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Architect Document


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Architect Document

  1. 1. 数据库设计思路是尽量做垂直分区,没有 Sharding。不过在反范式(denormalized)方面做得比较彻底,不用表连接(JOIN)方法者复杂的查询。M. Tim Jones is an embedded firmware architect and the author of Artificial Intelligence: A Systems Approach,GNU/Linux Application Programming (now in its second edition), AI Application Programming (in its secondedition), and BSD Sockets Programming from a Multilanguage Perspective. His engineering background rangesfrom the development of kernels for geosynchronous spacecraft to embedded systems architecture andnetworking protocols development. Tim is a Consultant Engineer for Emulex Corp. in Longmont, Colorado.使用 qemu 建立简单的 ceph 分布式文件系统测试环境1. 下载代码并编译git clone git:// clone git:// 配置服务端环境并启动服务2.1 添加 use_xattr在/etc/fstab 中,找到服务端所在文件系统的位置,添加 use_xattr 选项。比如UUID=c0fb46f4-6b8d-41a3-b026-5850b9f51865 / ext3relatime,user_xattr,errors=remount-ro 0 1重启系统2.2 建立文件夹mkdir -p dev/osd0mkdir outmkdir log2.3 启动 ceph 服务, ip 地址可以根据自己的环境选择./ -n -d -m 测试服务端配置./csyn --syn makedirs 2 2 2./csyn --syn walk执行后,应该可以看到很多文件夹和文件4. 编译 linux 客户端4.1 配置make menuconfig , 在文件系统中选择 ceph5. 启动 qemu 加载 ceph 文件系统mount -t ceph /mnt/cephtouch abc
  2. 2. 6. 验证./csyn --syn walk应该可以看到刚刚建立的文件 abc