 things to know:We are affiliates and love creating a step change in results for brandsWe are an award winning *specialists*We operate across 70 countries and 35 languages
  • But really how are we using it:Data usage - (cellular networks)Searching - search engine @ googlePurchasing - retail specifically…Lots of tractionBut how are brands embracing mobile?
  • And if we look at search specifically (the largest area of spend in mobile adv -66%, and expected to be 25% of google’s total traffic this xmas) we see cost per conversion varies hugely by device 65% diff comparing computers/desktops and smartphones(how does tablet look - Just below computers)Complication:So on the surface mobile is all growth - consumer love it, brands are increasing their advertising spend, but I believe that it could be used more effectivelyQuestion:So how can we make mobile more effective?The obvious first answer is build mobile sitesBut I think there are 3 other things brands could do…
  • (add title ‘three things we can do’)I think it takes 3 things:1Comm more effectively with our mobile customers - a simple premise - if we understand the customer, we can give them what they want/need and therefore we (them + us) are more likely to be successful2Measure and improve mobile integration with in-store - measure the effect - maybe you are getting more value than you know about (easier said than done but I am going to give some ideas - future could share vouchercloud/quidco/vodcasestudy/nfc-googlwallet+passbook), improve/maximise the integration opp that mobile presents 3Make mobile search work harder
  • To me the mobile customer is a New breed and we don’t fully understand how they think or what they need/want.What we’ve tried to do is loosely generalise the mobile customer into 3 categories---If we really understand their needstate we can give them what they want/need and more likely to drive a conversion. They may not want to buy anything on the mobile, so maybe rather than try to sell something we could focus on capturing their email address (they may not want to buy on a mobile - they may use it as stepping stone/gateway to other device/instore/call…)---
  • And we created a mobile customer map:Specific needs - coming off an understanding of demographic and psychographic and insights from historic buying behaviourDevice they are using - is it smartphone or tablet (which is a lot more similar in perf to desktop)Time - what time are they searchingLocation - are they searching for specific locations (40% of searches are local) and where are theyAnd to bring it to life let you share an example…
  • Specific need - hunger and on mobileImproved conv rate # %Improved ctr # %
  • Specific need - immediacy
  • Tapping into the true customer mindset is the key (do they want more than a deal?)
  • Mobile / instore / aff is by no means perfect yet - we have printable vouchers, apps like quidcoOne solution that we have experimented with is google offers and I wanted to share our learnings.-----------Mobile is a significant part of an effective multichannel strategy as it gives retailers the ability to join up their offline and online strategies. It is by no means a perfect solution yet, but most major retailers have begun to experiment with mobile as part of their in-store shopping experience.39% of store walkouts, where consumers leave without buying, were influenced by smartphones (Motorola Solutions) so lets use mobile to ensure the opposite-----------
  • Used Google offersTook the online offer to the left and converted it into a Google Offer (a voucher code/bar code/qr code that you can offer the user directly from Google search and a precursor to NFC+Google Wallet)
  • Had our first few salesLearnings:Targeting small radius not going to be massively effectively so now trying broadcast basisOffer extension replaces high CTR / Conv rate Sitelinks so balancing actInteresting but without the NFC you don’t get the automatic feedback to online from instore (its still manual)
  • The 3rd way we can improve the perf of mobile is to make mobile search work harder
  • Tip 4 is about using generics to drive growth in brand traffic - ie growth in brand awarenessFor a particular retail brand, we have seen brand traffic increase 87% after 3 months of boosting generic coverage to pos 1 on desktop. We are now looking to isolate on the same terms on mobile where the same terms cost 70% lessGoing to drive brand awareness but even cheaper cost(46% of consumers conducted research on their mobile and bought online on another device last xmas ; Vod example)
  • Get your mobile search in order

    1. 1. Harnessing mobile search Sri Sharma, Managing Director October 2012© 2012 Net Media Planet 1
    2. 2. A search and display specialist driving a step change in performance @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    3. 3. Consumers using mobile Data usage Up x3 year on year Searching Up 130% year on year Purchasing Up 53% year on yearSource: UK Mobile Network;IgnitionOne; Centre for RetailResearch (UK) @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    4. 4. Search performance varies by device Average cost per conversion by deviceSource: Marin @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    5. 5. • Communicate more effectively with mobile customers• Drive measurable in-store sales• Make mobile search work harder @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    6. 6. Communicate more effectivelywith mobile customers
    7. 7. Who is the mobile customer?On the move At home On the high street @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    8. 8. Different but same Simplicity Immediacy ContextSource: Forrester Research 2011 @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    9. 9. Mobile customer map Specific needs Device Customer Location Time @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    10. 10. Specific needs DeviceImproving Conversion Customer Location Time @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    11. 11. Specific needs DeviceImproving Conversion Customer Location Time Click-to-Call: • Leads increased x26 • Conversion rate up x2.2 @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    12. 12. Consider• Tap into the true customer mindset• Provide Immediacy on smart phones - Use Sitelinks to reduce user journey, ‘Call to actions’ and Click to Call• Consumers are more likely to click if they know they are being taken to a mobile site• Refer to ‘visit our mobile site’ and to increase CTR• Preview ads on a phone/tablet as Google preview tool doesn’t show full format @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    13. 13. Drive measurable in-storesales
    14. 14. Google Offers @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    15. 15. Key features • It’s an extension format • Offer extension replaces sitelinks • Can redeem in- store/online • Can choose barcode or discount code @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    16. 16. Approach• Use Google Offers to create measurability• Radius targeting selected stores• Offer customers a barcode, mobile QR code or discount code @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    17. 17. @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    18. 18. Consider• Offer affiliates trackable vouchers to drive in- store sales• Geo-target urban areas using Google Offers to encourage footfall in-store• This is early stage leading to NFC ...the innovator wins @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    19. 19. Make mobile search workharder - 5 tips
    20. 20. Tip 1: Positional strategy needs to be different by deviceCTR CTR Average position Average position @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    21. 21. Tip 2: Manage your mobile adspend effectively this Christmas 27.5% of December’s mobile sales occurred between 25th and 30th December Mobile sales December 2011Source: Net Media Planet (retailQ4 2011) @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    22. 22. Tip 3: Keep refining keywords • Datamine and exclude ‘store location’ keywords (40% searches are local) • Test new campaign level near exact feature • Test keyword tools: • Google keyword tool for mobile • - typos generator • - permutations and combinations • - taps into Google Suggests and other sources • - social monitoring for current keyword research • - tap into video search keywords @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    23. 23. Tip 4: Target by device to improve ROI 55% of tablet sales happen in the home Tablet sales (indexed) Hours Source: Net Media Planet - Retail @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    24. 24. Tip 5: Drive brand awareness costeffectively using mobile generics @srisharma | @netmediaplanet
    25. 25. Top 3 Takeaways• Communicate more effectively with your mobile customers• Make mobile search work harder• Innovate and drive measurable in-store sales
    26. 26. Thank youDo you have any questions?Twitter@netmediaplanet @srisharmaBlog: 26