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A Practical Service Map for UX Designers


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2014 is the year UX Designers transform their Design process to enable broader adoption across connected devices. To do so, requires a more "Agile-like" Design process, greater collaboration with developers, and a "test and optimize" mindset.

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A Practical Service Map for UX Designers

  1. 1. A Practical Service Map for UX Designers Research Business Consulting Stakeholder Interviews Planning Roadmap Strategy & Product Definition Competitive Analysis Experience Design SketchBoarding Digital Roadmap Development Design Style Tiles Experience Development Sprint Planning UI Development Visual Design Comps Integration Experience Validation Experience Integration In-person, Usability Test Remote, Moderated Usability Test Content Development Experience Prototype QA Test Planning Breakpoint Identification Remote, Un-Moderated Usability Test Content Inventory User Needs Assessment Contextual Inquiry Validation 1 MVP Definition KPI/ Benchmarking Heuristic Analysis @userexperience by Jonathan Lupo Quant Survey Experience Strategy Creative Brief Content Strategy Experience Documentation Styleguide Make front-end developers part of the Design team. A  Interaction Design Design Checklist for Multi-Device Experience Development A Design responsively (RWD) for broader reach. Design native apps to take advantage of device features. Mental Models Iterate on evolving prototype, not documentation. Transform “waterfall” processes into sprint-based methodology. Behavioral Personas xDesign Document User Journey Map Information Architecture Adopt “Test and Optimize” mindset and approach to Digital. Separate content from presentation layer, to prep for “Content Ubiquity”. Design Integration