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7 Elements of a Fun User Experience


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It's hard to make your Digital Product, "habit-forming". What it takes, is an understanding of the elements of "Fun", as it relates to the Digital platforms and interactions that end-users will have with your product. - See more at:

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7 Elements of a Fun User Experience

  1. 1. 7 Elements of Fun User Experiences 7. Competition 6. Re-Engagement 5. Rewards 1. Interaction 2. Feedback 3. Choices 4. Goals/Challenges F U N Fun user experiences take advantage of gesture-based interactions native to the device. Responsive feedback, vibrations, color changes and audio cues, add to the excitement of a fun user experience. Empower users by giving them choices and the ability to customize simple elements, to engage them more deeply. The ability to view progress against a larger community, inspires competition and further motivates end-users. Fun user experiences should use push notifications and alerting capabilities native to the device, to invite users to re-engage. Relevant and robust reward systems should provide enough incentive to inspire users to want to achieve objectives and re-engage.Achieving progressively harder goals, or conquering unique challenges, is what motivates users to engage in an ongoing basis. Jonathan Lupo @userexperience