Internet Computer Application in Business


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Internet Computer Application in Business

  1. 1. INTERNET
  2. 2. • A networks of networks, or “Internet,” is a group of two or more networks that are: • Interconnected physically • Capable of communicating and sharing data with each other • Able to act together as a single network.
  3. 3. • Machines on one network can communicate with machines on other network and send data files and other information back and forth. • Internet cover the globe and includes large, international networks as well as many smaller and local area networks.
  4. 4. • Internet offer access to data, graphics, sound, software, text, and people through variety of services and tools for communication and data exchange: • Remote login • File transfer • Email • News • Hypertext
  5. 5. • • • • • • • List of activities that can do in internet: Visit websites Send and receive email Read and post articles. Download files to our pc Chat with other users online Play games Access to multimedia including radio and video broadcasts
  6. 6. • • • • Search internet for information Subscribe to electronic newletters Do online shopping Create own web sites etc…
  7. 7. Email • Just as letter or document , email can transfer from one computer to another computer as it travels along the network. • We can send email practically to anyone with an e mail address anywhere in the world.
  8. 8. CREATING EMAIL ACCOUNT • Open the web browser, type the web site you want log in. for example: www. • For this type in URL: • Follow the above instruction give in the web site, there includes to enter your: • Name, Password, Security question and answer Location etc. • Then Click on Create my account.
  9. 9. INTERNET CHAT • It is a multi user chat system that allow many people to communicate simultaneously across the internet in real time. • Chat takes place on channels. • We can use large number of sites on web and customerize chat facilities of the online services. • Here we can share data, files, sounds, videos etc…
  10. 10. INTERNET PHONE • With the help of software that lets you talk over the internet to anyone, anywhere in the world eg :Skype. • FEATURES: • Make call to ordinary phones and mobiles at cheaper rates. • See who you are talking in video calls. • Send sms to friends while you make calls • Make group chats
  11. 11. NETWORKING SITES • • • • • Some of the networking sites are: Where we can share data's, file, sounds, videos etc and can communicate with each other online anytime across the world.