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  1. Digital Trends 201321/02/2013
  2. Good evening.My name is Bart.
  3. This is my daughterMerel (I have 3 kids).
  4. I’m passionateabout coffee.
  5. I live and work in Ghent.I’m passionate about
  6. I work at digital agency Wijs (ex Netlash-bSeen).
  7. Part of Heaven Can Wait ecosystem.
  8. You can find me onTwitter: @netlash
  10. Digital Trends 2013Trendsnight
  11. Based on: OnlineTrendreport.
  12. Online Trendreport‣ crowdsourced (50 experts)‣ different opinions‣ kaleidoscope‣ you have to form your own opinion...
  13. Download pdf:
  14. Free iPad app:‣ free in appstore‣ 15 extra experts‣ 8 video interviews
  15. Based on: OnlineTrendreport.
  16. My personal opinion...
  17. Listen carefully.
  18. Listen carefully. Personal opinion.
  19. 1. Digital rules
  20. Massive shift from analog to digital‣ communications‣ media‣ technology‣ ...
  21. Marketing?‣ tv-ads are the trailer for the online experience...
  22. 2. The disappearance of the button
  23. Button‣ physical buttons -> digital buttons‣ 3d-effects, bevels -> flat design‣ skeuomorphism‣ buttons -> gestures‣ ...
  24. Gestures
  25. “The action is the button.”
  26. “The action is the button”‣ geofences‣ Kinect‣ GPS‣ ...
  27. The visual web‣ Metro-style‣ Pinterest
  28. Moving away from the metaphor.
  29. 3. We love hardware
  30. Countermovement‣ everything becomes digital‣ nostalgia for physical things
  31. We love hardware‣ past: features are irrelevant, it’s about design‣ now: design is not important, it’s about features
  32. 4. Sea of data
  33. Data deluge‣ every channel is digital‣ every action is digital‣ everything is recorded
  34. Lapka, personalenvironment monitor
  35. Smartphone controlledtoilet.
  36. Lenses with projection.
  37. Camera reads emotion.
  38. Data everywhere‣ marketeers have ample data‣ shift from ‘craft’ to ‘data-driven’‣ no more ‘gut feelings’
  39. 5. Data at hand
  40. Consumers will have all data‣ from map to GPS‣ will be the way of all data‣ persons, prices, brands, reviews...
  41. Camera reads emotion.
  42. Impact on sales‣ sales used to be: imbalance in information‣ customers will be smarter than sales...‣ what is the role of sales (and marketing)?
  43. 6. Peer 2 peer
  44. If customers are smarter...‣ outsource marketing?‣ outsource sales?‣ outsource production?‣ outsource customer service?
  45. Peer 2 Peer everything...
  46. 7. Real time marketing
  47. If customers have all data at hand...‣ no more campaigning‣ ‘real time’ marketing‣ drip marketing
  48. Expect:more profound change.
  49. Not just a faster horse...
  50. Profound changes‣ not just extra channels‣ not just ‘better marketing’‣ profound societal changes
  51. Be prepared to flip your value chain.Think digital.
  52. Listen carefully.
  53. There will beonly 2 types ofcompanies left.
  54. There will beonly 2 types ofcompanies left. The quick and the dead.
  55. Questions?
  56. Wijs bvbaVoorhavenlaan 31/39000 GENT09 335 22 8009 330 09 83http://wijs.beinfo@wijs.beBE 0473.071.275