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Digital Strategy for dummies


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A possible framework to start with Digital Strategy.

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Digital Strategy for dummies

  1. Digital Strategy
  2. Strategy for dummies A potential framework for digital strategy.
  3. Process
  4. Digital strategy
  5. Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. - Sun Tzu
  6. First... What is Strategy?
  7. What is Strategy? Strategy is the action plan that describes when to use what means to reach a certain goal, given the current context. Questions this document has to answer: ‣ What is the context? ‣ What are the goals? ‣ Which means do we need? ‣ When, how and with what priority do we use these means?
  8. What is Strategy? Strategy is the action plan that describes when to use what means to reach a certain goal, given the current context. Deliverable: ‣ 1. context ‣ 2. goal ‣ 3. means ‣ 4. action plan
  9. Strategy ‣ 1. context - macro: relevant trends in society - meso: sector and competitors analysis - micro: company trends and resources ‣ 2. goals - target audience: personas and user stories - kpi’s and kpi dashboard ‣ 3. means - channels - tactics ‣ 4. action plan - roadmap with timing
  10. 1. Context: macro ‣ What: society trends that are relevant and applicable to sector and company ‣ Methods: - desk research - internal trend library - external sources ( ...) ‣ Deliverable: - document outlining trends
  11. Trend: FOMO (“Fear Of Missing Out”) Societal trend where people are anxious not to miss anything exciting (reinforced by social media). Reaction: - Exploit: “Follow us to miss nothing!” - Use: “We will aggregate the coolest stuff for you!” - Counter: “Come to us to unplug!”
  12. 1. Context: meso ‣ What: sector trends that are relevant and applicable to sector and company; competitor analysis ‣ Methods: - desk research (sector organisations) - keyword research - benchmark audits ‣ Deliverable: - document SWOT sector
  13. Online cycli | Seizoenaliteit in zoektrends 1. Context: meso ‣ ‣ ‣ Grootste pieken rond beurzen en campagnes What: sector trends that are relevant and applicable to sector and company; competitor Dips tijdens bouwverlof analysis Methods: - desk research (sector organisations) - keyword research 9 - benchmark audits 6,75 ‣4,5 Deliverable: 2,25 document SWOT sector 0 Januari Maart Mei Juli September November
  14. Source: Think Finance with Google, April 2011
  15. Source: Think Finance with Google, April 2011
  16. Source: Think Finance with Google, April 2011
  17. A Wijs-example: paths to conversion
  18. 1. Context: micro ‣ What: analysis of current situation of company, constraints in resources company ‣ Methods: - vision, mission, target audience (in-company docs) - Google Analytics - social media audit, usability audit - stakeholder interviews ‣ Deliverable: - document company situation
  19. Example: trends (for public transport) ‣ Constant traffic throughout the year, with peaks in summer (festivals & start school year). ‣ Extra peak at feb 2012, caused by strike.
  20. Example: search behaviour (for public transport) ‣ Branded keywords most commonly used (ex. “De Lijn dienstregeling”). > Keywords with city, incl. Brussel & Antwerpen (3,6%). > Keywords with city, excl. Brussel & Antwerpen (2,0%). > Keywords with bus (1,9%). > Keywords with province (1,8%).
  21. 2. Goals: target audience ‣ What: definition of target audiences, where they are online, what triggers them online ‣ Methods: - keyword research - Google Analytics - online surveys - user tests - focus groups ‣ Deliverable: - user stories - personas
  22. DIY & Garden Equipment online 11% ffline 96% o online 4% 7% 89% offline 21% 43% 100% offline 0% online Uitsluitend offline onderzoek Off & online onderzoek Uitsluitend online onderzoek Verhouding tussen off & online kopen Bron: TNS, IAB and Google » Consumer Barometer » Belgen die het product/dienst hebben aangeschaft, en onderdeel zijn van de online populatie
  23. Meet Luc, 36 2. Goals: target audience ‣ Na zijn scheiding is hij Example nu gelukkig samen met zijn vriend, Alex ‣ Heeft 2 kindjes: Lotta en Gillian ‣ Wil niet terug gaan huren door een te hoge energiefactuur ‣ Wil meer tijd spenderen met de kindjes Source: picture by Anaïs Stoelen
  24. Meet Marcel, 68 2. Goals: target audience ‣ Geniet van pensioen Example samen met zijn vrouw Agnes ‣ Is bang om snel oud en versleten te worden ‣ Ziet zijn enige dochter Marie ontzettend graag ‣ Is mee met zijn tijd en kocht net een smartphone Source: picture by Anaïs Stoelen
  25. Meet Katrien, 24 2. Goals: target audience ‣ Werkt 3 jaar als Example verpleegster ‣ Wil gaan samenwonen met haar vriend ‣ Heeft altijd bij haar ouders gewoond ‣ Heeft een drukke job ‣ Wil ooit kindjes Source: picture by Anaïs Stoelen
  26. 2. Goals: kpi’s ‣ What: definition of relevant kpi’s, based on business goals of company ‣ Methods: - analysis of business goals - translation into digital kpi’s - based on 4 A’s ‣ Deliverable: - definition of kpi’s - (automated) kpi dashboard
  27. Awareness Appreciation Advocacy Action
  28. Automated KPI dashboard
  29. 3. Means: channels ‣ What: within the context of the company, target audience and kpi’s - what channels are best suited? EPO ‣ Channels: - website - search - Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/... - e-mail - affiliate - bannering - ... ‣ Deliverable:
  30. Owned Paid Earned
  31. Awareness Appreciation Owned Paid Action Earned Advocacy
  32. 3. Means: tactics ‣ What: based on the chosen channels, what tactics work best ‣ Tactics: - search -> SEO or SEA? - Facebook -> ads, posts, shares? - e-mail ->bought list? content or promotion? - ... ‣ Deliverable: - list of tactics
  33. AAAA dashboard
  34. 4. Action plan ‣ What: roadmap for a finite period (1-2-3 years) that describes when to use what tactics ‣ Deliverable: - list of tactics - timetable
  35. Caveat! ‣ tactics <> strategy ‣ strategy as a project vs strategy in the process ‣ just one framework
  36. Tactics <> strategy Strategy is not just a chain of different tactical actions; how cleverly they may be disguised in an action plan. Strategy binds the tactical actions together with a narrative and a purpose.
  37. Strategy as project vs process People fill the word ‘strategy’ with different meanings. Confusion: strategy as a finite project with deliverable versus strategy as a skill in a process. Everything in the digital process is (or should be) strategic. From concept over design and development to online marketing. But ‘strategy’ is also a project: deliver a document that outlines the strategy to be followed in the future.
  38. Strategy as project vs process Compare it to ‘usability’. 1. Usability in the process Every step in the process should include attention for usability; everyone (designer, front-ender, developer) should have notions of usability 2. Usability as a project A ‘usability audit’ is a finite project with an end deliverable - a document that outlines the steps to take to improve usability
  39. Strategy as project vs process This document talks about strategy as a project; as the first step in the complete process. It has a clearly defined duration and a clearly defined deliverable. (For me it is obvious that strategy and strategic thinking should be involved throughout the whole process. Developers, designers, frontenders, IA’s, online marketeers should all include strategic thinking in their work, and contribute to the overall strategy of the project.)
  40. Just a framework! This is just one version and one view of Strategy. There are several ways to reach the same goal...
  41. Always embedded! Think & Do.
  42. Process
  43. Questions?
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