Which Designer are you?


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Which Designer are you?

  1. 1. Which Designer are You? 1 ? The “Fortress of Solitude” Like Chuck Norris, you are a force of one. Once you’ve developed a concept, you just put those headphones on and roll with it...no matter what! Caution - Lack of collaboration may limit innovation. 2 Innovation Focus Collaboration Organization The “Social Butterfly” By 8:30 AM, you’ve already changed your status on Facebook, retweeted some popular blog posts, and sought inspiration from Dribbble. Caution - Over-exposure to other influences may limit your point-of-view. 3 Innovation Focus Collaboration Organization The “Hipster” You’ve got the right influences, attitude, fashion sense, and cultural awareness. You are “in-the-know” about the latest Design trends and how to apply them. Caution - Are you Designing with your own, true voice...or re-hashing the Design “trend-du-jour”? 4 Organization Innovation Focus Collaboration Organization “Rebel without a Cause” Caution - Remember that Design, by definition aims to achieve objectives. Innovation Focus Collaboration Organization The “Copycat” Like the social butterfly, you draw your inspiration from others. Unlike the “Social Butterfly”, however, you take it to the extreme...examining the work of others and incorporating it entirely into your own. Caution - You are going to get busted. Innovation Focus Collaboration Organization The “Van Gogh” Although you are using modern day tools, like Photoshop, you act like a 19th Century painter. You spend countless hours shifting pixels around a static representation of interactive experiences. Caution - You are spending too much time thinking with your eyes, and not enough time validating the experience. 8 Collaboration The You are on a mission to shake things up. You are a “Super Creative”, and naturally veer off of the beaten track. You are innovative, but your innovation is for innovation’s sake...not necessarily to deliver on project objectives. 7 Focus “Independent Consultant” Caution - You’ve been on your own, awhile. What are the sources of your inspiration? 6 Innovation The Like the “Fortress of Solitude”, you are a lone gunman. However, you take it to the next level. As an independent, you don’t even show up to an office. You’ve got your own workflow, and you don’t need anything but a contract. 5 ? Innovation Focus Collaboration Organization The “Unicorn” You can take on the entire project, from start-to-finish, because you are master of all things Digital...from concept, Design, and execution. You use the latest tools, process, and are a reference for those who work with you. Caution - Are you taking on too much? Jonathan Lupo Innovation Focus Collaboration Organization @userexperience