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Paper presentation Business Communication


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Paper presentation Business Communication

  1. 1. Professional Papers
  2. 2. (2 nd point)A professional paper generally involves a critical investigation of a well-defined issue or problem based on original analysis
  3. 3. Preparation and presentation of a professional paper relating to any aspect of archives(records providing information)administration as defined by the role delineation(a vivid verbal description)
  4. 4. 1st point It is professionally written, develops a persuasive argument, and addresses an important issue
  5. 5. The professional paper requires a more detailed and extensive analysis of the issue or problem
  6. 6. Title page, abstract, and table of contents Introduction to the problem If the project involves research , the paper must contain a section on study design and methods;
  7. 7. Discussion of the issue as a research question, case study, policy analysis, intervention, program evaluation, etc
  8. 8. Discussion of the implications (a conclusion that can be drawn from something)of the study and recommendations for practice, and development of a plan for dissemination(spread) of information
  9. 9. Discussion of the author’s role as in relation to the problem, and if appropriate, to the agencies addressing with the issue or problem.