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The Future of TV [INFOGRAPHIC]


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The future of television isn't about flashy UI, it is about solving key consumer and entertainment business challenges.

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The Future of TV [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF TVSOLVE KEY CONSUMER CHALLENGESDESIGN NEXT GEN USER EXPERIENCESENABLE CUSTOM PROGRAMMINGFLEXIBLE, ALA CARTE PROGRAMMINGThe future of television isn’t about flashy UI, it isabout solving key consumer & business challenges.PROMOTE RELEVANT CHOICESSurround the user w/programming that they arelooking for & recommend content that they will love.mind | heartMake content discovery a "lean back" experience.REDUCE FRICTION IN CONTENT DISCOVERYby Jonathan Lupo @userexperienceTURN ADS INTO TRANSACTIONSUse second screens and mobile devices to conductsynchronized transactions to linear commercials.TV learns about my linearviewing habits & offers myfavorite shows on one channel.Programming suggestions based onthose most influential to mychoices from my social graph.SOCIAL REMOTEJoin programming “in-progress” as friends watch.tablet phoneu uuuu$ADs$AD$ADsShow Showua a a a a as M t w r fasCHANNEL 001 CHANNEL 002CHANNEL "wE"hCHANNEL "ME"hruuu u uuuuuu u uuuSHOW SHOW SHOW SHOW SHOW SHOWr$Allow customers to purchase a single show, season, or episode.“lean back”